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FO: Pink Ombre Party Dress

This dress was a thought for the March school dance some time ago, then last week I realised that the dance is actually now and not a week or two away. So rapid cutting out, acquisition of matching thread and sewing ensued and we have a finished dress with satisfactory pouffiness and twirl in the skirt. Plus my first invisible invisible zipper.

Pink Ombre Party dress from Simplicity 8182 - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Simplicity 8182 view B (without belt) in size 6

Fabric: three pink silks? from Oma’s stash

Thread: Gutermann in 662, 663 and 733

Notions: 15″ invisible zipper and invisible zipper foot

Modifications: Added a lining to the skirt in the yoke fabric, attached after zipper insertion but before slip-stitching the bodice lining down. Additional slip-stitching around the lower part of the zip. (Instructions from knitstar)


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Hobbity-boo is 6!

Today Hobbity-boo turns 6. Having a 4 year old and a 6 year old somehow sounds much older than a 3 and a 5 year old. We are having macaroni cheese for dinner tonight because that’s her favourite. She currently loves unicorns, fairies and rainbows but still likes to play dinosaurs and trucks with her brother. She loves school and is reading really well now. Her favourite colour is still “I like all the colours”. Her favourite shirt was the one with monsters on it until a few weeks ago when she got a new red one. For her birthday party yesterday she asked for a rainbow cake with rainbows on the inside and the outside, it had to stand up and she wanted clouds on the end. I think I delivered:

Rainbow cake for Hobbit's 6th birthday - little grey hedgehog

Recipe – a combination of a couple of pound cake recipes, divided into six, coloured and layered in the tin.

Cake Tin – ring mould – this one was listed as a savarin mould and had the least curve on the corners I could find.

Icing – I cut it in half, levelled it and then stuck it together with plain buttercream. I then applied a crumb coat to the cake and the clouds. The next day I mixed up a heap of buttercream, divided it into six and coloured it before piping it with the large star nozzle.

Clouds – rice bubbles (krispies) and marshmallows mould into balls and covered with two layers of plain buttercream.

Food colouring – I used Wiltons Gels in Leaf Green, Red Red, Golden Yellow, Pink, Violet and Royal Blue. I combined Red Red and Golden Yellow to make the Orange in both the cake and icing. I used Red Red to make the red cake layer but combined it with Pink to get a better icing colour.

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FO: Dottie Angel Tunic

This was not on my list of sewing projects as I’d cut it out way back in the summer some time and then kept working on other things instead. It should have been!

This is a tunic for Hobbity-boo made from Dottie Angel’s dress/tunic pattern for girls (Simplicity 8101). The fabric all came from Oma’s stash and the bias binding I’d picked up a some point. I didn’t have enough (out of 2 metres) to do the hem in the yellow dotty stuff so used some pink that I also had floating around. Much like the adult version there is a lot of finishing of seams involved, french seams down the sides and the shoulders disappear under more bias binding. There’s a little elastic at the waist on front and back to gather. She hasn’t worn it yet but I hope it gets used over this summer.

Dottie Angel, Simplicity 8101 - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Simplicity 8101, Tunic version in size 6

Fabric: ~1m of woven floral from Oma’s stash plus scraps for the pocket

Notions: White thread, ~3m bias binding, 1/4″ elastic ~20cm.

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FO: Unicorn Skirt

Hobbity-boo, like many girls her age, is currently obsessed with unicorns. We acquired her a unicorn onesie for Christmas (which then got worn constantly for most of the holiday break) and I made her a crochet unicorn. I found unicorn polycotton when I was looking at other fabric and purchased a metre with not much thought of what to make with it. On consideration I decided on a twirly skirt. I needed to pick up another half metre of fabric for the contrast but I think I could have made the whole skirt out of the single metre, especially if I’d lengthened the skirt instead of using a bottom band. Still I like the purple contrast. I made the 120cm size though she’s not quite that tall yet as skirts can be flexible in size. It was an was to follow tutorial and I’d use it again. The skirt is in hiding waiting for her birthday.

Unicorn skirt, House on Hill Road Twirly Skirt Tutorial - little grey hedgeho

Pattern: Twirly Skirt by House on Hill Road

Fabric: Unicorn poly cotton in grey from Minerva Crafts, purple cotton from myfabrics

Notions: white thread, half inch elastic

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Sewing plans

I’ve been taking advantage of the lack of trips to school and extra adult around this past week to cut out a bunch of sewing projects. Fitting in sewing is doable during a normal week but cutting out requires a larger uninterrupted time so I often get ahead on cutting out before actually doing any of the sewing. I’ve cut out seven projects in the last week so should have enough to keep me stitching for a while.

