FO: Cloudberry blanket

Another baby blanket finished, now I’m wondering how many I’ve made in total as this is the 4th this year.

This is another centre out pattern crocheted from a single large cake of yarn. The pattern is written for slightly less yarn than I had so I added a few extra rows and also edged it in a row of single crochet rather than working the puff edging as in the pattern. It came out rather big but is also nice and airy so should do well even layered up.

Cloudberry Blanket by Johanna Lindahl in Rico Design Creative Wool Dégradé Ecru - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Cloudberry by Johanna Lindahl

Yarn: Rico Design Creative Wool Dégradé in Ecru (200g)

Hook: 6mm

Ravelry Page: here

Modifications: Added some extra rows to use up more of the yarn then replaced the edging row with a row of sc with a ch1 at the corners.


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Embroidery for the Nook

Made for my son’s nursery school for their wee den ‘The Nook’. The colours in the room are black and lime green so that is where I started my colour palette too. The lettering is in stem stitch and satin stitch (I also outlined the black letters). The flowers are spiderwebs / wagon wheels with fishbone stitch leaves. The hoop is 10 inch which allowed me to create the design on an A4 piece of paper. I used a water soluble pen to trace the design before adding a second layer of fabric to start the stitching. All the thread is 6 strands of floss and I can’t give you colour numbers as I don’t have any.

embroidered sign for the nook - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Sunrise Baby Blanket

I’m in the middle of making another couple of baby blankets for gifts. This is the first one crocheted out of Wendy Evolution. The yarn comes in a handy box with the central end threaded through an eyelet – no worries about tangles here. The yarn is made of four threads and changes colour by changing one thread at a time. The yarn is half cotton and was nice to work with and not hard on the hands as some cotton can be (the acrylic probably helps with that). I went hunting for in the round crochet blankets and found Raspberry Road which was written for a different gradient cake yarn so I had to make the blanket a little smaller as I had less yarn available. The pattern contains Jacob’s Ladders which I hadn’t encountered before but they were fun to ‘zip up’ and bring the blanket together. I would use this pattern and yarn again.

Raspberry Road Blanket in Wendy Evolution Sunrise - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Raspberry Road Blanket by Kirsten Ballering

Yarn: Wendy Evolution in Sunrise (150g) purchased at Wool Warehouse

Hook: 4.5mm

Ravelry page: here

Modifications: Worked row 26 then skipped to row 37 and 38 due to less yarn.


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Project bags and dpn holders

Whilst supervising the toddler and her big brother outside this weekend I managed to cut out and sew together two project bags and four dpn holders. Our dining room (where my desk is) has double doors into the garden and Pixie has now decided outside is the place to be. Previously she had refused to touch the outside world despite being perfectly happy out of the house.

These are both what I would call medium bags but maybe the sheep one is actually large. I have heaps of little (100g) project bags but not nearly as many bigger ones. These were both sized to make the most out of fat quarters. I had enough of the sheep fabric to make two dpn holders (big enough for 8 inch ones) as well as the wide bag. This is a wider version than I normally make but it looks like it will be a useful size for a smaller sweater project. Wee Man helped me decide on green snaps for the holders so that the sheep had some grass to eat. I happened to have one sheep charm so had to use that for the zipper pull.

The exploding tardis bag is narrower and taller but left enough for two dpn holders (a bit smaller) and a tiny wee notions pouch (no picture). These are lined in a strong yellow and we picked yellow snaps to match. The zipper pull contains one yellow swirly heart and a sparkly dark blue one.

project bags - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Embroidery Sampler

Finished, framed and on the wall.

I’m super happy with how this has come out.

Dropcloth sampler - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Sampler from Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops: A Bend-the-Rules Primer (on Amazon here)

Threads: a mixed bag of 100 I purchased cheaply, the threads are good but I have no idea of how the colours match up to DMC or Anchor (or others).



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FO: Raindrops for Pixie

After finishing my Cadeautje Slippers I went looking for my next project. My yarn lives in project bags and I add patterns etc to them as I get closer to using them. In theory this means I should be able to just grab a bag a go but because I can’t see what’s in the bags I tend to have to hunt through them a bit to find what I was after. I was looking for the yarn I had for brioche hat but on the way found two balls of fingering yarn I had purchased intending on making a jumper for Pixie before she was born. Clearly I didn’t actually manage that and as she is getting bigger I thought I had better get on with that jumper before she was too big to fit in one made of 100g of yarn.

I restricted my search to patterns I already own and the yarn I had and came up with TinCanKnits Raindrops pattern. The 1-2y size used exactly the amount of yardage I had (but does have a 3/4 sleeve option) and seemed like it would fit Pixie both now (a bit big) and in autumn (hopefully just right). The sweater is worked from the top down with increases worked into the eyelet patterning on the yoke. It was a quick knit and I was carefully weighing my yarn on the sleeves a week after starting. I ended up with just the right amount to get full length sleeves and still had a couple of metres leftover. I really like how it came out and hope that Pixie likes wearing it too.

Raindrops by TinCanKnits in SMC Extra Soft Merino Fino (5488) - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Raindrops by TinCanKnits (1-2y)

Yarn: SMC Extra Soft Merino Fino in 5488 Blue, 100g (350m)

Needles: 2.25mm and 3.25mm

Ravelry Page: here


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FO: Sewaholic Granville in Tana Lawn

I enjoyed making my last Granville shirt and so kept my eyes out for fabric for another. I ended up purchasing 2m of Liberty Tana Lawn in Pereira from Ebay late last year. This is the last of the projects I cut out just after Christmas and I’m pleased to have finished it up. This is a much lighter fabric than the poplin I used last time but it has come out well. I made no modifications to the pattern and managed to get the whole thing sewn with a single bobbin of thread – I didn’t realise until later but the last buttonhole finished the bobbin completely. I love the colours and hope to wear it a lot once I stop nursing Pixie.

Granville by Sewaholic in Liberty Tana Lawn Pereira - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Granville by Sewaholic

Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn in Pereira < 2m

Thread: Gutermann Sew All in 232

Notions: interfacing, 11 1cm buttons

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