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FO: Sewaholic Granville in Tana Lawn

I enjoyed making my last Granville shirt and so kept my eyes out for fabric for another. I ended up purchasing 2m of Liberty Tana Lawn in Pereira from Ebay late last year. This is the last of the projects I cut out just after Christmas and I’m pleased to have finished it up. This is a much lighter fabric than the poplin I used last time but it has come out well. I made no modifications to the pattern and managed to get the whole thing sewn with a single bobbin of thread – I didn’t realise until later but the last buttonhole finished the bobbin completely. I love the colours and hope to wear it a lot once I stop nursing Pixie.

Granville by Sewaholic in Liberty Tana Lawn Pereira - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Granville by Sewaholic

Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn in Pereira < 2m

Thread: Gutermann Sew All in 232

Notions: interfacing, 11 1cm buttons


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Sewing with knits

Before the baby was born my mother in law came to visit, she then went off to Germany to see her mother for her 90th birthday celebration. Oma used to sew a lot but doesn’t much anymore so my mil asked if I’d be able to use any fabric she brought back with her. I said sure thinking I’d get a couple of metres or something. When she came back for a few days to see baby before heading back to NZ she brought me fabric – about hald a suitcase worth. So now I have more fabric than I know what to do with. A lot of it is not my colour but I’m pretty sure I can find a use for it somewhere. There are a lot of floral prints (mostly wovens), some wool fabric (may try a coat for one of the kids) and various other bits and pieces (including a large amount of stripy knit in pinks and reds, and a couple of metres of checked cotton which Hobbity-boo wants me to make her a skirt out of). There was one bit I was definitely interested in using for me. A blue cotton interlock printed with flowers. I debated but decided to make another Sewaholic Renfrew Tee. There was enough for that (same size and style as previously) and then just enough leftover to make a small cardy for baby.

Renfrew Tee by Sewaholic in unknown flower print cotton interlock - little grey hedgehog

The cardy is a size 6-12 Heartwarming Reversible Sweatshirt from the Sew Liberated Kids book. The pattern makes use of ties and a buttonhole for closures at the sides but I’ve used plastic poppers instead. The purple fabric is also cotton interlock leftover from a nursing shirt I made earlier this year. I didn’t have a good match for poppers for either the blue or purple so have used yellow on the blue side (as some of the flowers are yellow) and bright pink on the purple (just for contrast). I also topstitched around the cardy which isn’t done in the pattern. I probably should have used a normal topstitch instead of the stretch stitch as it got a little out of shape during the topstitching. But the ruffle is ok. It should fit this winter and next spring but baby (who still hasn’t acquired a nickname) is on the small side so it may last into summer next year.

Heartwarming Reversible Sweatshirt from Sew Liberated Kids in cotton interlock - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Starry Renfrew Tee

First of my ready to sew projects is another Renfrew Tee. Worked the same as my previous two but this is in a star printed jersey purchased from myfabrics.co.uk.

Renfrew Tee by Sewaholic in star print jersey from myfabrics.co.uk - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Hollyburn in blue

I finished my second Hollyburn skirt last week. This time I have lined it as the linen look cotton felt a bit thin. I worked the same size as last time but have chosen the skirt length C. Last time I had to cut off quite a bit of length before hemming so I’m trying the shorter length with a teeny tiny hem to hopefully be a similar length. How I feel wearing this one will determine which length I make next time as I’m already planning a lined purple linen one. The fabric is linen-look cotton in Navy from Minerva Crafts

Hollyburn skirt by Sewaholic in linen look cotton - little grey hedgehog

Next on the sewing machine is a Dotty Angel dress in Chambray.

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FO: Robson Coat

A couple of weeks ago I was in need of a distraction and figured that a big sewing project would keep me busy for a while. I’d bought the fabric and notions for this coat (Robson by Sewaholic) when I purchased the materials for the kids ones so I was ready to go. I was anticipating that it would take a while to sew as it had a number of pieces, bias binding on almost all the seams and topstitching as well. Plus there are 16 buttons to sew on at the end.

