A crafty update

Rather than write a multitude of posts I’m just updating all the things I’ve been working on in the last wee while in one go. There’s quite a few!

I knitted a pair of socks.

Plain socks in Sirdar Heart and Sole in the Twist and Shout colourway - little grey hedgehog

Finished the second hedgehog mitten.

Hedgehog mittens in Jamieson and Smith 2ply jumperweight - little grey hedgehog

I started another sweater – Wenlock by TinCanKnits in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater purchased at EYF2018.

WIP: Wenlock by TinCanKnits in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater - little grey hedgehog

Made some more bird cushions: a Kokako, a Waxeye, a Kakariki (NZ Parakeet) and another Morepork.

Bird cushions - foundation paper piecing patterns by TartanKiwi - little grey hedgehog

Sewed a project bag from the awesome fat quarter I received in a swap over the summer.

Project bag - little grey hedgehog

Sewed a couple of dresses for the Pixie. This is the Grand Slam Raglan pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop in size 18m. The sleeves are too long at the moment as she’s pretty wee but hopefully that means they’ll last the winter. She does have a big head though so I’ve left off the neckband and simply overlocked the edge and folded it under with a zig zag like I did the hems. Fabrics came from myfabrics.co.uk

Grand Slam Raglan by Peekaboo Pattern Shop - little grey hedgehog

And just today I’ve finished a pair of trousers for the Hobbit in grey cord (a remnant from myfabrics.co.uk) using the Classic Chinos pattern from Peekaboo pattern shop with patch pockets on the back instead of welt pockets and lots more top stitching than the pattern calls for. This is the size 7 and they are a little long on her at 6.75 but otherwise a perfect fit as per the pattern. (Sorry for not great photos)

Classic Chinos by Peekaboo Pattern shop with patch pockets on back - little grey hedgehog

That’s the lot plus I baked our Christmas cake today and I’ve just remembered I’m spinning (this) but don’t have a photo. Oh and the quilt squares are done and joined together, I’m going to make some more after a few other things get through the sewing machine. The front garden got sorted – I planted more than a hundred new bulbs so that’ll be interesting in the spring plus some pruning.

Next up is finishing the Wenlock sweater, sewing a pair of denim trousers and a pair of denim overalls/dungarees for the Hobbit. Stitching a dinosaur onesie for the Wee Man  for Christmas and then looking through my fabric to see what I have to make a couple of long sleeve shirts for the Hobbit. Not quite sure what I’m going to knit after the sweater.



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FO: Blaster Cardigan

Also fresh off the needles my Blaster Cardigan. This is from yarn purchased at EYF 2018 and is a cropped style cardigan with eyelet details. It’s knit all in one piece with the sleeves picked up from the armholes. I had trouble with getting the correct number of stitches at the armholes and ended up starting out with the short rows for a size up. I had just enough yarn to finish the cardigan as written.

Blaster Cardigan by Andi Satterlund - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Blaster by Andi Satterlund in 33

Yarn: Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Tinde pelsullgarn purchased from Ysolda at EYF2018 (300g, 780m)

Needles: 3.25mm

Notions: 8 18mm buttons

Ravelry page: here

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FO: Aeolian Shawl

I first saw this shawl in person in 2010 and fairly soon after purchased the yarn and got started. Then kids got in the way and I never got past a tiny little triangle. I ripped it out and restarted the shawl at the beginning of this summer. It’s proceeded in fits and starts but is now complete and blocked.

Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman from Knitty 2009 in Filatura di Crosa Centolavaggi - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman

Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Centolavaggi in Purple (63g, 882m)

Needles: 3mm

Notions: 2250 size 8 seed beads – clear

Finished size: approx 1.8m wingspan, 1m depth

Ravelry page: here

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I solemnly swear…

I have been crafting. This hoop art was finished a couple of weeks back but only gifted to one of Hobbit’s friends yesterday at his Harry Potter themed party.

I followed flamingotoes tutorial pretty closely embroidering on two layers of medium weight calico which I later tea stained. It’s backed with red felt stitched on with yellow thread for added Gryffindorness.

Harry Potter Hoop Art by Flamingotoes - little grey hedgehog


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Working on …

A quilt – the star sampler quilt from 200 quilt blocks to mix and match by Davina Thomas. In greys and turquoises.

A cardigan – Blaster by Andi Satterlund currently halfway down the body with bands and sleeves to come.

Still the Aeolian shawl – 28 rows to go now. Hoping this will be done and blocked by the end of October.

Trying to get a bit done on my cross-stitch and have just started spinning up the spincity batt I purchased at Edinburgh Yarn festival.

I have one hedgehog mitten but I’m going to be cutting it very close on yarn even if I swap the colours which I’d rather not do so it’s sitting waiting for me to purchase another ball of the grey.

I have more bulbs to plant in the front garden so we hopefully get some longer lasting colour out there next year. Plus there’s a bunch of other weeding/pruning to do in that garden soon.

I received a lovely fat quarter in the summer swap I was part of just a couple of days ago which I’m looking forward to turning into a project bag.

I should probably at least think about Christmas gifts in case there’s crating to do and I do want to get a start on making Christmas cards so it’s not all in November again. Oh and check what the kids want to do for Halloween as last time I asked it was reusing stuff we had but they might have changed their minds.

I have 17 of 18 knitting projects completed this year for 18in18. This should be accomplished. I’m only at 10 skeins out of pre 2018 purchases though which is a bit annoying. Will have to be careful of my next projects and see if I can get that number up a bit.


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FO: New Zealand Bird Cushion Covers

I find foundation paper piecing to be a bit like paint by numbers and really enjoy the process. These lovely designs are by Tartan Kiwi who is a Scot living in New Zealand (so the opposite of me) who has lots of lovely paper pieced designs. She was having a sale recently and I picked up her New Zealand bird collection (it has 13 designs) with the intention of sewing some up for Christmas gifts. They are so fun to stitch that I have finished all 6 all ready. I may do more but will have to find some more background fabric. The patterns are easy to follow and come with a coloured image of the design to ease picking out which fabric goes where.

New Zealand Bird Cushions, paper piecing designs by Tartan Kiwi - little grey hedgehog

Kea, Fantail, Kereru (Wood Pigeon) Tui, Pukeko, Morepork (Ruru)

Pattern: Kea, Fantail, Kereru, Tui, Pukeko and Morepork by TartanKiwi

Materials: Various fat quarters, 1m of green for two cushions (background and backs), 2m of blue for 4 cushions (background and backs). 14″ invisible zips

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FO: Langfield

Having finished one jumper I wasn’t quite prepared to move straight on to another big project (particularly with a big half finished shawl still lurking) so have been satisfying a need for finishing things by working through a few small projects. One of those was this hat. The yarn is handspun from a batt I purchased at Edinburgh Yarn Festival back in 2016 so it also counts as getting an old skein out of stash. The pattern is Langfield which I purchased back when I made Hitchhiker and Brickless as the designer had a discount if three patterns were purchased together. It has an interesting construction and is designed to work with any yarn and any gauge as you determine the size as you knit. I think this was not the best yarn to show of the pattern, a variegated or self-striping would define the different directions of knitting better. Still it is a nice hat, I had no problems getting it finished from 100g of yarn and the garter stitch makes it snuggly.

Langfield by Martina Behm in handspun Ashford Merino Sliver in Damson - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Langfield by Martina Behm

Yarn: 2-ply handspun (aran ish) from Ashford Merino Sliver in Damson ~100g, 110m

Needles: 5mm

Ravelry page: here

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