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FO: Pencil cases

In a few weeks time I will have two school kids. Wee Man will be starting P1 and Hobbity-boo will begin P3. As I am still on an embroidery kick I decided on making the embroidered pencil cases amidst attaching name labels to uniforms.

Wee Man’s is orange and blue with block letters spelling out his name on one side and an orange styracosaurus on the other. I have to say I’m quite pleased with how the dinosaur came out though I did cheat and trace a printed picture.

Embroidered pencil case with name and styracosaurus - little grey hedgehog

Hobbity-boo’s has her name in cursive because as she says “I can read joined up writing you know”. She chose the flower and wee decorative bit on the front and asked for buttons on the back. I happened to have a scrap of unicorn and rainbow fabric that I used on one side with some lace ribbon and sparkly buttons with a bonus stegosaurus (her favourite dinosaur). Lots of her favourite things and she also picked the yellow zip.

Embroidered pencil case with decorative back - little grey hedgehog


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Dinosaur invasion

Triceratops and Stegosaurus from Heidibears patterns, crocheted in Stylecraft Special DK - little grey hedgehogSteggie and Ahtop are finished. The kids are thrilled and the dinosaurs are pretty giant. The final finishing is a bit fiddly – mostly because the animals are stuffed by then. Overall they were time-consuming but not hard. I used more than a kilogram of stuffing inside them and I probably could have fit more. Steggie used 930m of dk yarn and Ahtop 689m. I used a 2.5mm crochet hook.

Plod the Triceratops by Heid Bears in Stylecraft Special DK - little grey hedgehog

Ahtop must watch the Wee Man but was not taken to bed last night. The only modification I made was to attach the final tail motif before stuffing. Because the dinosaur is much bigger than the original due to the yarn size I could get my hand inside his tail so it was easy enough to stuff the whole thing from the body side.

Puff the Stegosaurus by Heidi Bears in Stylecraft Special DK - little grey hedgehog

Like with the Triceratops I attached the final tail motif before stuffing and also had enough room in the neck to stuff the body after attaching it though I’d done most of it before. I also added spikes to the tail. I used the instructions for the Triceratops horns to make two large and two small and attached them in the same manner.


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Steggie and AhTop

My kids are rather obsessed with dinosaurs. When I discovered that Heidi Bears had written a stegosaurus pattern I was thrilled because her creatures are adorable. My original plan was to make a stegosaurus for Hobbity-Boo because they’re her favourite and then do another one without the plates to be a diplodocus for Wee Man. Then I found her more recent triceratops pattern so Wee Man will be getting an AhTop instead.

They helped pick the colours. The stegosaurus will be purple/pink with yellow plates. Wee Man says his favourite is blue (I’m not convinced he really knows about favourites just yet) and was also excited by the orange so the triceratops will be mostly blue with an orange face and some orange on the frill too. I’m using Stylecraft Special DK and a 2.5mm hook.

The pictures below show the colour scheme but are missing the darkest colour of both the blue and the purple which will be used to join the motifs together. The stegosaurus requires 65 and the triceratops 50 separate motifs. I’m planning to get all the motifs of both of them finished before I start joining them together as they both need to be finished at the same time. I will need to buy a bunch of stuffing though as I’m pretty sure I don’t have nearly enough.

In progress motifs for Heidi Bears stegosaurus and triceratops in Stylecraft Special DK - little grey hedgehog

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