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Fragile Heart Shawl

After finishing my baby knitting I cast on a just for fun item.

I purchased this cake of gradient yarn from Bilum Yarns at the 2016 Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It’s perfect colours (green through blue to purple) with bonus sparkle. I had 100g of a fingering weight yarn and went looking for lacy shawls to use it on. I settled on Fragile Heart by BooKnits. The pattern is written for laceweight yarn but fingering has worked just as well. The shawl starts from the centre top and increases out to a crescent. There are variations in the pattern to work either entirely in lace or with a garter or stockinette section at the top. I worked entirely in lace but without beads, working 4.5 repeats of the body lace before starting the border charts. I don’t know that I’d would have had enough yarn to work another repeat on the body but I did add some additional rows to the end of the border lace to get all the way to the purple. I started with the picot cast off but (and this has happened before) I didn’t much like the look of the picots so tinked back and used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff instead. It blocked out super well and I’m thrilled with the result.

Fragile Heart by Boo Knits in Bilum Yarns gradient - little grey hedgehog

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I’ve been making but …

I’ve been making but not taking photos or blogging about things. Since posting about the Puerperium a month ago I have finished my Fiona Coat, knitted a baby blanket, re-knitted the sleeves of my Mama Vertebrae to narrow and lengthen them, sewn a dress (same as this one but in navy with blue stars), sewn a Sewaholic Granville shirt in a floral patterned poplin, sewn a pair of jeans (like these but with a higher back rise on the yoke), sewn three nursing tops, sewn a project bag and two gathered clutches to use as presents later in the year (Noodle head pattern, see photos below).

Some of these sewing projects are leftovers from my pile of cutting out I did last summer – I’ve finally reached the end of those. Next up is sewing a messenger bag. Knitting wise I have a second baby blanket on the needles, I’m just coming to the end of the third of ten balls. That’s the last of the knitting I’m trying to get done for baby so when it’s finished I’ll be casting on something just out of my stash just for fun. I didn’t manage to make it to Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year – I’m not currently up for that much walking or standing around but I still have some lovely stuff from last year that hasn’t been knit due to baby knitting and taking a big break from much crafting last year (also due to baby).

Gathered clutch by Noodle-head - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Puerperium Cardigan

While baby number 3 is going to have plenty of handknit handmedowns I want it to have a few of it’s own too. This is sweater number two and there are now plenty of hats. Next up it needs baby blankets of it’s own (the big kids are still using theirs).

I’ve knit Puerperium twice before but this is the first time I’ve knitted sleeves. It’s also the first time I’ve modified the pattern to work in the around after the yoke. I found I never wanted to be dealing with undoing and redoing all the buttons so have decided to just skip them. I joined in the round by overlapping and knitting together the four stitches that form each buttonband. I used just under 100g of dk yarn (Cascade 220 superwash) in a brownish colourway (1917). I had the little heart buttons in my button jar and they are just the right size.

Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly van Niekerk in Cascade 220 Superwash - little grey hedgehog

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Baby hats! I’ve been indulging in make some quick on and off the needle baby hats in between working on my tunic length fingering weight cardigan. I’ve finished 3 Aviatrix hats recently plus I made another Quynn (the same as the last but the smallest size). All three are Drops Karisma which is a DK weight yarn. The brown and blue are both the smallest size (one of these is going to be a gift for sure) and the purple is the second size. I’ve made this hat before, both the older two wore them a lot.

The hat is made in sections of short rows with earflaps added at the end with a strap. They stay on really well and the fabric is super stretchy so they fit for a long time.

Aviatrix hat by Justine Turner in Drops Karisma - little grey hedgehog

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Fishmas sent 2016

It’s fish themed swap time of the year again. This is the third year I’ve participated and amongst various foodstuffs and knick-knacks I’ve crafted three things for my swapee this year. She indicated that she’d rather have a handknit than yarn so I knitted up a Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret. Knitted in aran weight yarn on 8mm needles it doesn’t take long at all despite the cable rows. I made myself one earlier this year out of Old Maiden Aunt. This one was knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners Jacob Aran in Ecru purchased from Wee County Yarns who have recently become a stockist. I had the perfect amount of yarn with just a teeny bit leftover.

I also made a fishy themed project bag, it’s big enough for around 200g of yarn so good for smaller projects. The outer fabric is linen and the inside a red quilting cotton to match the red zip. I didn’t interface the fabric this time as the linen is quite substantial and you can see in the photo that it is standing on it’s own anyway. It has a fishy tag on the zip but I decided against fishy stitch markers this year and have used some millefiori beads instead.

Fishmas 2016, star crossed slouchy beret, project bag and stitch markers

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Long time no post and an FO

So I didn’t intend on a four month break. We moved house in early September and things got a bit off kilter after that. It took a while for me to get back into regular crafting and has taken even longer to get back to blogging.

There have been a few small FOs since August but some have not made it into Ravelry or have not been photographed. I hope I can get that back up to date but there may be some that just stay missing.

According to Instagram I cast on this shawl back in August. (As of today it has a Ravelry page.) It is knit from two skeins of Travel Knitter yarn I purchased at EYF2016 back in March. The yarn is fingering weight in her BFL supersock in Puddled Iron and Queen of Hearts I reached the striped section reasonably quickly but then stalled out as it got slower with long rows and two colours. I worked on it in little bits but finally picked it up properly just this last week. Once I’d reached the final section it went much quicker despite there still being a good 50g of yarn to go. The grey section is knit on the bias with increases for half the yarn. Once I started striping the two colours I stopped the biasing but kept the increases the same, this is why it’s essentially a right angle triangle but knit from a tip. The final red section is knit the same but in a single colour. I had thought about lace for the last section but ended up sticking with garter stitch throughout. It is 200g of fingering yarn so rather big but the garter stitch makes it snuggly. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and glad that I’ve finally got it off the needles.

Red Grey Shawl in Travel Knitter BFL supersock in Puddled Iron and Queen of Hearts

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FO: Brickless

I took photos for this post last week but have been forgetting that the next step is to actually write up the post.

After finally finishing my purple linen tee I cast on an easy project out of the variegated Wollmeise I purchased at EYF. The colourway is Bluebell and it’s a mix of bright blue and various purples. Totally my colours. I’d originally considered another Hitchhiker but wanted a bit more drape. Brickless is another of Martina Behm’s patterns in the same sort of style as Hitchhiker. It starts from a point and creates an asymmetric biased triangle. Brickless has bands of eyelets, ribbing and garter and has an uneven jagged edge. The pattern is simple enough to follow but I did have to keep checking how many rows per section as well as how many to cast off each time as these vary. My skein of Wollmeise was longer than the yarn used in the pattern so my shawl is a little bigger, I managed almost another repeat but was a few rows short on the last lace section. I think my gauge may have been a little looser too but I’m happy with how it came out. It is ridiculously long but isn’t bulky even with all of it wrapped around my neck. I look forward to wearing it when the weather changes (hopefully not too soon though).

Brickless by Martina Behm in Wollmeise Pure, Bluebell - little grey hedgehog

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