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Too many WiPs or not enough knitting?

Funnily enough I’ve not been spending much time knitting lately. I find knitting harder to do in 5 or 10 minute bites and so I’ve been putting more effort into sewing lately. At the moment naptimes are inconsistent and the big kids are on school holidays for another two weeks. Once they go back to school there’ll be a block of time in the mornings where it’ll be just me and baby. While I’m not expecting miracles and there’ll be household stuff to do too I’m hoping that I’ll be better able to manage some knitting time then. (More sleep would help too.) In the meantime I feel like I have too many projects on the go.

I have a pair of sneaky socks. Sneaky because they are living upstairs and I’m squeezing in a few rows here and there. They are plain socks in yarn from Flying Tiger. A black yarn with bits of several colours through.

Sneaky Socks with yarn from Flyer Tiger - little grey hedgehog

I’ve cast on a shawl, the Estuary shawl from Handmade in the UK by TinCanKnits. I’ve only just got started and hope this will be easier to make progress on once I get past the increase section and there is more repeating of pattern. I’m using Wollmeise yarn from EYF2016.

Estuary Shawl from Handmade in the UK by TinCanKnits in Wollmeise Pure - little grey hedgehog

I’ve had a pair of gloves on the needles since April last year. I was making progress before we moved house and I got pregnant when complicated projects stalled. I haven’t made much progress recently but am trying to knit a few rows here and there. The cabling is fiddly and currently there is much looking at the charts. I’m working up through the thumb gusset now though so I’m slowly getting somewhere. The yarn is Cascade Heritage Silk in the denim colourway and the pattern is Glacier by Julia Mueller.

Glacier Gloves by Julia Mueller, Cascade Heritage Silk in denim - little grey hedgehog

Sometime towards the end of last year I started a cowl for Wee Man out of handspun blue merino. The pattern is the Honey Cowl which I’ve used before for Hobbity-boo. I think I mostly got distracted from it because I was making baby things and then have not picked it back up. Hopefully I can manage to get it done for him for this winter.

Honey cowl in blue merino handspun - little grey hedgehog

Also on the needles are two long term blanket projects. The first is using up my leftover sock yarn. Each square takes about 9g so this is a slow process as I have lots of scraps to use up. I’m knitting centre-out squares with kfb increases. I don’t know how I’m going to join them together at the moment but while the squares are fun to do this is low priority so that’s a problem for another year.

Leftovers blanket from sock yarn scraps - little grey hedgehog

The other blanket is an ongoing pile of Vivid squares. Vivid is a blanket pattern by TinCanKnits and I’m making the squares out of JC Rennie 4ply. I’ve 6 colours that were originally going to be a Fair Isle vest so I’m working through those getting 6 or 7 squares per ball (some yarn was lost in the frogging). I’ll have a reasonable idea of how much more yarn I’ll need to get a bedsized blanket once I’ve knitted the current yarn up. Squares are taking 7.5g so this would be a good use of miniballs.

Vivid by TinCanKnits in JC Rennie - little grey hedgehog


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Pre Stash Dash WiPs

This is a mostly for my own reference post for stash dash planning. I’ve listed my current wips and where I hope to get to for Stash Dash 2016. There are 9 projects to finish, gloves to finish one of and 2 blankets to make some more squares for. I’ve not done a yardage calculation but I do expect to knit some other projects as well as those listed below.

Hitchhiker: last row and bind-off to finish

Garden Socks: 2″ and cuff of sock 1 and sock 2 to knit

Blue Regia Hand-dye effect socks: leg of sock 1 and sock 2 to knit

Hitofude: Charts D and E to knit

Pine Forest Baby blanket: approx half knit, to finish.

Sea Foam Tee: currently 2/3 of the way up the body, to finish body and bodice.

Double layer cowl: currently one layer knit, second lace layer to knit and joining them together.

Glacier gloves: currently on row 20 of the hand of glove 1. Finish glove 1.

Steggie: 26/65 motifs complete. Finish completely.

AhTop: 26/50 motifs complete. Finish completely.

Scrap blanket: 4 squares knit.

Vivid blanket: 11 squares knit. Knit 5 more to finish the green.

And I have spinning to ply so that I can count that yardage too. I’m don’t think I’ll be able to finish any other spinning so might just take a break for a bit after I finish the plying. Plus I have sewing I want to do too even though that definitely doesn’t count for Stash Dash.

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Scrap Happy

Once upon a time I started a sock yarn blanket to use up the leftovers of 4ply yarn I had. I’d previously made a dk/aran weight granny square blanket out of those scraps and thought that I’d be able to make use of all the little leftover bits for another blanket. After a promising start I found myself avoiding the blanket and didn’t really want to work on it. There were small squares so lots of ends and all the back and forth of the knitting wasn’t as mindless as I wanted. I’ve abandoned that one. It’s not been thrown away so I might see about turning it into a dolls blanket at some point.

