FO: Pencil cases

In a few weeks time I will have two school kids. Wee Man will be starting P1 and Hobbity-boo will begin P3. As I am still on an embroidery kick I decided on making the embroidered pencil cases amidst attaching name labels to uniforms.

Wee Man’s is orange and blue with block letters spelling out his name on one side and an orange styracosaurus on the other. I have to say I’m quite pleased with how the dinosaur came out though I did cheat and trace a printed picture.

Embroidered pencil case with name and styracosaurus - little grey hedgehog

Hobbity-boo’s has her name in cursive because as she says “I can read joined up writing you know”. She chose the flower and wee decorative bit on the front and asked for buttons on the back. I happened to have a scrap of unicorn and rainbow fabric that I used on one side with some lace ribbon and sparkly buttons with a bonus stegosaurus (her favourite dinosaur). Lots of her favourite things and she also picked the yellow zip.

Embroidered pencil case with decorative back - little grey hedgehog


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Advent Calendar

Several years ago I wanted to make a fabric advent calendar. The kids were getting big enough to understand the anticipation and countdown and I liked the idea of being able to personalise it. That year we moved house, the year after we were in New Zealand for Christmas and then the year after that I was pregnant with Pixie so it didn’t get done. After Pixie was born it crossed my mind again but I wasn’t organised enough early enough so when it I remembered in June this year I jumped on it and ordered a fabric panel and backing fabric plus some wadding to go in between. Once it was in the house I wanted to get started right away so one my Robson and the blue tunic were finished I set to.

The pockets are not too tricky to attach but the pleats were a little annoying to get perfect (so they are not) and then I layered it with wadding and the backing fabric, plus a wide loop for hanging, stitched around, turned it right side out and topstitched the edge. I used a 15mm dowel (that was hanging around in the shed) and attached ribbon (from stash with nails) to it so that it will hang flat. It’s tucked away now waiting for December, hopefully I can come up with some good ideas to tuck in the pockets.

Advent Calendar Makower Scandi 2017 with Snowflake backing - little grey hedgehog

Fabric: Makower Scandi 2017 panel and red snowflakes

Thread: Gutermann 169 and 226

Notions: wadding, 15mm dowel, ribbon

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The slow growing wip

Once upon a time, a long time ago before I had three children running around I saw the  the Aeolian shawl, purchased yarn and cast on. Then I got pregnant with Hobbit and moved to making baby things and never did pick it back up again. It hibernated for about 7 years before I frogged it and cast on again this June. I’m working the biggest size with superfine yarn (1400m to 100g) and tons of beads. It started out fast enough but I’ve now reached a point where it takes about an hour to do two rows (mostly due to the beads) and I can’t knit on it during the daytime at the moment because of school holidays as it’s not easily put downable and it is slow going. I’m determined to actually finish it this time round without a hibernation period. I’ve reached about halfway through the second set of charts (there are three sets) but the according to the pattern the edging charts take about 40% of the yarn so lots of knitting still to go.  And no I have no idea how I’ll block it when I get it done!

Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman from Knitty in Filatura di Crosa Centolavaggi - little grey hedgehog

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FO: New Look 6027

Having finished my coat I had room to make another sewing project. My MiL sent me some rainbow buttons a few months ago and I went looking for a project to use some on. I’ve had this pattern in my stash for ages (years probably) but had trouble with finding fabric to use with it. It’s written for very lightweight fabric and this is probably a little on the too heavy side for proper drape but it was leftover from lining a skirt so didn’t cost me anything to make the attempt.

New Look 6027 in navy batiste with rainbow buttons - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: New Look 6027 view D (without lace trim)

Fabric: navy batiste <1.5m

Notions: Gutermann 310 and 3 12mm buttons

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FO: Blueberry Pie Hat

My favourite colour is blue but somehow I didn’t have a blue hat. At EYF earlier this year I hunted for blue yarn so that I could remedy this. I found a perfect skein of blue at Ripples Crafts in DK weight and picked a TinCanKnits pattern, the Apple Pie Hat to make. The yarn has lovely definition for this very cabley hat and I had plenty of yardage to make a good sized, slightly slouchy version.

