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FO: Cloudberry blanket

Another baby blanket finished, now I’m wondering how many I’ve made in total as this is the 4th this year.

This is another centre out pattern crocheted from a single large cake of yarn. The pattern is written for slightly less yarn than I had so I added a few extra rows and also edged it in a row of single crochet rather than working the puff edging as in the pattern. It came out rather big but is also nice and airy so should do well even layered up.

Cloudberry Blanket by Johanna Lindahl in Rico Design Creative Wool Dégradé Ecru - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Cloudberry by Johanna Lindahl

Yarn: Rico Design Creative Wool Dégradé in Ecru (200g)

Hook: 6mm

Ravelry Page: here

Modifications: Added some extra rows to use up more of the yarn then replaced the edging row with a row of sc with a ch1 at the corners.


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FO: Sunrise Baby Blanket

I’m in the middle of making another couple of baby blankets for gifts. This is the first one crocheted out of Wendy Evolution. The yarn comes in a handy box with the central end threaded through an eyelet – no worries about tangles here. The yarn is made of four threads and changes colour by changing one thread at a time. The yarn is half cotton and was nice to work with and not hard on the hands as some cotton can be (the acrylic probably helps with that). I went hunting for in the round crochet blankets and found Raspberry Road which was written for a different gradient cake yarn so I had to make the blanket a little smaller as I had less yarn available. The pattern contains Jacob’s Ladders which I hadn’t encountered before but they were fun to ‘zip up’ and bring the blanket together. I would use this pattern and yarn again.

Raspberry Road Blanket in Wendy Evolution Sunrise - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Raspberry Road Blanket by Kirsten Ballering

Yarn: Wendy Evolution in Sunrise (150g) purchased at Wool Warehouse

Hook: 4.5mm

Ravelry page: here

Modifications: Worked row 26 then skipped to row 37 and 38 due to less yarn.


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FO: Marley – Blue Ocean

We got caught by sickness bugs again, Wee Man had a cough then Pixie had a cold followed by a Husband with tonsillitis. But we are on school holidays now and nobody seems to be sick (today at least) and despite it snowing again yesterday today we have lovely sunshine.

I made rapid progress through the second Marley blanket thanks in part to sizing up the needles a bit. I’m happier with the size of this one and the fabric is still a good gauge. This is otherwise pretty similar to the previous version. I didn’t get as many repeats in each section but due to the gauge change the blanket is a bit bigger any way. It’s waiting now until the baby it’s intended for is a bit closer to arrival.

I’ve now turned my attention to my sneaky socks – they’d stopped getting any attention hiding away upstairs and I’d like to get them off the needles and onto my feet. I’ve turned the first heel in the last 24 hours so making progress, hopefully it will continue as next I get to cast on something new.

Marley Blanket by TinCanKnits in Stylecraft Batik Swirl Blue Ocean - littlegreyhedgehog

Pattern: Marley by TinCanKnits

Yarn: Stylecraft Batik Swirl in Blue Ocean

Needles: 6mm

Modifications: I wanted a squarer blanket than the pattern is written for so worked extra repeats of the increase sections, weighed my yarn then worked straight repeats until I had only enough yarn left to complete the decrease section.

Ravelry page: here

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FO: Marley Blanket

My cousin and his partner are having their first baby in May. They’ve found out it’s a girl so girly colours for the blanket. The pattern is by TinCanKnits and is written for varying yarn weights and amounts. I have the Mad Colour ebook in which this is included. It was a fun knit once I had the edging pattern memorised and I’m knitting it again for another baby in a different colourway.

Marley by TinCanKnits in Stylecraft Batik Swirl in Foxglove - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Marley by TinCanKnits

Yarn: Stylecraft Batik Swirl in Foxglove

Needles: 5mm

Modifications: I wanted a squarer blanket than the pattern is written for so worked extra repeats of the increase sections, weighed my yarn then worked straight repeats until I had only enough yarn left to complete the decrease section.

Ravelry page: here

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The end of the year

So I didn’t intend on abandoning the blog for nearly 7 months but the last few months have been hard. Baby (who still doesn’t have a nickname) got mobile back in September, stopped napping anywhere but on me and started getting teeth. Plus with the big kids back at school I’m making three trips there a day. All combined crafting has been pretty limited and blogging and instagram even more so.

