Fishmas 2019

I participated in the fish themed Christmas time swap a group I belong to on Ravelry organises again this year and I have a couple of projects I made for that which have been hiding until now. My swap partner received her parcel yesterday (delayed a bit because she was away and then missed the postman earlier in the week) and seems happy with the parcel.

I made a Santapus drawing for her card, a fishy themed project bag (also matching dpn holders of which I have no photo) and the project that took the longest was an embroidery of a Halzkaraptor. This is a dinosaur that we’d never come across but she said she liked. Pixie kept telling me it was a duck and the Wee Man kept asking about it’s claws because if it’s a raptor Mummy it needs big claws. This was a bit different from embroidery I’ve done before as it’s all filled in but I did enjoy most of the process. It’s also tiny – framed in a 3 inch hoop.

Fishmas 2019, Halzkaraptor, Santapus and project bag - little grey hedgehog

Also in the parcel was tea, chocolate, sweets, some notions that she was after and yarn from my stash which I’d been planning to donate but matched her preferred colours and yarn weights perfectly – I hope she makes better use of them than I did.



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Making progress

Part 2 of the Sweet Pea blanket came out last Friday and I finished it up over the weekend. It’s becoming more like a blanket now and I’m still enjoying working on it. It helps that it’s not a struggle to get the part complete in a week so I can work on other things too.

Sweet Pea Blanket by Attic24 - little grey hedgehog

I’m working on the binding of my Star Sampler quilt – just about halfway at the moment.

Attaching binding - Star Sampler Quilt - little grey hedgehog

And I’ve been making progress on Tiny Shoots. The body is halfwayish but I finished the first ball of yarn so decided to make the sleeves before finishing the body so I didn’t have to worry about running out of yarn.

Tiny Shoots by Kate Heppell in Ashford Mackenzie - little grey hedgehog

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Back when I made Cadeautje I completely misread the yarn amounts and purchased 250g of bulky weight rather than 250m so had rather a lot leftover to do something else with. A wee sweater for the Pixie seemed just the thing.

Owlet by Kate Davies in Cascade Eco+ - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Owlet by Kate Davies (18-24m size)

Yarn: Cascade Eco+ (291m) in silver

Needles: 5mm and 4.5mm for ribbing

Notions: stitch holders for underarms and to hold body and sleeves before joining, 32 ~6mm buttons for eyes.

Ravelry page: here



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My Owlet sweater is finished bar the buttons. It’s going to have a mixture of colours and sizes and maybe some will be sleeping but I haven’t sewn any of them on yet.

Owlet by Kate Davies in Cascade Eco+ - little grey hedgehog

I started my Sweet Pea Blanket by Attic24 when she released the first part of the pattern on Friday. It’s an easy project but big and I have to wait for the next parts to release so it’s waiting until Friday at the moment.

Sweet Pea Blanket CAL part 1 by Attic24 - little grey hedgehog

So I started a new project – Tiny Shoots by Kate Heppell in yarn I was gifted at Christmas. It’s a little further on than this picture shows having just reached the armholes of the front. Next I work the back yoke and then join them together to work the rest of the body which will be nice and round and round.

Tiny Shoots by Kate Heppell in Ashford MacKenzie - little grey hedgehog

I’m embroidering another thing I can’t show and I’ve done all the quilting on my star sampler quilt so now it just needs trimming and binding. I’m hoping to get the binding attached this week.




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2019 Craft Plans

I’m just going to make a list of yarny things I’m going to try and complete this year to start with.

