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FO: Warsaw Mermaid Cushion

A friend of Wee Man’s turned 5 at the beginning of March. Unlike most of the unicorn obsessed girls I know she much prefers mermaids. I had the idea of sewing her a mermaid something and in poking around Craftsy found a foundation paper piecing pattern for a large mermaid. I fished through my scraps to find various colours and set too. There are a ton of pieces which join into segments which are then all joined together. I decided not to have the bridge and have used white fabrics for those pieces. There are a few joins that aren’t perfect but it does still look like a mermaid. I trimmed it square then cut a piece for the back and pieced together a couple of bits of batting to give the front some structure. I added a short zipper so the cover can be removed if necessary and inserted the cushion inner.

Warsaw Mermaid by Sewing under Rainbow - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Warsaw Mermaid on Craftsy 16″ size without the background bridge

Fabric: Various scraps, batting scraps to back the mermaid (not quilted)

Notions: white thread, printer, 16″ cushion inner, short zip


Joining order as I did it:

(I+J+K+L+H) and (E+F+G) then join to above
(M+N)+O and (P+Q)+R, then join, then join to above
(U+T)+S then V, then join to above
(-+’) and (]+^)+c then join
(a+b)+d then h, then join to above
(e+f+g) then join to above
((x+y)+z)+[ +\ then join to above
add W then join the 2 halves


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Dinosaur blanket

Wee Man is getting a big bed soon and so needs a big bed quilt to go with it. I found dinosaur fat quarters at hobbycraft around a year ago and picked up two packs of 6 to use for his quilt. I’d already acquired wadding and white fabric when I was purchasing for Hobbity-boo’s quilt a couple of years ago. It turned out that I needed more fabric to complete the backing so I had to buy another metre of extra wide stuff and join in together. There were a few bits of the fat quarters leftover after piecing the top that I used in a strip down the middle of the back at the join.

This is a simple quilt, 9 rectangles in each stripe with white in between and quilting in the ditch along the stripes and then straight down through the white stripes between the  patterned rectangles. The binding is machine attached and handsewn down.

Dinosaur blanket pieced from 12 Hobbycraft fat quarters - little grey hedgehog

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End of the year

Happy New Year!

I’ve been spending a bit of time catching up records of some of my latest knitting projects this morning: ravelry pages, photos and a couple of bits of blocking. I was not the best at keeping records or blogging these last few months and there were a few to finish up with.

I have 37 knitting and crochet projects finished this year. I’ve spun three skeins and sewn a bunch of things too. (The latest a purple linen, lined Hollyburn that I’ve not photographed or blogged.) I finally finished my big rainbow quilt too. After Stash Dash earlier this year I wondered if I could get to 16km of yarn knitted/crocheted/spun. I think I did, recorded projects total around 15km but I have a few projects I don’t have yardage recorded for and there are two modular blankets that I’ve worked on but I’ve not been keeping track of yardage for individual squares. So maybe, maybe not. I suspect I won’t manage as much next year – maybe I’ll aim for 17 projects in 2017.

In goals for next year I’m not making plans past the first quarter but before then I have a baby cardy, a few baby hats, 2 baby blankets and a cardigan/coat for me to knit. Plus a quilt to quilt and bind. There are still two cut out sewing projects that maybe I’d finish though they won’t be wearable for a bit. I’m planning swatching for the cardigan for me today and then casting on a baby hat.

Rather than add 6 blog posts in quick succession I’ve made a collage of my latest (only just recorded) knits. They’ve all now got Ravelry pages if you want more info. But there’s a hat for Wee Man, a pullover for Hobbity-Boo, a hat and cardy for incoming baby, plus socks and a cardy for me.

Belated projects - Mama Vertebrae, Quynn hat, Flax, Antler Hat, Patons Kroy socks and Newborn Vertebrae - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Rainbow Quilt

Done! Nearly 2 years since I pieced the top, 10 months of handquilting, and a couple of months to get the binding finished.

Rainbow Quilt from jelly roll - little grey hedgehog

I used one Jelly roll and several metres of natural cotton. It’s on a double bed here in the pictures but it’s actually going on our Kingsized bed. It was machine pieced all into one as it was ordered in the roll. I used natural coloured 100% cotton thread. I then cut it into three before I stitched it back together with natural coloured cotton in between. The backing is the same cotton. I purchased extra wide fabric so the back is all one piece. I quilted it by hand using a 12″ hoop and a size 10 between quilting needle. I started in the centre and spiralled out doodling my way around the quilt. It’s not one continuous but most of the time the line continues over several hoopfuls. I found the Craftsy mini-class on quilting helpful.