My ravelry project page is mostly up to date but the wips that were wips earlier in the year are still wips. I’ve made quite a lot of kids/baby hats this year and counting all of those just got me to 17in17 yarny projects. I’ve done a lot of sewing too, I’ve found it easier to fit in around baby. The big kids have new pajamas, Hobbit got a bunch of t-shirts earlier in the year and Wee Man has a pile of trousers. I’ve not really sewn for baby as she has piles of clothes as hand-me-downs plus is still in 3-6 month clothes at over 8 months old. She might finally be getting to a point were I could swap out some shirts but she’s definitely got short legs as the ones she’s wearing are still on the long side.

Hobbity-boo is halfway through her second year of primary school, she can read now which is super cool. She’s almost 6 and currently wants to be a science doctor when she grows up and teach her kids how to do experiments. Wee Man is almost 4 and halfway through his pre-school year at nursery. I’ve just been filling out enrolment forms for him to start school in August – there’ll only be two trips to school a day after that. He loves counting and can get to 109 before he skips to 1000.

I’ve not got solid plans for crafting for the new year. Currently on the needles (as well as the old wips) are a pair of rainbow socks in West Yorkshire Spinners yarn. Some of my older socks are wearing a bit thin so I need more, plus sock knitting is still my favourite. I’d really like to knit a sweater or two for me this year but need to get some things knit before I can justify buying more yarn. Sewing wise I have a few things for the kids on my desk and I’m planning another Robson Coat for me, this time a shortened version.

I’m hoping to be blogging more in the New Year, I need to get back in the habit as I like to have a record. Best wishes for the new year.

Christmas Munchkins

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Sewing with knits

Before the baby was born my mother in law came to visit, she then went off to Germany to see her mother for her 90th birthday celebration. Oma used to sew a lot but doesn’t much anymore so my mil asked if I’d be able to use any fabric she brought back with her. I said sure thinking I’d get a couple of metres or something. When she came back for a few days to see baby before heading back to NZ she brought me fabric – about hald a suitcase worth. So now I have more fabric than I know what to do with. A lot of it is not my colour but I’m pretty sure I can find a use for it somewhere. There are a lot of floral prints (mostly wovens), some wool fabric (may try a coat for one of the kids) and various other bits and pieces (including a large amount of stripy knit in pinks and reds, and a couple of metres of checked cotton which Hobbity-boo wants me to make her a skirt out of). There was one bit I was definitely interested in using for me. A blue cotton interlock printed with flowers. I debated but decided to make another Sewaholic Renfrew Tee. There was enough for that (same size and style as previously) and then just enough leftover to make a small cardy for baby.

Renfrew Tee by Sewaholic in unknown flower print cotton interlock - little grey hedgehog

The cardy is a size 6-12 Heartwarming Reversible Sweatshirt from the Sew Liberated Kids book. The pattern makes use of ties and a buttonhole for closures at the sides but I’ve used plastic poppers instead. The purple fabric is also cotton interlock leftover from a nursing shirt I made earlier this year. I didn’t have a good match for poppers for either the blue or purple so have used yellow on the blue side (as some of the flowers are yellow) and bright pink on the purple (just for contrast). I also topstitched around the cardy which isn’t done in the pattern. I probably should have used a normal topstitch instead of the stretch stitch as it got a little out of shape during the topstitching. But the ruffle is ok. It should fit this winter and next spring but baby (who still hasn’t acquired a nickname) is on the small side so it may last into summer next year.

Heartwarming Reversible Sweatshirt from Sew Liberated Kids in cotton interlock - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Two henley style sweaters

Back in April/May I knitted two kids sweaters. There isn’t a pattern as I mashed up various sizes and gauges to get approximately right sized henley style sweaters for the younger two for this winter.

The red one is the bigger of the two and is knitted out of New Lanark DK in Cherry leftover from my Lush Cardigan. The other uses some WI DK bought at hobbycraft early last year. Buttons are from Textile Garden.

Henley Style Sweaters in New Lanark and WI DK yarns - little grey hedgehog

Currently I am making very slow progress on a pair of toe-up monkey socks. Baby is not yet much for naps by herself so not much knitting is happening. I have managed to get a quilt top put together for Wee Man. It’s covered in dinosaurs and will be used when he gets a big boy bed sometime over the summer. I’m waiting for some more fabric so I can piece a back together as I had less than I thought available. It’ll be machine quilted so hopefully won’t take too long.

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