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All the cake

The first week of February is cake week in our house. Both the kids birthdays are this week and they each have their own opinions on cake. It makes for quite a lot of cake. Half of the Wee Man’s ended up in the freezer as we hadn’t got through it before I made Hobbity-boo’s cake for her party on Saturday. Luckily half of that one went home with party guests so we are not completely overwhelmed with cake.

Both cakes have a chocolate base – I’ve used this recipe several times before and although it takes much longer to bake than the recipe says it comes out lovely and moist. The recipe is from Edmonds Cookbook (mine is the edition printed in 1999). They are coated with chocolate buttercream before fondant.

Wee Man asked for an orange tractor cake. He is obsessed with trucks and things at the moment. I used this tutorial as inspiration and started with a square cake. There are parts where the fondant is a bit thin (I was worried about running out of black) but the kids agreed that it looked like a tractor. The back wheels are donuts and the front small circles of cake.

Orange tractor cake for a little boy turning 3 - little grey hedgehog

For the third year in a row Hobbity-boo has asked for a ladybird cake (though she tells me that next year she wants a rainbow). This year it is purple and black and we used a number of different cutters to make leaves and flowers for around the base (added advantage of hiding any wobbly bits). The antenna are fondant wrapped around cut down straws. I’m happier with the fondant on this, I had plenty so wasn’t trying to spread it so thin.

Ladybird for a 5 year old - little grey hedgehog


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A catch up

The last few weeks have been a little off schedule has Husband has had time off work, we’ve had visitors and we went away for a few days. I’ve not felt much like blogging and my crafting has been a bit slower than usual. The crafting I have done isn’t getting blogged about just now either as it’s for a swap so I don’t want to accidently give it away. I have remembered to take photos before I parcel it up though.

Knitting wise – my linen t-shirt is still slowly ongoing. I’ve also cast on a cowl out of the Ripples Crafts Burras mini-skeins I purchased at EYF earlier this year. There’s only 60g so that should be off the needles reasonably quickly. I’ve reached about 5.7K for stash dash. If I do get the linen t-shirt of the needles I think I might manage to reach 7K with a couple more small projects as well.

I’ve sewn a couple of project bags but otherwise all my sewing efforts have gone into cutting out all the things. I have 9 projects cut out now (except for the various bits of interfacing) and shouldn’t be running out of things to sew for a good while now. Some is projects for the kids out of leftover fabric and some are things for me. It’s helped to clear out some of the space in the sewing boxes as it takes up less room now.

Otherwise, Hobbity-boo is on school holidays. She’ll start at big school in August which means I need to get uniforms, labels etc organised sometime in the next month so she’s ready to go. She’s just worked out how to pedal her bike properly which is great. Wee Man has turned into a right chatter-box over the last few months which is fun. He’s also getting pretty good on his scooter but is still a little on the short side for his balance bike.

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Dinosaur invasion

Triceratops and Stegosaurus from Heidibears patterns, crocheted in Stylecraft Special DK - little grey hedgehogSteggie and Ahtop are finished. The kids are thrilled and the dinosaurs are pretty giant. The final finishing is a bit fiddly – mostly because the animals are stuffed by then. Overall they were time-consuming but not hard. I used more than a kilogram of stuffing inside them and I probably could have fit more. Steggie used 930m of dk yarn and Ahtop 689m. I used a 2.5mm crochet hook.

Plod the Triceratops by Heid Bears in Stylecraft Special DK - little grey hedgehog

Ahtop must watch the Wee Man but was not taken to bed last night. The only modification I made was to attach the final tail motif before stuffing. Because the dinosaur is much bigger than the original due to the yarn size I could get my hand inside his tail so it was easy enough to stuff the whole thing from the body side.

Puff the Stegosaurus by Heidi Bears in Stylecraft Special DK - little grey hedgehog

Like with the Triceratops I attached the final tail motif before stuffing and also had enough room in the neck to stuff the body after attaching it though I’d done most of it before. I also added spikes to the tail. I used the instructions for the Triceratops horns to make two large and two small and attached them in the same manner.


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Steggie and AhTop

My kids are rather obsessed with dinosaurs. When I discovered that Heidi Bears had written a stegosaurus pattern I was thrilled because her creatures are adorable. My original plan was to make a stegosaurus for Hobbity-Boo because they’re her favourite and then do another one without the plates to be a diplodocus for Wee Man. Then I found her more recent triceratops pattern so Wee Man will be getting an AhTop instead.

They helped pick the colours. The stegosaurus will be purple/pink with yellow plates. Wee Man says his favourite is blue (I’m not convinced he really knows about favourites just yet) and was also excited by the orange so the triceratops will be mostly blue with an orange face and some orange on the frill too. I’m using Stylecraft Special DK and a 2.5mm hook.

The pictures below show the colour scheme but are missing the darkest colour of both the blue and the purple which will be used to join the motifs together. The stegosaurus requires 65 and the triceratops 50 separate motifs. I’m planning to get all the motifs of both of them finished before I start joining them together as they both need to be finished at the same time. I will need to buy a bunch of stuffing though as I’m pretty sure I don’t have nearly enough.

In progress motifs for Heidi Bears stegosaurus and triceratops in Stylecraft Special DK - little grey hedgehog

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T-shirts for a growing girl

By the time next winter comes around Hobbity-boo will have no long sleeved t-shirts that fit. (Well assuming she keeps growing anyway.) I had enough leftovers of jersey to piece together 3 t-shirts from New Look 1332. You might recognise some of the fabric from previous garments. View C is the long-sleeved variation and has contrasting tops to the sleeves and the front. There is a short zip closure at the back neck – I had enough short zips in my stash to use so all three t-shirts are entirely from stash. It was good to get some leftovers out of there. I have made size 5 and tucked them away with other to big items.

New Look 1332 C - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Rainbow Dress


Rainbow dress - little grey hedgehog

The bodice is based on the size 4-6 Flax Light by TinCanKnits without the garter panels and with increases to make a skirt. I then worked even until I’d almost run out of yarn then worked an i-cord bind-off. The sleeves were bound off with an i-cord instead of being placed onto waste yarn. Instead of casting on the indicated number of stitches at the underarm I picked up 3 from each end of the i-cord and cast on the remainder. This neatened up the armholes.

Total yardage: 740 metres.

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FO: Purple and yellow are her favourite

Next on the sewing agenda after finishing Wee Man’s coat was to sew a spring coat for the Hobbit. I cut this one out at the same time as I did his, started it immediately after his then go sick and it had to wait a while before it was finished.

This is look 3 of Five and Ten Designs Volume 2. I have again used cotton twill for the main fabric and this time yellow taffeta for the lining. I had a couple of hiccups when it came to attaching pieces together. My sleeve pieces did not match up to their armholes on either the main body or the lining. I ended up doing some decorative pleats to at the shoulder to fix it up. I pretty sure this is my fault not the pattern as I’ve not had problems before. I suspect I either traced the pattern incorrectly or was not careful enough on my cutting out. There was also a small mismatch of the hems between the lining and the main coat which have been ‘fixed’ by small pleats at the side seams.

The coat has 10 buttons but no button holes as it is sensibly closed with snaps instead. I had planned on purple snaps but didn’t have a good colour match so used yellow instead – half of them are on the lining anyway so it made more sense.

Overall I think it’s ok though definitely not perfect. I think I’d use this version again when she gets bigger as well (this is the size 4 again). Also I probably wouldn’t have picked yellow to go with the purple if they weren’t her favourite. I think cream or light grey would be a better match to the purple.

Five and Ten designs Volume 2 Look 3 in purple twill and yellow taffeta


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