I used 2.5″ strips for the binding, ironed and then attached by machine to each side. I then sewed the binding down by hand.

I’m really happy with the result and it’ll be going on our bed as soon as I replace the current duvet cover. It’s definitely not perfect (the back is not perfectly smooth) and my stitching could have done with being smaller but I’m so pleased to get it off my desk (so much room now) and (almost) onto my bed.

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A quilt update

I’ve finished the hand quilting of my quilt at last – 10 months from when I started or thereabouts. The quilt has been trimmed and I’ve attached the binding (by machine). All that’s left to do is hand-stitch the binding down on the wrong side and I’ll have a quilt. I hope that the binding stitching will be faster than the quilting but there’s still rather a lot of it to go.

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End of Summer

Well the weather never seemed to get to proper summer this year but the Hobbit started nursery school again yesterday and it is September today so I guess we are done with summer for the year. So did I accomplish my goals?

  • rainbow of socks, wanted 5 of 7 pairs knitted, got 7 of 7 pairs knitted
  • spring garden sugared violets shawl, wanted complete, got complete
  • progress on blankets, got another 3 squares complete on one
  • fibre spun, done and more as well
  • Hobbit’s quilt done
  • cross stitch complete and framed – not yet blogged

Overall I did well with my goals, I didn’t accomplish much sewing over the summer so have plans for that in the next wee while, but everything else I did more than expected which was great.

So what’s next? For September and October I aim to:

  • quilting: continue making regular progress on the rainbow hand-quilting
  • spinning: spin to half of the blue merino I’m working on and spin the kid mohair for a spin-a-long in September
  • knitting: knit 3 kids sweaters, 6 vivid blanket squares, finish the socks I’m working on, a hat for Wee Man, finish the shetland and silk shawl
  • cross stitch: complete the red and orange of the rainbow in the cross stitch I just started
  • sewing: sew the skinny jeans I’ve had cut out for ages (I’m currently waiting on thread), sew one of the tops I have plans for and cut the other two out (this is part of Curious Handmade Wardrobe Challenge)
  • needle felt a robin for a Christmas wreath

Okay that seems like a lot written out like that, fingers crossed I get somewhere.

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In the background

You might have noticed that I’ve been concentrating on getting my rainbow of socks knit lately and haven’t been working on much else. I do have a few other things on the go and did actually finish Hobbit’s quilt (though never took photos or blogged about it).

I’ve started hand-quilting my rainbow quilt. The quilt top was finished a year or so ago and I pinned the quilt sandwich together but never did get to quilting it. Sewing the binding on Hobbit’s quilt enthused me a bit for the process so I purchased a 10″ or 12″ hoop and have made a small amount of progress on that. I found the lesson in the free quilting mini-class on Craftsy quite helpful to get started. I have no particular motif in mind and am just doodling on the quilt instead.

I have a pair of jeans cut out but not started in the sewing plans as well as some other things in the pipeline. I’ve been thinking a bit about what I need in my wardrobe – mostly tops – rather than trying to force a clothing style that I don’t actually end up wearing. While I’d like to wear dresses and skirts more often it just doesn’t seem to happen. One of my 2015 wardrobe goals was to stop wearing the same things all the time (this is generally jeans and t-shirts) and I’m hoping I can work on this in the next few months by making a few tops and planning a bit better to work on this over the next year or so.

I’ve been spinning a little since I finished the rainbow and sparkly skeins. I’m spinning some blue merino that I purchased back in 2011 when I first bought a spindle. I really love the colour and am wondering why I don’t have a sweater in that colour (that led to me making a rather long list of sweaters I want to knit). It’s making slow progress but I’m enjoying it.

Knitting wise, I’ve done a tiny bit of work on the shawl I’m making in between getting socks finished and the next sock pattern worked out. And I’ve been thinking about how to get a decent photo of all the rainbow of socks together. I’ve only one set of sock blockers and one set of feet. I’ve ended up using a large piece of cardboard I had (of picture matting thickness) to cut out another four pairs of blocking shapes (as many as would fit) so I have enough to do one of each pair of socks for a combined picture. I’m still contemplating buying another board so I can do all the pairs at once even though I’m unlikely to ever need so many again. I would then have enough to make a pair of mitten blockers too. The plan is to cover them in packing tape to increase their longevity.

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