FO: Wool Dino Coat

The stash from Oma is varied. There were a couple of pieces of heavy weight but loosely woven wool fabric of around 1m each. With limited fabric sewing for the children seemed a good option. Wee Man is starting to actually grow out of the coats he’s been wearing for the last 3 winters so another coat it was. I’d purchased Simplicity 1328 a wee while ago and it has both shirts and shirt jackets for men and boys. One day maybe husband will let me sew for him but in the meantime the smallest size of the boys is just right for Wee Man (he’s just reached 97cm). There are a lot of pieces to this jacket as it has both collar and collar stand, separate button stands, sleeve plackets and four pockets two of which have separate flaps plus lining and facing pieces. A lot of these pieces were smallish which made it easier to squeeze out of my limited fabric. I was pleased to be able to fit all the lining pieces on the leftovers from the dino shirt. The garment gets quite thick in places and I was struggling until I realised I could raise the presser foot even higher than it’s up position which made doing all the buttonholes much easier. There’s also a lot of top stitching involved but it’s worth it as it does make it look much better. The jacket is not lined (just the yoke) so this is really for warmer weather than we’ve got at the moment but it should fit for a while.

Wool Dino Coat, Simplicity 1328 - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Simplicity 1328 size S boys.

Fabric: Leftover dinosaur polycotton from Minerva Crafts and woven wool fabric from Oma’s stash (~1m).

Notions: Gutermann 93, 12 1.2″ buttons, interfacing <0.25m.



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Hobbity-boo is 6!

Today Hobbity-boo turns 6. Having a 4 year old and a 6 year old somehow sounds much older than a 3 and a 5 year old. We are having macaroni cheese for dinner tonight because that’s her favourite. She currently loves unicorns, fairies and rainbows but still likes to play dinosaurs and trucks with her brother. She loves school and is reading really well now. Her favourite colour is still “I like all the colours”. Her favourite shirt was the one with monsters on it until a few weeks ago when she got a new red one. For her birthday party yesterday she asked for a rainbow cake with rainbows on the inside and the outside, it had to stand up and she wanted clouds on the end. I think I delivered:

Rainbow cake for Hobbit's 6th birthday - little grey hedgehog

Recipe – a combination of a couple of pound cake recipes, divided into six, coloured and layered in the tin.

Cake Tin – ring mould – this one was listed as a savarin mould and had the least curve on the corners I could find.

Icing – I cut it in half, levelled it and then stuck it together with plain buttercream. I then applied a crumb coat to the cake and the clouds. The next day I mixed up a heap of buttercream, divided it into six and coloured it before piping it with the large star nozzle.

Clouds – rice bubbles (krispies) and marshmallows mould into balls and covered with two layers of plain buttercream.

Food colouring – I used Wiltons Gels in Leaf Green, Red Red, Golden Yellow, Pink, Violet and Royal Blue. I combined Red Red and Golden Yellow to make the Orange in both the cake and icing. I used Red Red to make the red cake layer but combined it with Pink to get a better icing colour.

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Wee Man is 4!

Today is Wee Man’s fourth birthday. I’m not quite sure how that happened so fast. He loves dinosaurs, trucks and numbers. He wants to do homework like his big sister and plays at being a baby like his little one. Orange is still his favourite colour and he loves to eat sausages and pasta (or best of all sausage inside pasta). He’ll be starting school in August (eep!) and is getting closer and closer to being ready for it. He’s having a wee little party with a few friends, party games and cake!

Triceratops cake for Wee Man's fourth birthday - little grey hedgehog

Recipe: Chocolate cake from my Edmond’s cookbook sized up by 2/3rds. (Baking takes about twice as long or more than recipe states.)

Cake tin: Large and small hemispheres

Sculpting: took the sides and part of back off the small hemisphere to butt it up to the large one. Took chunks out of the sides of the large hemisphere to create the legs. Used scraps to create a tail. Smushed it all together with buttercream. Frill created with marshmallows and rice bubbles (rice krispies), shaped by hand and then attached to the buttercream already in place at the neck.

Icing: Buttercream to sculpt and as a crumbcoat. 500g of orange fondant to cover – mostly in one sheet but with patching around the edges and between the legs. Water and fingers used to smooth out joins. Had to make myself stop fiddling with it trying to make it perfect.

Features: Horns shaped from white fondant around toothpicks. Eyes are Wiltons Candy eyes purchased from Amazon.


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FO: Dottie Angel Tunic

This was not on my list of sewing projects as I’d cut it out way back in the summer some time and then kept working on other things instead. It should have been!

This is a tunic for Hobbity-boo made from Dottie Angel’s dress/tunic pattern for girls (Simplicity 8101). The fabric all came from Oma’s stash and the bias binding I’d picked up a some point. I didn’t have enough (out of 2 metres) to do the hem in the yellow dotty stuff so used some pink that I also had floating around. Much like the adult version there is a lot of finishing of seams involved, french seams down the sides and the shoulders disappear under more bias binding. There’s a little elastic at the waist on front and back to gather. She hasn’t worn it yet but I hope it gets used over this summer.

Dottie Angel, Simplicity 8101 - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Simplicity 8101, Tunic version in size 6

Fabric: ~1m of woven floral from Oma’s stash plus scraps for the pocket

Notions: White thread, ~3m bias binding, 1/4″ elastic ~20cm.

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FO: Simplicity 1805 D

4 FO posts in a week, must be all the new year momentum getting to me.

This is short as I don’t have much to say, I’m in need of more tops so have been picking up fabric when purchasing for other things. I made this top previously and where it a lot so making another was simple.

Simplicity 1805 D - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Simplicity 1805 view D

Fabric: Slinky Diablo in Steel from Minerva Crafts (~1.5m)

Notions: Gutermann sew-all in 93

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FO: Dinosaur Shirt

Wee Man is still obsessed with dinosaurs so when I found bright happy dinosaur fabric I thought it would be perfect to make a shirt for him. The pattern is Burda 9792 which was the only dress shirt pattern I found that went small enough for a small 2 year old when I first used it a couple of years ago. The pattern has no collar stand, and uses self-facings for the button bands (rather than attached ones) but does use sleeve plackets (so fiddly on the tiny sleeves). Overall the shirt is not too tricky to put together, the sleeve caps need quite a bit of easing to get smooth but otherwise it’s pretty straight forward with enough detail in the pattern pictures to work things out. It’s going into hiding for his birthday now but I hope he’ll like it.

Dinosaur shirt, Burda 9792 - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Burda 9792 size 4

Fabric: Dinosaur polycotton from Minerva Crafts in white

Notions: white thread, 7 1cm buttons

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FO: Unicorn Skirt

Hobbity-boo, like many girls her age, is currently obsessed with unicorns. We acquired her a unicorn onesie for Christmas (which then got worn constantly for most of the holiday break) and I made her a crochet unicorn. I found unicorn polycotton when I was looking at other fabric and purchased a metre with not much thought of what to make with it. On consideration I decided on a twirly skirt. I needed to pick up another half metre of fabric for the contrast but I think I could have made the whole skirt out of the single metre, especially if I’d lengthened the skirt instead of using a bottom band. Still I like the purple contrast. I made the 120cm size though she’s not quite that tall yet as skirts can be flexible in size. It was an was to follow tutorial and I’d use it again. The skirt is in hiding waiting for her birthday.

Unicorn skirt, House on Hill Road Twirly Skirt Tutorial - little grey hedgeho

Pattern: Twirly Skirt by House on Hill Road

Fabric: Unicorn poly cotton in grey from Minerva Crafts, purple cotton from myfabrics

Notions: white thread, half inch elastic

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