The new blanket is made up of centre out squares. Each takes around 10g of yarn and a couple of hours to knit. I have four completed squares so far. I much happier with the knitting of these as it’s easy to keep track of the rows and I just go around and around. I hope to get a good way through my stash pile this year but don’t anticipate finishing it for a while yet.

(They’ll need a good blocking at some point too but I’m sewing in ends as I go.)

Sock yarn squares for scrap blanket - little grey hedgehog

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On the needles

Time for a WiP update.

The Thistle Pullover is almost finished, just the cuff of one sleeve and ends and buttons to sew. It’s getting elephant buttons (or as Wee Man says “a-bump butt”).

Thistle by Julie Partie - little grey hedgehog

My Hitchhiker now has 20 points so making some progress there.

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm - little grey hedgehog

I’ve finished the sleeves and joined them up for my Hitofude. It looks a bit of a mess at the moment due to the unblocked lace but I’m hopeful that it’ll sort itself out with some weight on it.

Hitofude by Hiroko Fukatsu - little grey hedgehog

I have gloves on the needles. The plan is to get them finished for next winter but given that we’ve had snow this week perhaps I should be aiming for sooner. The pattern is Glacier by Julia Mueller.

Glacier Gloves by Julia Mueller - little grey hedgehog

My plain socks are still unworked and I’ve just got the bare minimum past the cast on for a linen tee in purple. I hope I’ll have more to show on that next time.


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A quilt update

I’ve finished the hand quilting of my quilt at last – 10 months from when I started or thereabouts. The quilt has been trimmed and I’ve attached the binding (by machine). All that’s left to do is hand-stitch the binding down on the wrong side and I’ll have a quilt. I hope that the binding stitching will be faster than the quilting but there’s still rather a lot of it to go.

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Yarny WiPs

With casting of the rainbow dress you’d think I’d have less WiPs now but instead I have more. I’m still in the mood to cast on things so I’m busy working away at multiple projects a bit at a time. I’m aiming for consistent progress on three of them and working on the others as time and whim allows. The Regia socks I showed you last time have had no progress made but everything else is moving along nicely.

Having finished the alpaca handspun I started on the fibre I picked up from EYF2016 with the SpinCity spindle. Unspun the fibre looks like it would come out quite muted due to the white streaks but it’s actually coming out mostly a lovely blue. I’m feeling very tempted to buy more of the same.

Handspun Ashford Merino/Silk Sliver in Damson on SpinCityUK spindle - little grey hedgehog

My Nutkin socks are progressing well, they have a handy pattern repeat which gives me an easy way to mark progress. I’ve just got started on turning the heel on the second sock. I hope to finish these by the end of the month.

Nutkin Socks by Beth LaPensee in Wendy Roam Grasmere - little grey hedgehog

My Hitofude Cardigan has enough progress to take a photo this time around. It’s also become easier to knit now that there’s a bit more weight on the needles and I mostly know the pattern repeat. I’m halfway through making the sleeves at this point (there’s a bit of unusual construction involved here) and the goal is to get them finished by the end of the month.

Hitofude by Hiroko Fukatsu in colourmart yarn - little grey hedgehog

The first of my new cast ons were a pair of Veyla mitts. This pattern is by Ysolda Teague and I have used it previously. The previous pair are not quite right, there is a tight cast off and I don’t much like the buttons. I worked out I had just enough leftovers from my Rosewater to make a new pair and picked up the buttons from Textile Garden at EYF2016. The second one is about halfway done. It’s on my list to finish them this week but I’m not sure I’ll get there.

Veyla by Ysolda in Naturally Amuri 4ply with buttons from Textile Garden - little grey hedgehog

While I was knitting the rainbow dress a Wee Man kept asking if it was for him (“Mine?”) so I thought I should probably get something for him on the needles. The yarn was gifted to me for my birthday last year. It’s DK pure wool from NZ in a denim blue colour. The pattern I am using is Thistle by Julie Partie. It’s a Henley style pullover with a garter yoke and cuffs. Having finished the bottom hem I’m now going round and round for a while.

Thistle by Julie Partie in Crucci DK - little grey hedgehog

Finally I have cast on a Hitchhiker shawl in some rainbow coloured handspun that my mother found for me earlier this year. It’s short repeats and I’ve wanted to try a Hitchhiker style shawl for a while so this seemed like a good chance. The yarn is a little thicker than called for and I don’t have as much so I’ve gone up a couple of needle sizes to compensate and hopefully still get a decent sized shawl.

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm in handspun - little grey hedgehog

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Cross stitch in progress

Finally finished the red of the rainbow. Next up orange.

Rainbow Cross Stitch in progress

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