Pixie turned two

Time to make another birthday cake. The Pixie is learning all the words at the moment, her birthday word was amazing (mazie) and everything was amazing that day. She is super into singing songs and asking what’s that about anything in sight.

For her birthday cake I made a ring cake (I used the same tin I used last year for Hobbit’s rainbow arch) and filled the centre with blue jelly for a pond before icing the rest in grass. She is very interested in all the spring flowers, butterflies, ducks and all sorts of other animals. There was only so much room on the cake and my icing sculpting only goes so far so she ended up with a pig, a sheep, a rabbit and a mother duck. Then there were three little ducklings to go on the pond – they sank a but held long enough for photos immediately after. I would make the jelly a little stronger if I was doing it again.



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FO: Vivid Blanket

It’s done:


The first 6 balls of yarn I used in this blanket were purchased to make a colourwork vest a long time ago. I had barely gotten past the bottom ribbing when I changed my mind and pulled it all out. The yarn sat for a while before I started using it to make blanket squares. I decided to make a blanket for our spare bed knowing that I would need more yarn at some point but not how much. Once I had a good idea of the number of balls I’d need I picked out some more colours. There are 3 greens, 3 blues and 3 purples as well as 3 greys (though one is slightly on the brown side) and white. I also purchased an extra ball of the white to do seaming with. This has been a long process – according to Ravelry I started making squares way back in 2015 but it’s only been the last 6 months that I’ve been seriously working on it off and on. I think it adds up to about 200 hours of work all told. I am super happy with the result, it’s light and airy but warm.

Vivid blanket by TinCanKnits in JC Rennie - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Vivid by TinCanKnits (81 squares blocked to 18cm each)

Yarn: JC Rennie Supersoft Lambswool 4ply in Winter White, Putty, Oxford Grey, Blueprint, Frost, Fauna, Crabapple, Vintage Green, Iris, Heather, Thistledown, Ice Sea and JC Rennie Unique Shetland in Medium Grey. One 50g ball of each plus 35g more of Winter White used in seaming. ~3770m

Needles: 3.5mm used throughout, plus a 3.5mm crochet hook for cast on and joining.

Ravelry Page: here

Notes: I made a blocking jig for blocking the squares easily. I got 6 squares out of most balls, 7 out of some and only 5 out of the slightly thicker Unique Shetland.

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Progress and drawings

Vivid is nearly nearly nearly done. The squares are finished, blocked and joined. The ends are in and it just needs a tiny wee border to straighten things out. At this point I’m probably just doing a single crochet or maybe slip stitch edge.

Vivid Blanket by TinCanKnits in JC Rennie - little grey hedgehog

I’ve started a pair of jeans for Miss Hobbity Boo. This time the skinny jeans pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. The denim is leftover from the dungarees and we are going with gold top-stitching again.

Skinny Jeans by Peekaboo Pattern Shop - little grey hedgehog

And I’ve been doing a bunch of drawing from my how to draw animals book. I hope to get through all 75 in the book eventually but I’m not working in order. A couple of these have yet to be coloured.

Animals - little grey hedgehog

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The Embroidered Garden

This is embroidery is from a book called The Embroidered Garden by Kasuko Aoki.  My copy came from Amazon but I’m sure it can be found elsewhere. This is the design on the cover and the instructions give a tracing of the flowers along with thread colours and thicknesses. I was using the threads I had so made some modifications to colours – particularly with all the different greens. Sometimes it was assumed that stalks would be the same as others and sometimes I managed to pick different ones than intended. I also only had 6-stranded thread so used 3 strands to match the linen and 6 strands to substitute for the thicker thread indicated in the book. I also modified the shape of the bottom as I knew I was framing it in a hoop and didn’t use the layers of thin fabric she used for the base background. Most of this was going to be outside of my framing hoop and I substituted with lots of grass in varying shades of green – all the leftover bits.

