FO: Legwarmers and secret projects

It’s been getting colder around here and Wee Man has been getting a bit chilly when he’s in the carrier as his legs get a bit exposed. Last week I whipped up a quick pair of legwarmers for him out of the leftover yarn from his Wobble Hat (which is currently missing as he pulled it off and threw it out of the stroller yesterday). They’re pretty simple but nice and thick (and dense too).

LegwarmersOther things I’ve been working on lately are for Christmas and the Christmas swap I’m participating in so they’re staying hidden for now. But bar one thing (which won’t take much longer) all the things that need posting are done and I finally (this is very late for me) finished making Christmas cards yesterday. I’m currently resisting the urge to make an Advent Calendar in the next week as I now need to work out what to do for the children and husband for Christmas. Perhaps I should sew together the pile of trousers I cut out for Hobbit.

Here’s a sneak peek of some things, hopefully I’ll remember to do a FO post after Christmas:

Christmas 2014



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