FO: Rosie Dress

I acquired this dress pattern with a Simply Sewing magazine I purchased a month or two ago. It’s the first pattern from their home brand Cotton +┬áChalk. It’s a style I wanted to try and I had hopes that it would be a good summer dress.

The pattern itself is very clear and probably has more detail than typical. The style of neck facing was something I hadn’t come across before but had no problems with after following the directions. The only problem I had was that the zip in the back is the last thing to go in and it’s a bit hard to get a good idea of the fit without that in. I happy with the dress and it is (as intended) a wearable muslin of the pattern. I think the end result is that my cup size is smaller than would best fit the rest of the dress. The dress is the right size but the bodice is not the best fit across the front. It’s wearable with an undershirt. I’m not quite sure at this stage how to modify it. Possibly I can short the middle front of the bodice (leaving the waist panel the same) but I worry that the hem would then be crooked, but I can probably baste that and test it out. I’ll have to wait until I’ve access to a bigger mirror though. I do like the style and if I can work out that small problem I’ll be happy with the dress.

Rosie Dress by Cotton + Chalk (Simply Sewing Magazine) in floral from - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Brickless

I took photos for this post last week but have been forgetting that the next step is to actually write up the post.

After finally finishing my purple linen tee I cast on an easy project out of the variegated Wollmeise I purchased at EYF. The colourway is Bluebell and it’s a mix of bright blue and various purples. Totally my colours. I’d originally considered another Hitchhiker but wanted a bit more drape. Brickless is another of Martina Behm’s patterns in the same sort of style as Hitchhiker. It starts from a point and creates an asymmetric biased triangle. Brickless has bands of eyelets, ribbing and garter and has an uneven jagged edge. The pattern is simple enough to follow but I did have to keep checking how many rows per section as well as how many to cast off each time as these vary. My skein of Wollmeise was longer than the yarn used in the pattern so my shawl is a little bigger, I managed almost another repeat but was a few rows short on the last lace section. I think my gauge may have been a little looser too but I’m happy with how it came out. It is ridiculously long but isn’t bulky even with all of it wrapped around my neck. I look forward to wearing it when the weather changes (hopefully not too soon though).

Brickless by Martina Behm in Wollmeise Pure, Bluebell - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Teeny wee baby hats

In the interests of getting a little more yardage for stash dash (I’ve hit 7K) and getting some old yarn out of my stash I’ve quickly knitted up a couple of baby hats. Recipients are to be determined but having them tucked away for gifts is not a bad thing.

I used the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat by Keri McKiernan which I’ve used previously. It’s easy to modify and a quick and easy knit. I worked both hats a little longer than suggested in the pattern (an inch or so extra) as I’d found that I seemed to get more rolling at the brim than expected which made the hats a bit short. I’ve used 120 stitches in the blue version which took a whole 25g skein of My First Regia, the pink used 100 stitches and used only 19g.

Easy Peasy Newborn Sock hat by Keri McKiernan in My First Regia - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Baby Blankets

There are a couple more people who need baby blankets in the next few months. In the interests of being fast I chose to use chunky yarn and crochet. Each blanket took between 4 and 6 hours to finish including sewing in the ends.

I used Women’s Institute Soft and Chunky in Cream and Teal. I had 3 balls of each and used pretty much all of it. The cream blanket is a variation on the Tiramisu Baby blanket modified for chunky yarn (details here). Apparently this is my 12th time using this pattern. The teal blanket uses the Coffee and Cream square from Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks. I made four of the square then joined them together before using the last of my yarn to add a border. Project page is here.

Chunky crocheted baby blankets - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Purple Linen Tee

Finally finished this week is my purple linen tee. Knit in Lithuanian Linen in the Violet colourway from Midwinter yarns on 2.5mm needles. This is my own design, I started with an i-cord cast on and knit in the round until I reached a suitable armhole level. This used more than half my yarn but not by much. I then provisionally cast on for each arm using scrap yarn and worked front and back separately in garter stitch with an i-cord edge. When I’d reached shoulder level I used a three needle bind-off on the shoulders and an i-cord cast-off on the neck. It stretched quite a lot on blocking and I’m happy with the result. Plus it’s 900m for stash dash.

Purple Linen Tee in Lithuanian Linen (Violet) from Midwinter yarns - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Gather Hat and Cowl

My Scoopmas partner has received her swap package so I feel safe posting photos of this now. I had 3 balls of New Lanark DK in Blueberry left after knitting my Windswept Pullover and the colourway seemed a good match for my swapee. The pattern by TinCanKnits includes both a hat version and cowl version. I originally intended on just the hat but had sufficient leftovers to almost make the cowl too (I left out one repeat so it’s a little narrower). I worked the large adult hat and the small adult cowl. I used 4mm needles.

Gather Hat and Cowl by TinCanKnits in New Lanark DK, blueberry - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Textured Burras Cowl

I purchased three mini-skeins of Ripples Crafts Burras Yarn at EYF2016 with the intention of making them into a striped cowl. In avoiding working on my linen tee I’ve knitted it up quickly over the last week or so.

The cowl starts and ends with i-cord and the other grey stripes are simple stockinette. The teal is worked in seed stitch and the damson in garter rib. It’s lovely and drapey and I’ve done a bad job of photographing the lustre of the yarn. It’s delightful and I’d definitely like to work with it again.

Textured Cowl in Burras by Ripples Crafts - little grey hedgehog

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