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FO: Monkey Socks

I finished a thing. I started these toe-up Monkey Socks back in April when the second baby blanket got too big to take to knitting group. Then they got ignored in favour of other projects but have been just right for knitting with a sleeping baby on my lap recently. (If you follow my instagram you’ll have seen them a few times)

These are knitted on 2.5mm needles with 77g of Wendy Roam in the Derwent colourway. I like the colour as it’s definitely blue but there a touches of other colours without it looking variegated. The Nutkin socks I knitted over a year ago are a different colourway of the same yarn.

Toe up Monkey Socks by Cookie A in Wendy Roam (Derwent) - little grey hedgehog

Next up I’m knitting some blanket squares for both my scrap blanket and my vivid blanket then it’ll be time to pick out a new project, probably a big shawl but I’m not sure which or maybe I’ll get back to working on my Glacier gloves.


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FO: Nutkin Socks

Also finished this week are my Nutkin Socks by Beth LaPensee. These are to be a gift so I have blocked them and then need to package them up nicely. The yarn is Wendy Roam in the Grasmere colourway and I have worked to pattern except for the toe. I have done a simple wedge toe and grafted the end instead of the short row toe as in the pattern. The socks have 15 repeats total (8 on the leg) and that is one more than I would have worked for myself.

Nutkin Socks by Beth LaPensee - little grey hedgehog

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