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Too many WiPs or not enough knitting?

Funnily enough I’ve not been spending much time knitting lately. I find knitting harder to do in 5 or 10 minute bites and so I’ve been putting more effort into sewing lately. At the moment naptimes are inconsistent and the big kids are on school holidays for another two weeks. Once they go back to school there’ll be a block of time in the mornings where it’ll be just me and baby. While I’m not expecting miracles and there’ll be household stuff to do too I’m hoping that I’ll be better able to manage some knitting time then. (More sleep would help too.) In the meantime I feel like I have too many projects on the go.

I have a pair of sneaky socks. Sneaky because they are living upstairs and I’m squeezing in a few rows here and there. They are plain socks in yarn from Flying Tiger. A black yarn with bits of several colours through.

Sneaky Socks with yarn from Flyer Tiger - little grey hedgehog

I’ve cast on a shawl, the Estuary shawl from Handmade in the UK by TinCanKnits. I’ve only just got started and hope this will be easier to make progress on once I get past the increase section and there is more repeating of pattern. I’m using Wollmeise yarn from EYF2016.

Estuary Shawl from Handmade in the UK by TinCanKnits in Wollmeise Pure - little grey hedgehog

I’ve had a pair of gloves on the needles since April last year. I was making progress before we moved house and I got pregnant when complicated projects stalled. I haven’t made much progress recently but am trying to knit a few rows here and there. The cabling is fiddly and currently there is much looking at the charts. I’m working up through the thumb gusset now though so I’m slowly getting somewhere. The yarn is Cascade Heritage Silk in the denim colourway and the pattern is Glacier by Julia Mueller.

Glacier Gloves by Julia Mueller, Cascade Heritage Silk in denim - little grey hedgehog

Sometime towards the end of last year I started a cowl for Wee Man out of handspun blue merino. The pattern is the Honey Cowl which I’ve used before for Hobbity-boo. I think I mostly got distracted from it because I was making baby things and then have not picked it back up. Hopefully I can manage to get it done for him for this winter.

Honey cowl in blue merino handspun - little grey hedgehog

Also on the needles are two long term blanket projects. The first is using up my leftover sock yarn. Each square takes about 9g so this is a slow process as I have lots of scraps to use up. I’m knitting centre-out squares with kfb increases. I don’t know how I’m going to join them together at the moment but while the squares are fun to do this is low priority so that’s a problem for another year.

Leftovers blanket from sock yarn scraps - little grey hedgehog

The other blanket is an ongoing pile of Vivid squares. Vivid is a blanket pattern by TinCanKnits and I’m making the squares out of JC Rennie 4ply. I’ve 6 colours that were originally going to be a Fair Isle vest so I’m working through those getting 6 or 7 squares per ball (some yarn was lost in the frogging). I’ll have a reasonable idea of how much more yarn I’ll need to get a bedsized blanket once I’ve knitted the current yarn up. Squares are taking 7.5g so this would be a good use of miniballs.

Vivid by TinCanKnits in JC Rennie - little grey hedgehog


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FO: Gather Hat and Cowl

My Scoopmas partner has received her swap package so I feel safe posting photos of this now. I had 3 balls of New Lanark DK in Blueberry left after knitting my Windswept Pullover and the colourway seemed a good match for my swapee. The pattern by TinCanKnits includes both a hat version and cowl version. I originally intended on just the hat but had sufficient leftovers to almost make the cowl too (I left out one repeat so it’s a little narrower). I worked the large adult hat and the small adult cowl. I used 4mm needles.

Gather Hat and Cowl by TinCanKnits in New Lanark DK, blueberry - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Rosewater Hat and Flexure Mittens

I might be avoiding working on the long rows of the Camellia Tee by working on other easy projects instead.

The other skein I picked up from NZ was 50g of fingering weight merino possum blend. It’s a lovely purpley colour and so soft. I planned to make a hat with it but didn’t at the time have a pattern in mind. The possum makes the yarn quite light for it’s yardage so there’s 240m of yarn in the 50g skein. Rosewater is a hat by TinCanKnits from the Handmade in the UK book which I’d purchased back when I knit my Lush Cardigan. I’d have thoughts of making it a some point and when the yardage matched up (requires 200m in the Adult S/M) I thought it’d be perfect. I didn’t swatch and used the needle sizes in the pattern (3.5mm and 4mm) and was a little bit worried about how small it looked when I finished it up a couple of days after starting especially as I used just under half of the yarn which was a lot less than expected. But blocking sorted it out and it’s a nice loose hat which comes down over my ears and despite the lace will be nice and warm.

Rosewater Hat - TinCanKnits

The other project that I’ve been working on are the Flexure Mittens by K.M. Bedigan. They are mitts rather than mittens being fingerless but have a cool top down construction which incorporates the thumb by means of a flap that then joins up with the rest of the hand stitches. They look as though they fold over and button together but the buttons are actually decorative (mine came from Textile Garden). The yarn I used for this was two 50g skeins of BFL sock from Lofty Fibres which I received in my Fishmas swap package. The yarn is a lovely mix of greeny blues and purples and very soft. I’ve still got at least 35g left so will have to think about what to do with the rest. I made the medium size but went down to a 2.5mm needle as I know that gets me the desired gauge when I knit socks.

Flexure Mittens - K.M. Bedigan, yarn from Lofty Fibres, buttons from Textile Garden

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Avoiding dealing with photos…

I’ve been procrastinating posting as it feels like to much effort to get the photos in order to post. So this is going to be a post about what I’m up to without any photos.

