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FO: Raindrops for Pixie

After finishing my Cadeautje Slippers I went looking for my next project. My yarn lives in project bags and I add patterns etc to them as I get closer to using them. In theory this means I should be able to just grab a bag a go but because I can’t see what’s in the bags I tend to have to hunt through them a bit to find what I was after. I was looking for the yarn I had for brioche hat but on the way found two balls of fingering yarn I had purchased intending on making a jumper for Pixie before she was born. Clearly I didn’t actually manage that and as she is getting bigger I thought I had better get on with that jumper before she was too big to fit in one made of 100g of yarn.

I restricted my search to patterns I already own and the yarn I had and came up with TinCanKnits Raindrops pattern. The 1-2y size used exactly the amount of yardage I had (but does have a 3/4 sleeve option) and seemed like it would fit Pixie both now (a bit big) and in autumn (hopefully just right). The sweater is worked from the top down with increases worked into the eyelet patterning on the yoke. It was a quick knit and I was carefully weighing my yarn on the sleeves a week after starting. I ended up with just the right amount to get full length sleeves and still had a couple of metres leftover. I really like how it came out and hope that Pixie likes wearing it too.

Raindrops by TinCanKnits in SMC Extra Soft Merino Fino (5488) - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Raindrops by TinCanKnits (1-2y)

Yarn: SMC Extra Soft Merino Fino in 5488 Blue, 100g (350m)

Needles: 2.25mm and 3.25mm

Ravelry Page: here



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FO: Two henley style sweaters

Back in April/May I knitted two kids sweaters. There isn’t a pattern as I mashed up various sizes and gauges to get approximately right sized henley style sweaters for the younger two for this winter.

The red one is the bigger of the two and is knitted out of New Lanark DK in Cherry leftover from my Lush Cardigan. The other uses some WI DK bought at hobbycraft early last year. Buttons are from Textile Garden.

Henley Style Sweaters in New Lanark and WI DK yarns - little grey hedgehog

Currently I am making very slow progress on a pair of toe-up monkey socks. Baby is not yet much for naps by herself so not much knitting is happening. I have managed to get a quilt top put together for Wee Man. It’s covered in dinosaurs and will be used when he gets a big boy bed sometime over the summer. I’m waiting for some more fabric so I can piece a back together as I had less than I thought available. It’ll be machine quilted so hopefully won’t take too long.

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FO: Shawl Collared Sweater

The third sweater I have been making for the kids came off the needles on Thursday, was sewn up on Friday (finishing just barely before Wee Man woke up from his nap) and has been blocked over the weekend. It is, as expected, on the large size but is shorter than I would have expected. I found a few things not wrong but missing from the instructions and also ran short on yarn and had to modify the collar which has made it not as deep as shawl collar as in the pattern pictures.

The pattern is from the book The Expectant Knitter by Marie Connolly. I used Drops Karisma in the Dark Grey Mix. I got gauge and had the same amount of yarn as recommended so I am not sure why I was short. The pattern was missing an indication of which needles to use for the collar (the smaller ones), and also there were no directions to join the left shoulder (the same way as the right shoulder). These were easy to guess the correct solution. The directions for the decreases at the neckline on the front where positioned differently on each side – I found this odd and changed them to match. When working the short rows, the instructions indicate to pick up the wraps on the final row however because of the way the short rows are worked the wraps have been worked prior to this. I skipped picking them up all together but another option would be to pick them up as you come to them whilst working the short rows. The sewing up instructions I felt could have been more detailed, in particular I would have liked an indication of which edge of the collar to attach to the garment. I used the cast-on edge which seems to have been the right decision.

Overall the sweater is a good idea but I think if I made it again I would be heavily modifying it in both dimensions and in how it is worked.

Shawl Collared Sweater

Pattern: Shawl Collared Sweater by Marie Connolly

Made for: Wee Man

Needles: 4mm and 3.5mm

Yarn: Drops Karisma in Dark Grey Mix – 250g

Notes: See above

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FO: Latte Baby Coat for Wee Man

I’ve been sick with a cold for the last few days so haven’t been accomplishing as much as I’d like. I did however manage to finish Wee Man’s Latte Baby Coat. I only had the button band to go when I got sick and it is chunky yarn and big needles so did not take too much energy to finish up.

The pattern is written for sizes 0 to 4 and I made the 2T size for Wee Man. It’s a bit big on him at the moment – mostly in the sleeves, but he won’t be 2 for another 5 months so I’m not surprised. He has lots of sweaters in his current size but we are lacking in the next size up. I made the hooded version but have not added any pockets. The cardigan is knitted from the top down starting with the hood and is a seamless raglan. The button band is picked up and knitted in a woven basket stitch pattern following completion of the body. The hems are garter stitch. It has only four buttons in a 2 x 2 pattern though obviously you can add more. I used some square wooden ones that I purchased for this a while ago (before I purchased yarn). I used the recommended yarn for the pattern – Cascade Eco+ but had to use bigger needles to get gauge. Hobbit is annoyed that the cardigan I am knitting for her is not the same colour as she is in a matchy matchy phase at the moment.

Latte Baby Coat

Pattern: Latte Baby Coat by Lisa Chemery

Yarn: Cascade Eco+ in Shire ~ 240g (including 4 swatches). The pictures on Wee Man are most true to colour

Needles: 7mm and 8mm KnitPro Nova Interchageables.

Notes: Used Judy’s Magic Cast On for the hood, worked in magic loop back and forth until there was enough fabric. The woven stitch was a bit tight on the first row which made things slow but sped up after that.

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