  1. Overalls for baby in size 1yr, this is the Kwik Sew pattern I’ve used before.
  2. A shirt for Wee Man, covered in his beloved dinosaurs, again a pattern I’ve used before – a Burda one this time.
  3. A shirt jacket for Wee Man, main fabric is some wool from Oma’s stash that my MiL gifted me back in May. I managed to get the lining pieces done in leftover dinosaur fabric, pattern is Simplicity 1328.
  4. A unicorn skirt for Hobbity-boo, made from this twirly skirt tutorial.
  5. A gathered knit top for me, pattern is the same as this purple one.
  6. Another Granville shirt for me this time in some Liberty Tana Lawn.
  7. A red t-shirt for Hobbity-boo in knit fabric from Oma’s stash. I’ve used the same pattern as in the short sleeved ones I made back in April (and apparently never blogged, I think there must be pictures somewhere so maybe I’ll manage to catch that batch up) but left off the neckband and just folded it over. This one is finished already.

Red t-shirt from Oma's stash

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The end of the year

So I didn’t intend on abandoning the blog for nearly 7 months but the last few months have been hard. Baby (who still doesn’t have a nickname) got mobile back in September, stopped napping anywhere but on me and started getting teeth. Plus with the big kids back at school I’m making three trips there a day. All combined crafting has been pretty limited and blogging and instagram even more so.

My ravelry project page is mostly up to date but the wips that were wips earlier in the year are still wips. I’ve made quite a lot of kids/baby hats this year and counting all of those just got me to 17in17 yarny projects. I’ve done a lot of sewing too, I’ve found it easier to fit in around baby. The big kids have new pajamas, Hobbit got a bunch of t-shirts earlier in the year and Wee Man has a pile of trousers. I’ve not really sewn for baby as she has piles of clothes as hand-me-downs plus is still in 3-6 month clothes at over 8 months old. She might finally be getting to a point were I could swap out some shirts but she’s definitely got short legs as the ones she’s wearing are still on the long side.

Hobbity-boo is halfway through her second year of primary school, she can read now which is super cool. She’s almost 6 and currently wants to be a science doctor when she grows up and teach her kids how to do experiments. Wee Man is almost 4 and halfway through his pre-school year at nursery. I’ve just been filling out enrolment forms for him to start school in August – there’ll only be two trips to school a day after that. He loves counting and can get to 109 before he skips to 1000.

I’ve not got solid plans for crafting for the new year. Currently on the needles (as well as the old wips) are a pair of rainbow socks in West Yorkshire Spinners yarn. Some of my older socks are wearing a bit thin so I need more, plus sock knitting is still my favourite. I’d really like to knit a sweater or two for me this year but need to get some things knit before I can justify buying more yarn. Sewing wise I have a few things for the kids on my desk and I’m planning another Robson Coat for me, this time a shortened version.

I’m hoping to be blogging more in the New Year, I need to get back in the habit as I like to have a record. Best wishes for the new year.

Christmas Munchkins

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All the cake

The first week of February is cake week in our house. Both the kids birthdays are this week and they each have their own opinions on cake. It makes for quite a lot of cake. Half of the Wee Man’s ended up in the freezer as we hadn’t got through it before I made Hobbity-boo’s cake for her party on Saturday. Luckily half of that one went home with party guests so we are not completely overwhelmed with cake.

Both cakes have a chocolate base – I’ve used this recipe several times before and although it takes much longer to bake than the recipe says it comes out lovely and moist. The recipe is from Edmonds Cookbook (mine is the edition printed in 1999). They are coated with chocolate buttercream before fondant.

Wee Man asked for an orange tractor cake. He is obsessed with trucks and things at the moment. I used this tutorial as inspiration and started with a square cake. There are parts where the fondant is a bit thin (I was worried about running out of black) but the kids agreed that it looked like a tractor. The back wheels are donuts and the front small circles of cake.

Orange tractor cake for a little boy turning 3 - little grey hedgehog

For the third year in a row Hobbity-boo has asked for a ladybird cake (though she tells me that next year she wants a rainbow). This year it is purple and black and we used a number of different cutters to make leaves and flowers for around the base (added advantage of hiding any wobbly bits). The antenna are fondant wrapped around cut down straws. I’m happier with the fondant on this, I had plenty so wasn’t trying to spread it so thin.

Ladybird for a 5 year old - little grey hedgehog

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