After finishing my hat I started a shawl from my handspun shetland and silk that I finished at the very beginning of last year. It’s been sitting waiting for me to get around to it for quite a while but other projects have taken priority. It’s a garter stitch crescent/curve shawl and it’s going to have a few eyelet rows and hopefully (assuming I leave enough yarn) a picot bindoff. There are 3 balls of yarn and I’m planning to work through the first 2 before starting the eyelet section.

Also on the needles is the beginning of a Vivid blanket using the J C Rennie yarn I was using in my Ivy League Vest. The vest has been hibernating for 18 months or more now and it needed to be finished or frogged. My tastes have change and I was no longer keen on the finished product so it’s been frogged. There are 6 skeins of yarn (50g each of 4ply) so I made need a few more to make a good sized blanket. The time it takes to do a single square means that this is probably a long term project.

The two pairs of socks on my needles haven’t been touched for a while. I should really get one pair finished this month though or I’m never going to get every thing done.

Next up is a Hap Blanket for a cousin’s baby which will again be done in Cascade 220 Superwash, this time in Lake Chelan Heather and as part of the Knit British hapalong starting on Friday.

Sewing wise I’ve finished my fleece coat – even worn it out of the house but haven’t processed the photos yet. It fits better than I was expecting from a try on halfway through so that bodes well for making a more exciting version in the autumn. Next up is a twinsized quilt for the Hobbit. She’ll be moving up to a new bed soon (she’s still in her cot with the side off at the moment) and so needs a new blanket/quilt for the top. I bought two packs of fat quarters that are in theory the same colours (in reality the dyelots are different on 5 of the 6 patterns) and will be matching those with some white sashing, backing and binding. I’ve cut all the squares – 5.5″ and will be making 9-patch squares out of those before adding 5″ sashing between them 3 x 4 9-patch squares. I’ve ordered the fabric and batting today so that’ll be here soon and in the meantime I need to piece the 9-patches. The fat-quarter packs are from Hobbycraft in the Jade Patchwork colourway and have blue-greens and pinks in different patterns. After that’s done I’m not sure what’s next – I’ve clothes I want to make (for me and the kids) but no fabric yet so need to make some plans.

I did mean to post about my yearly goals/resolutions at the end of March but haven’t really thought about it – maybe this week or maybe at the end of April instead.

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FO: Birthday Sweaters

I finished both the sweaters I was working on for the kids birthdays. Before their birthdays even. Hobbit will receive hers tomorrow when we celebrate and Wee Man’s is going in his drawers when I remember to take it upstairs. I’m pretty happy with how both of them came out and they seem to be suitably sized.

A LushPattern: Lush by Tincanknits

Size: 2-4yrs

For: Hobbit

Yarn: Drops Karisma in Denim ~219g

Needles: 4.5mm and 3.5mm

Notes: Needed more yarn than I expected to and had to buy a 5th ball, luckily the same dyelot was available. Worked 6 buttonholes over 2 stitches. 72 stitches picked up for ribbing.

Project page: here

Blue pullover

Pattern: Drops b19-3

Size: 12-18 months

For: Wee Man

Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino in Starry Night ~100g, and King Cole ZigZag in Cream ~5g

Needles: 3.25mm

Notes: ran out of the blue about an inch from the end of the yoke, worked neck band before placket, picked up 40 stitches for placket, 5 buttons.

Project page: here


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Working with blue

I have accidentally found myself with 3 blue WiPs, two knitting and one spinning. The current sewing project is luckily not blue (or at least only little bits of blue). I’ve been busy making birthday sweaters for the children who will both have birthdays next week (though Hobbit’s is going to get postponed a couple of days as her Dad will miss it otherwise). Hobbit’s is almost finished and Wee Man’s is probably about halfway or so.

A little Lush

Hobbit is getting a Lush Cardigan of her own. I decided against making an exact match for mine but have got the same buttons (in blue of course). It is size 2-4yrs for her to wear now. Since this picture was taken (and it was taken with the intention of blogging about it immediately but then I didn’t) I’ve finished the body and knitted the two sleeves. I’ve just got the button bands and ends to sew in left.

Blue Pullover

Wee Man’s sweater is made of some yarn my Mum sent him for Christmas. It’s to be a simple raglan pullover based on a Drops pattern. It has a button placket on one raglan sleeve and is worked bottom up. At this stage the body is complete to the armholes and about 3/4’s of one sleeve is done. I need to work the other sleeve and then put it all together to knit the yoke. I’m hoping to have enough yarn but have backup cream coloured sock yarn if I run out on the yoke.

The spinning I don’t have a picture of (the camera is charging so I won’t go and take one) but is some blue silk I bought 4 years ago at Woolfest. It’s only 50g and I was trying to spin more thickly but that is not really happening. The staple is longer than anything I’ve worked with before and overall it’s going to be a bit bobbly so not sure how usable it’ll be. The plan is to do a 2-ply yarn. I’ve been working on it while the kids slowly eat their lunch so I am making consistent if slow progress.

Apparently I signed up with WordPress 5 years ago today – not something I’ve kept track of but nice to know.

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FO: Windswept

This was started back in September after finishing my Lush Cardigan. I made good progress on it for a while before putting it down to work on baby blankets in October. I picked it up again after finishing my Fish Socks and finished it the other day. It’s had a wash and a gentle block (it may need a little more but it smooths out when being worn) and now some photos. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out and it’s definitely a pattern I’d recommend (and may be planning on making again).


Pattern: Windswept from Handmade in the UK

Designer: tincanknits

Knitted for: Me

Size: M

Wool used (colourway): New Lanark DK (blueberry) ~ 371g

Needle: 3.75mm throughout

Ravelry Project Link: here

Notes: Crochet provisional cast on. Lost track of where I was in the waist increases so not entirely sure if they are right or not but seems to fit as is which is nice.


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