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Project bags and dpn holders

Whilst supervising the toddler and her big brother outside this weekend I managed to cut out and sew together two project bags and four dpn holders. Our dining room (where my desk is) has double doors into the garden and Pixie has now decided outside is the place to be. Previously she had refused to touch the outside world despite being perfectly happy out of the house.

These are both what I would call medium bags but maybe the sheep one is actually large. I have heaps of little (100g) project bags but not nearly as many bigger ones. These were both sized to make the most out of fat quarters. I had enough of the sheep fabric to make two dpn holders (big enough for 8 inch ones) as well as the wide bag. This is a wider version than I normally make but it looks like it will be a useful size for a smaller sweater project. Wee Man helped me decide on green snaps for the holders so that the sheep had some grass to eat. I happened to have one sheep charm so had to use that for the zipper pull.

The exploding tardis bag is narrower and taller but left enough for two dpn holders (a bit smaller) and a tiny wee notions pouch (no picture). These are lined in a strong yellow and we picked yellow snaps to match. The zipper pull contains one yellow swirly heart and a sparkly dark blue one.

project bags - little grey hedgehog


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FO: Sewaholic Granville in Tana Lawn

I enjoyed making my last Granville shirt and so kept my eyes out for fabric for another. I ended up purchasing 2m of Liberty Tana Lawn in Pereira from Ebay late last year. This is the last of the projects I cut out just after Christmas and I’m pleased to have finished it up. This is a much lighter fabric than the poplin I used last time but it has come out well. I made no modifications to the pattern and managed to get the whole thing sewn with a single bobbin of thread – I didn’t realise until later but the last buttonhole finished the bobbin completely. I love the colours and hope to wear it a lot once I stop nursing Pixie.

Granville by Sewaholic in Liberty Tana Lawn Pereira - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Granville by Sewaholic

Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn in Pereira < 2m

Thread: Gutermann Sew All in 232

Notions: interfacing, 11 1cm buttons

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FO: Polka dot hat

There were two whole days of spring in a row at the beginning of the week so I hunted down the kids sunhats. Hobbit’s still fits, Wee Man’s is snug but will do for a bit longer and I couldn’t find the one that should fit the Pixie. Oliver and S bucket hat pattern and leftover fabric to the rescue.

Oliver and S bucket hat - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Oliver and S bucket hat (free download) in size S (she’s measuring 18.5″)

Fabric: leftover purple and polka dots

Modifications: I stitch together two hats then join them leaving a gap at the brim. Turn them in the right way then topstitch the brim.

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Two years ago I put Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops: A Bend-the-Rules Primer on my wishlist for Christmas ideas. Husband bought it for me for this past Christmas. It sat for a bit while I thought about colours then I picked up 100 skeins of embroidery thread in random colours as a pack on Amazon which gave me plenty of options to do it in a rainbow of colours. I started with blue running stitches and have since moved on to green back stitches. I didn’t have a good place to store it so it ended up sitting on my desk and being shuffled around as I needed space so I started looking for bag ideas. I found this pattern on Craftsy which seemed like the perfect style but needed sizing up to fit a 6″ hoop in the top section. Slight modification to the pattern piece later and I had two bags cut out. They were fast to put together and the clear vinyl only stuck a little bit to the machine as I stitched it (mostly I could have the fabric pieces down). I made two inverted versions from a pair of fat quarters. I could have squeezed the binding for the top pocket out of the fat quarters too but chose to use bias binding scraps instead. I managed to have perfectly coloured zips, thread and snaps to match in my sewing drawer which was super handy. It fits really well and means it’s a bit more portable as I can tuck a few bobbins or skeins in the zip pocket along with a thread cutter and take it about. 

Embroidery pouch - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Peek-a-Boo Pouch by SewCanShe free on Craftsy

Materials: Two fat quarters (half a fat quarter for each side), clear vinyl, 10″ plus zippers, thread, one snap per pouch – I used Kam Snaps and snap setter.

Modifications: Added an inch to each side of the pattern piece and re-drew the top curve to match, added two inches to the bottom. Clear vinyl pieces became 7″ by 10″. Used bais tape for the binding piece – need 10″.

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FO: Pink Ombre Party Dress

This dress was a thought for the March school dance some time ago, then last week I realised that the dance is actually now and not a week or two away. So rapid cutting out, acquisition of matching thread and sewing ensued and we have a finished dress with satisfactory pouffiness and twirl in the skirt. Plus my first invisible invisible zipper.

Pink Ombre Party dress from Simplicity 8182 - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Simplicity 8182 view B (without belt) in size 6

Fabric: three pink silks? from Oma’s stash

Thread: Gutermann in 662, 663 and 733

Notions: 15″ invisible zipper and invisible zipper foot

Modifications: Added a lining to the skirt in the yoke fabric, attached after zipper insertion but before slip-stitching the bodice lining down. Additional slip-stitching around the lower part of the zip. (Instructions from knitstar)

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FO: Overalls for a Pixie

So these were finished and photographed a few weeks ago but then things happened (sick kids, husband away, masses of snow) so I’m a bit late in blogging them. This is another project from my cutting out pile from Christmas (one more to go!) and are for the baby (who has now got a nickname – Pixie). They are size 1 which is the smallest size from the pattern but given that she still hasn’t outgrown her 3-6 month trousers it’ll be a while before they fit (I did roll up the hems an extra bit though). This is the fourth time I’ve made this pattern and they are still adorable.

Kwik Sew 2785 in green corduroy from myfabrics - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Kwik Sew 2785 size 1

Fabric: 1m remnant of green cord from myfabrics.co.uk, scrap floral from Oma’s stash.

Thread: Gutermann Sew all in 870

Notions: 4 buttons and two bib and brace buckles

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FO: Wool Dino Coat

The stash from Oma is varied. There were a couple of pieces of heavy weight but loosely woven wool fabric of around 1m each. With limited fabric sewing for the children seemed a good option. Wee Man is starting to actually grow out of the coats he’s been wearing for the last 3 winters so another coat it was. I’d purchased Simplicity 1328 a wee while ago and it has both shirts and shirt jackets for men and boys. One day maybe husband will let me sew for him but in the meantime the smallest size of the boys is just right for Wee Man (he’s just reached 97cm). There are a lot of pieces to this jacket as it has both collar and collar stand, separate button stands, sleeve plackets and four pockets two of which have separate flaps plus lining and facing pieces. A lot of these pieces were smallish which made it easier to squeeze out of my limited fabric. I was pleased to be able to fit all the lining pieces on the leftovers from the dino shirt. The garment gets quite thick in places and I was struggling until I realised I could raise the presser foot even higher than it’s up position which made doing all the buttonholes much easier. There’s also a lot of top stitching involved but it’s worth it as it does make it look much better. The jacket is not lined (just the yoke) so this is really for warmer weather than we’ve got at the moment but it should fit for a while.

Wool Dino Coat, Simplicity 1328 - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Simplicity 1328 size S boys.

Fabric: Leftover dinosaur polycotton from Minerva Crafts and woven wool fabric from Oma’s stash (~1m).

Notions: Gutermann 93, 12 1.2″ buttons, interfacing <0.25m.


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