I sewed it in 5 days – including tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric. It was really fun to sew. I think the fiddliest bit is getting the neckline all lined up and stitched – there are a lot of layers of fabric. Luckily my machine had no trouble getting through it. I did run out of bias tape. 12m was enough to do everything but the sleeve seams and cuffs. I ordered more of a similar bias tape to do those and as they are not likely to be visible unless I turn it all the way inside out I’m fine with them not quite matching.

Robson Coat by Sewaholic Patterns - little grey hedgehog

There are lots of little details involved in the coat and the pattern is pretty good at spelling them out as you go. I did change the order of the pattern steps a little as I sewed all the bits that needed stitching, trimming, turning, pressing and topstitching in one session after I did the interfacing so they were all ready to go when it came time to attach everything together. This was the welts for the pockets, the epaulettes, the sleeve tabs, the belt, the belt loops, the collar. I didn’t but should have also done the stormflaps as well. My bias tape was white so there was a bit of switching around threads to get the colours matching but I’m pleased I made the effort as it’s nice and neat on the inside. The coat is unlined so it’s making a good layer for sunny days (in fact I wore it all day at EYF last weekend) and I think it will get a good bit of use over the next few months.

Details of Robson Coat by Sewaholic - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Renfrew times two

I’m aiming towards a wardrobe that includes more handmade items that I actually where. Given that I wear t-shirts and jeans on most days I thought I should probably aim to have some handmade t-shirts in my drawers. I’m aiming for some knitted ones and some sewn ones.

The Renfrew Tee is by Sewaholic, the pattern was one of 4 I purchased by them last year and I’ve been happy with all of them. I cut the same size for the Tee as I did for the Thurlow trousers and the Hollyburn skirt in view A but with the sleeves from view C. It’s turned out a good fit though a bit looser than most of my store-bought tees as the fabric as minimal stretch. I then proceeded to make a second one. The only modification I made between the two was to use a smaller zigzag on the neckline as the first one is a bit more obvious than I’d like.

The fabric I used is from Girl Charlee UK. I purchased it late last year when I found it one sale while browsing for other things. The fabric is soft and was easy to work with. I used a size 70 stretch needle for sewing and had no problems. I have leftovers as I was only able to buy in units of 1m so will have to have a think what else I could use it for.

Renfrew Tee by Sewaholic in striped jersey from Girl Charlee UK


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FO: Thurlow Trousers

I made trousers and they even fit.

I purchased the Thurlow trousers pattern from Sewaholic last year when I purchased the Hollyburn skirt. I have the printed pattern but it is available as a PDF download as well. The patterns are printed on standard pattern tissue paper with multiple sizes and there is a shorts version included as well. I have found that my actual measurements line up well with a single size so have stuck with that which has been a good fit. I did my usual of tracing the size I required on baking paper and in this case I only needed to tape an extra bit of width onto the back piece.  I have used navy twill but other medium weight wovens would work too. There are a large number of pattern pieces used – mostly due to the pockets and fly but the instructions are straight forward as to what and how they should be cut out.

The fit model for Sewaholic Patterns is very similar to me so I thought (especially after I had good luck with the Hollyburn skirt) that they’d be worth a try with hopefully not many issues. I made no modifications to the measurements and because the back seam is the last seam to sew the fit can be adjusted there easily. I took in at least an inch and a half (on each side of the seam) at the waist band at the back when I tried them one but it was easy (and I think expected as part of the pattern). I didn’t attach the belt loops – I have made them though and could put them on later if I decide to do need a belt with them. I had t o shorten them by quite a bit which is a normal thing for me with store bought so I’m not surprised. I kind of which I’d chosen something fun for the lining fabric – maybe next time.

I think the trickiest part for me was the fly as I haven’t done one before and didn’t quite know how it was supposed to end up when I started. It’s turned out fine and working which is good. The scariest bit was cutting the pocket openings for the welt pockets at the back as there’s no way to go back from there.

Thurlow Trousers - Sewaholic

Pattern: Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic

Thread: Gutermann Sew-all in 11 (probably a full 100m needed)

Fabric: Navy twill from myfabrics.co.uk

Notes: Didn’t use the belt loops. Cut about 10cm of the legs before hemming.


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