  • Sweet Pea Crochet Blanket (Attic24 CAL) – started today, weekly updates for 7 weeks hope to finish by the end of February. I purchased the yarn pack and the blanket will be for Hobbit.
  • Owlet sweater for Pixie – the knitting is complete but I need buttons for eyes – hopefully finished by next week.
  • Vivid blanket – currently hibernating will look at purchasing more yarn in February or March, hoping to finish this by the end of May.
  • Tiny Shoots tshirt – was gifted yarn for christmas that should work well for this and I have the pattern from when it was published in a magazine years ago, I’m planning to work on this while working on the Sweet Pea Blanket
  • Wray – I was gifted yarn that should work for this at Christmas and have the pattern from a previous attempt where the yarn didn’t work out.
  • Glacier gloves – these have been a WiP for far too long, just aiming for finishing by the end of the year.
  • I have two skeins of turquoise/teal yarn, 1 dk and 1 worsted to do something with
  • I have a spincity batt that needs finishing spinning
  • I intend to make a second pair of rainbow hedgehog mitts with modifications to improve the pattern.
  • Tibetan Clouds Beaded Stole – I sort of started this a few years ago but didn’t get anywhere, I hope to knit this over the summer with Sparkleduck silk yarn.
  • I have been planning to spin and knit Stripe Study with a rainbow gradient – any progress this year would be awesome
  • I have leftovers from my Apple Pie hat that I want to use for matching mitts but need to do some maths etc before I can start those – maybe after I knit Tiny Shoots.
  • I have a skein of sock yarn that I have an idea for but need to work out patterning.
  • And I want to knit up all my sock yarn leftovers into squares as well as make some kids hats out of the dk and aran scraps I have.

That seems like a lot of knitting and if I get it all done it will clear out my stash and leave me to be more flexible in starting things on a whim or joining in on KAL/CAL without feeling guilty on not knitting what I already have. I pulled everything in my stash and there’s just under 4kg without spinning fibre. I don’t have yarn for these but would like to make some Mandalas for our stairwell and some flowers to put in some glass bottle I have depending on how everything else goes and how side-tracked I get this year.

Sweet Pea Blanket CAL by Attic24 - little grey hedgehog

Sewing wise, I need to pull out everything I have (mostly leftovers and mostly knits as I used almost every scrap of woven I had for gift bags at Christmas) and sort out whether I have enough of anything for clothes for me, and work out what I have to make t-shirts for the girls. (Wee Man does not need anything) I want (and need in my wardrobe) a couple more l/s t-shirts at least and I’d like to make me a hoodie this year. I’m also contemplating another bag for me once we don’t need to carry nappies any more.

I’m up to binding the star sampler quilt and kind of want to start another big one but don’t have a plan yet. I have some ideas for embroideries so I’m thinking about what to do there. Hoping to try dying something this year – maybe sock yarn for vanilla socks later in the year. And thinking about making some felt ornaments for the Christmas tree.

So really there are lots of things to be getting on with and yet I’m still contemplating learning book binding and leather work – maybe that’ll be next years goals.

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More catching up

I have done a terrible job of recording my projects on the blog this year. I hope I can do better next year because I do go back for information fairly regularly and it’s nice to have it all in one place. This is another all at once post to hopefully get me all caught up so I can keep up with myself next year. I’ve also been thinking about plans for next year but that needs to be a separate post – hopefully sooner rather than later.

(Additionally I have been terrible at taking photos so some of these don’t have photos and some of the photos are not great.)

I finished my Wenlock sweater. It’s been hanging out on my desk for a month waiting for photos. I’m really happy with the finished product and love the colours. The tricky bits are all at the yoke which is the first bit knit then everything else is just around and around.

Wenlock by TinCanKnits in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater (Grey Whale and various teals) - little grey hedgehog

I finished a pair of sort of jeans sort of denim trousers for Hobbit. This is the same Classic Chinos from Peekaboo Pattern Shop that I used for the corduroy trousers from the last post. I had a wee bit of trouble with stitching the many layers of belt loops on but succeeded eventually.

Then there were overalls/dungarees in the same denim but with a purple/pink topstitching thread. This is the size 7 from Burda 9464 in the long length A with the front pocket from B. These are not nearly as long as the trouser pattern and I possibly could have gone up another size – I may be making more in the summer if she still loves them. She’s wearing them today.

Burda overalls in denim - little grey hedgehog

I made a dinosaur onesie/costume from Simplicity 1765 view C. I modified the pattern to have a detachable (via velcro) tail and separate feet with soles so that he can pick and chose parts. This was a Christmas gift and I do have a picture of it all on.

Simplicity 1765 C in orange fleece and yellow felt - little grey hedgehog

Also for Christmas I sewed three hooded cowls from fleece for the kids from the Hooded Cowl pattern by Sew Desu Ne.

