Two weeks ago…

Two weeks ago I took this picture planning to blog within a couple of days. For one reason and another that blog post never got written and this sock has been joined by it’s mate, had it’s ends sewn in and been properly blocked. I haven’t managed to take a photo of the pair of them so have decided to just get this post written instead of putting it off any longer.

Fish Socks Pattern: Swedish Fish Socks as gifted to me last Fishmas

Designer: SpillyJane

Yarn (colourway): Drops Delight (9) ~46g and Grundl Hot Socks (02 – Pebble Grey) ~ 21g

Needles: 2.75mm

Ravelry Project Page: here

Notes: Worked 8 fish on the leg, 7 on the foot. Worked second sock with fish facing opposite direction. Worked every 6th round in MC only rather than slipping stitches on the foot to carry the grey.

I’ve also knit a pair of mittens for the Hobbit. Her current ones are getting too small despite being sized 2-4 (and her not quite 3). They’ll match her Wobble Hat and she’ll get them for Christmas – maybe at that point I’ll remember to take a photo since I failed to take one before hiding them away. I was hoping to get a cardigan knit for her (I’ve yet to by wool) or maybe sewn (I’ve not printed the pattern) but life intervene as we are moving house before Christmas. We’ll be out of internet for a few days due to the move but I hope to get another post regarding the Fishmas swap package I sent this year (she received it) up before then.



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2 responses to “Two weeks ago…

  1. Excellent sock! Best of luck with the move – are you going far?


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