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FO: Estuary Shawl

Estuary Shawl by TinCanKnits in Wollmeise Pure in Poem - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Estuary Shawl from Handmade in the UK by TinCanKnits

Yarn: Wollmeise Pure in Poem (139g/488m)

Needles: 4mm

Modifications: Added extra repeats of the straight section to use up as much yarn as possible.

Ravelry page: here


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Fragile Heart Shawl

After finishing my baby knitting I cast on a just for fun item.

I purchased this cake of gradient yarn from Bilum Yarns at the 2016 Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It’s perfect colours (green through blue to purple) with bonus sparkle. I had 100g of a fingering weight yarn and went looking for lacy shawls to use it on. I settled on Fragile Heart by BooKnits. The pattern is written for laceweight yarn but fingering has worked just as well. The shawl starts from the centre top and increases out to a crescent. There are variations in the pattern to work either entirely in lace or with a garter or stockinette section at the top. I worked entirely in lace but without beads, working 4.5 repeats of the body lace before starting the border charts. I don’t know that I’d would have had enough yarn to work another repeat on the body but I did add some additional rows to the end of the border lace to get all the way to the purple. I started with the picot cast off but (and this has happened before) I didn’t much like the look of the picots so tinked back and used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff instead. It blocked out super well and I’m thrilled with the result.

Fragile Heart by Boo Knits in Bilum Yarns gradient - little grey hedgehog

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Long time no post and an FO

So I didn’t intend on a four month break. We moved house in early September and things got a bit off kilter after that. It took a while for me to get back into regular crafting and has taken even longer to get back to blogging.

There have been a few small FOs since August but some have not made it into Ravelry or have not been photographed. I hope I can get that back up to date but there may be some that just stay missing.

According to Instagram I cast on this shawl back in August. (As of today it has a Ravelry page.) It is knit from two skeins of Travel Knitter yarn I purchased at EYF2016 back in March. The yarn is fingering weight in her BFL supersock in Puddled Iron and Queen of Hearts I reached the striped section reasonably quickly but then stalled out as it got slower with long rows and two colours. I worked on it in little bits but finally picked it up properly just this last week. Once I’d reached the final section it went much quicker despite there still being a good 50g of yarn to go. The grey section is knit on the bias with increases for half the yarn. Once I started striping the two colours I stopped the biasing but kept the increases the same, this is why it’s essentially a right angle triangle but knit from a tip. The final red section is knit the same but in a single colour. I had thought about lace for the last section but ended up sticking with garter stitch throughout. It is 200g of fingering yarn so rather big but the garter stitch makes it snuggly. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and glad that I’ve finally got it off the needles.

Red Grey Shawl in Travel Knitter BFL supersock in Puddled Iron and Queen of Hearts

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FO: Shetland and Silk Handspun Shawl

It’s finally finished:

Shetland and Silk Shawl

My own handspun from 100g of Shetland and Silk purchased in 2011 and spun in 2013. It was approximately lace weight or very light fingering. I have no idea of the yardage as I forgot to measure it before winding it into balls. I used 3.5mm needles and worked 6 increases per 2 rows at the edges keeping the body in garter stitch. There are 2 rows of eyelets along the bottom curve (I possibly could have squeaked a third set in). As you can see it likes to curl and I didn’t actually try and block it, rather I washed and hung it from the centre to dry. The length of it is more than my arm span and it is deep enough to be nice and cosy. I’m pretty pleased with it.

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FO: Spring Garden Sugared Violets

Blocking today is my Sugared Violets Shawl knitted out of Sweet Georgia Yarn purchased at the Edinburgh Yarn Fest. I started the shawl back in July but it was put aside in favour of knitting more socks. When I did get back to it I accidentally worked a few too many body rows before counting stitches so the shawl is part way between the small and large sizes.

The yarn I fell in love with online before the festival and when I saw it in person I decided I had to buy it. I love the colours and I’m pretty happy with the variegation as it’s worked in the shawl (it’s always a bit of a gamble when you fall in love with the skein). The yarn was great to work with, the colours are super vibrant and the stitch definition is super. I would happily work with the yarn again.

The shawl is crescent shaped according to the pattern but the ends wanted to curl in more than I would have thought for a true crescent, I blocked it how it want to go anyway. The body is stockinette with a few eyelet rows and then and lace patterned border. My border is a bit narrower than the pattern and the body a bit larger. The pattern pictures are shown with a solid yarn but I think it has worked well with the variegation and that it would also work quite well for a gradient yarn. It is a well written pattern and I may one day knit it again as I am looking forward to it being dry so I can wear it.

Spring Garden Sugared Violets

Pattern: Sugared Violets by Rose Beck

Yarn: Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Spring Garden ~94g

Needles: 4mm KnitPro Nova interchangeables

Notes: Worked the body of the shawl as per the large directions, only worked 2 repeats instead of 3 of the mesh border pattern. Used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

Ravelry project: here

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