Embroidery design by Kasuko Aoki in book The Embroidered Garden - little grey hedgehog

I stitched the work in an 8-inch hoop before framing it in a 7-inch hoop. I had a circle drawn of the smaller hoop and made sure to go past it for the grass and flower stalks as well as the bee trail. There is no gap and I could be a bit less perfect on the framing. The fabric (two layers of calico) was trimmed and then gathered with a felt backing stitched onto the edges. I’m really happy with the result and had fun doing it and I hope the recipient likes it when it arrives.

Details of hoop framed embroidery designed by Kasuko Aoki in The Embroidered Garden - little grey hedgehog



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A sunhat for the Pixie

Unsurprisingly the sunhat Pixie was wearing last summer no longer fits her so she needed a new one. She is quite enamoured with butterflies (baabaafy) and flowers (fahlah) at the moment so I picked two fabrics that looked like they would go together to make another Oliver and S reversible bucket hat.

Oliver & S reversible bucket hat - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Oliver and S reversible bucket hat size M for almost 2 Pixie

Fabric: half a metre each of floral and butterflies – possible could have managed on a fat quarter each.

Modifications: rather than follow the instructions I make each side of the hat individually (with one brim interfaced) then put one inside the other and attach the brim leaving a gap for turning. I then topstitch the brim to close the gap. I only did one row of stitching this time but have previously added more to help stiffen the brim. I also added buttonholes at the side seams on the hat body to accommodate an elastic with buttons on each end so that the hat stays on but I can remove the elastic to swap which side is showing. If I’d been thinking ahead I would have just left gaps in the side seams and stitched around their edges.

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Burda 9464 again

Sometimes my children grow at a regular rate and sometimes they grow out of all their clothes at once. The overalls that I made for Hobbit became to short in the body all of a sudden and she was very very sad. Happily the pattern goes up to a size 11 so sewing to the rescue. I went up two sizes from last time to a size 9 and they fit well though do have a giant hem which I plan to let down as needed.

Dungarees/Overalls from Burda 9464 in materials from Minerva Crafts - little grey hedgehog

There is a minor modification to this pair as I managed to not transfer the need for cutting the straps on the fold and so ended up with only half the strap I needed. Instead of recutting (and I did have plenty of fabric) I cut another pair from some floral cotton and stitched them together using half the indicated seam allowance. This meant they still ended up the correct width for attaching to the body. Helpfully they also fit through the buckles more easily than last time.

Dungarees/Overalls from Burda 9464 with fabric from Minerva Crafts - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Burda 9464 size 9

Fabric: 8oz denim from Minerva crafts – purchased 2m, probably needed about 1.25m.

Notions: 8 jeans buttons (flower), two bib and brace buckles, matching thread and Gutermann topstitching thread (2 reels) in 968 (gold)



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On my desk

I’d reached the point in my sewing project where the pattern pieces and instructions could go away which led to a little tidy up to find out what was on my desk.

On my desk - little grey hedgehog

From left to rightish:

  • Hobbit’s almost finished pair of overalls – I’m about to do buttonholes – sitting on top of the overlocker
  • my sewing machine with the buttons in front of it and spice rack holding thread behind
  • quilting magazine – this one came with a bonus rainbow booklet
  •  behind the magazine is a washcloth that needs a new row of stitching and behind that is the metal plant pot I use as a wee bin
  • the birthday card I just made this morning behind which is my waterbottle and tablet
  • wool::press that a friend kindly brought me from EYF
  • post it notes under the stone heart Mum gave me when my eldest was born
  • pens
  • the hedgehog notebook which has ideas
  • the black planner which has all my lists – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, things to make, things to buy etc.
  • the case holding my embroidery

On my desk projects etc - little grey hedgehog

Next to my desk is a 4×4 IKEA Kallax which contains all my various tools and stashes plus recipe books and craft books plus the printer on top. I have a wee corkboard attached to this end for odds and ends.


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