Hooded Cowl by Sew Desu Ne in fleece - little grey hedgehog

I have not yet sewn any t-shirts for Hobbit, I did sew a lot more quilt squares. The original pattern is a 6 x 8 top and I have increased the size to 8 x 9. I would have liked to have 8 x 10 but my 15 fat quarters were running too low. This is a photo of  it at 7 x 8. It’s now a sandwich ready for quilting.

Star Sampler quilt top from 15 fat quarters - little grey hedgehog

I used some yarn my mother gave me at least 2 years ago to make a pair of gloves using Ann Budd’s Handy pattern book. The yarn is partly possum and nice and soft.

Basic Gloves by Ann Budd in Zealana Cozi - little grey hedgehog

Having finished the gloves I made a hitchhiker shawl from a gradient skein my MiL sent for my birthday back in October.

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm in Misti Alpaca gradient - little grey hedgehog

And then it still wasn’t the end of the year so I made a hat out of yarn my parents brought me from the Isle of Skye at the beginning of the summer. This is Gather by TinCanKnits and the yarn is an undyed cheviot.

Gather by TinCanKnits in undyed cheviot - little grey hedgehog

But that also went super fast and I had more time to fill in so planned to projects, while the swatch for Owlet was drying I knitted a Prism hat (by TinCanKnits again) in the leftover yarn from Wenlock and put a pompom on top. This was finished yesterday and now Owlet should keep me going until the CAL I’m taking part in starts on Friday.

Prism by TinCanKnits in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater (grey whale and various blues) - little grey hedgehog

There has also been progress on my vivid blanket – I have knitted up the 6 balls I have and need to buy more yarn but that is waiting for a bit. I have done some embroidery that I can’t currently show (hopefully I remember photos before postage) and I’ve just started a wee Owlet Sweater for the Pixie.


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A crafty update

Rather than write a multitude of posts I’m just updating all the things I’ve been working on in the last wee while in one go. There’s quite a few!

I knitted a pair of socks.

Plain socks in Sirdar Heart and Sole in the Twist and Shout colourway - little grey hedgehog

Finished the second hedgehog mitten.

Hedgehog mittens in Jamieson and Smith 2ply jumperweight - little grey hedgehog

I started another sweater – Wenlock by TinCanKnits in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater purchased at EYF2018.

WIP: Wenlock by TinCanKnits in Rainbow Heirloom Sweater - little grey hedgehog

Made some more bird cushions: a Kokako, a Waxeye, a Kakariki (NZ Parakeet) and another Morepork.

Bird cushions - foundation paper piecing patterns by TartanKiwi - little grey hedgehog

Sewed a project bag from the awesome fat quarter I received in a swap over the summer.

Project bag - little grey hedgehog

Sewed a couple of dresses for the Pixie. This is the Grand Slam Raglan pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop in size 18m. The sleeves are too long at the moment as she’s pretty wee but hopefully that means they’ll last the winter. She does have a big head though so I’ve left off the neckband and simply overlocked the edge and folded it under with a zig zag like I did the hems. Fabrics came from

Grand Slam Raglan by Peekaboo Pattern Shop - little grey hedgehog

And just today I’ve finished a pair of trousers for the Hobbit in grey cord (a remnant from using the Classic Chinos pattern from Peekaboo pattern shop with patch pockets on the back instead of welt pockets and lots more top stitching than the pattern calls for. This is the size 7 and they are a little long on her at 6.75 but otherwise a perfect fit as per the pattern. (Sorry for not great photos)

Classic Chinos by Peekaboo Pattern shop with patch pockets on back - little grey hedgehog

That’s the lot plus I baked our Christmas cake today and I’ve just remembered I’m spinning (this) but don’t have a photo. Oh and the quilt squares are done and joined together, I’m going to make some more after a few other things get through the sewing machine. The front garden got sorted – I planted more than a hundred new bulbs so that’ll be interesting in the spring plus some pruning.

Next up is finishing the Wenlock sweater, sewing a pair of denim trousers and a pair of denim overalls/dungarees for the Hobbit. Stitching a dinosaur onesie for the Wee Man  for Christmas and then looking through my fabric to see what I have to make a couple of long sleeve shirts for the Hobbit. Not quite sure what I’m going to knit after the sweater.


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