Apple Pie Hat by TinCanKnits in Ripples Crafts Doubly Reliable Sock yarn - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Apple Pie Hat by TinCanKnits

Yarn: Doubly Reliable Sock Yarn by Ripples Crafts (78g, 220m)

Needles: 3.5mm and 4mm

Ravelry page: here

Notes: Pattern is written for a Worsted Yarn, working with a DK I knit a size large when I needed a size small and worked on smaller needles than given in the pattern. I also knitted a bit longer than in the pattern to make it slightly on the slouchy side which gives it enough room to tuck my hair in.

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FO: Overlocker cover

When I got my overlocker last year it came with a plastic dust-cover which did the job but wasn’t the prettiest to look at. A colourful patchwork one is much more interesting so I worked out approximate dimensions and set to back in May. It was finished pretty quickly but I forgot to take photos for a while and then when I did the camera needed charging immediately afterwards so the photos didn’t make it to the computer until I was getting the photos of my Robson off at the end of last week.

The cover is a long strip of 4 x 12 squares (they are about 10 x 10 cm) joined to 2 3 x 3 pieced squares. I did the same with a piece of fleece as lining (though you could use batting and then another layer of fabric or leave it unlined) then I used bias binding to attach the two layers around the bottom. They mostly stay together when I lift it off but if it becomes a problem I’ll put some tacks in at the corners to connect the layers.

Patchwork overlocker cover - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Lined Robson Coat

Hey apparently it’s been more than a month since I posted. I’m blaming visiting parents, teething toddlers, end of term for the school kids and a heatwave. Plus the two projects I’ve been working on have been big ones so I haven’t actually finished anything for a while.

Sometime last year I decided I wanted to make a short version of the Robson coat by Sewaholic. Then I decided I wanted to line it too. I purchased the fabrics, thread and notions then got cold feet and put of the actual cutting out for ages and ages. I worked on every other possible sewing project before I finally cut things out back in May.

I chose to underline the coat (inspired by Tuesday Stitches and Curious Kiwi) and make a proper belt rather than just the tie (this and shortening inspired by What Miss Amy Did). This led to a lot of extra cutting out and then the use of a lot of bias binding to attach lining and edge most of the body pieces. I had enough main fabric that the flaps are two layers of main fabric but not anything left over. I shortened the belt piece as I don’t need as much length to use a buckle and shortened the body by 9″ overall, 1.5″ moving the waist up (and the pockets up) and the rest just taking it off at the hem. I also shortened the sleeves a little to compensate for my short arms.

This project has been a slow undertaking, there’s a lot of topstitching, a lot of pieces, fiddly finishing around the pockets and at some points a lot of layers. I’m very grateful for my sewing machine as at some points the seams were so thick the presser foot didn’t go down at all and it just sewed through it all. And then when you are all done there are 16 buttons to sew on – I think I procrastinated over this the longest of any bit after I cut things out.

I am happy with the result, it’s a heavy coat (the main fabric is denim) so it should come in handy in Scotland. I love the lining despite being annoyed by the slipperiness when sewing things together. I think the only thing I’d change on doing it again is to underline the back neck facing (piece 13 I think) as I think it’d sit a little better. Sorry there are no modelled shots, my current camera doesn’t have a remote and I could work out a good way to get photos so it’s hanging on a trellis instead.

Sewaholic Robson, shortened, underlined and belted in grey denim - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Robson by Sewaholic

Fabric: 3m of grey denim (330g/m^2) from and 3m of jacquard lining from Minerva Crafts (probably could have managed with 2.5m of lining).

Notions: 22m bias binding, 5mm eyelets and a 40mm buckle, Gutermann thread 36 (~200m (I used 4.5 bobbins worth)), black interfacing (Vilene H200), 4 15mm buttons (cuffs and shoulders) and 12 20mm buttons.



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