FO: Wobble Hats

The Luuk Hat passed across my pattern highlights on Ravelry a wee while back (have you found the pattern highlights, great for a quick browse) and I loved the stripes. Knowing I was going to be knitting a hat for Hobbit at least for this winter (and Wee Man needed a second one) I ordered yarn for two when I was purchasing yarn for Flax and the two sweaters I’m making for Wee Man soon (plus it got me over the free shipping limit). I’ve had a bit of a lull in big projects lately and whipped up these two at the end of June – totally not hat weather so it’s just as well they’re a bit big  at the moment.

When I got to looking at the pattern I discovered that my gauge was off for the fabric I liked, that I didn’t want the bobble on the top and I wanted a different decrease rate at the top too so these hats are based on the Luuk Hat rather than a faithful copy.

Knitted for: Hobbit (76 stitches) and Wee Man (68 stitches)

Wool used (colourway): Garnstudio Drops Big Delight (Wild Berries) and Garnstudio Drops Big Delight (Jeans blue/Teal)

Needle: 5mm and 3.75mm

Ravelry Project Link: here and here

Notes: 7 ridges for Hobbit, 6 for Wee Man. Decreased to multiple of 8, and then decreased by ktog 8 times evenly around until 8 stitches left.



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