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FO: Warsaw Mermaid Cushion

A friend of Wee Man’s turned 5 at the beginning of March. Unlike most of the unicorn obsessed girls I know she much prefers mermaids. I had the idea of sewing her a mermaid something and in poking around Craftsy found a foundation paper piecing pattern for a large mermaid. I fished through my scraps to find various colours and set too. There are a ton of pieces which join into segments which are then all joined together. I decided not to have the bridge and have used white fabrics for those pieces. There are a few joins that aren’t perfect but it does still look like a mermaid. I trimmed it square then cut a piece for the back and pieced together a couple of bits of batting to give the front some structure. I added a short zipper so the cover can be removed if necessary and inserted the cushion inner.

Warsaw Mermaid by Sewing under Rainbow - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Warsaw Mermaid on Craftsy 16″ size without the background bridge

Fabric: Various scraps, batting scraps to back the mermaid (not quilted)

Notions: white thread, printer, 16″ cushion inner, short zip


Joining order as I did it:

(I+J+K+L+H) and (E+F+G) then join to above
(M+N)+O and (P+Q)+R, then join, then join to above
(U+T)+S then V, then join to above
(-+’) and (]+^)+c then join
(a+b)+d then h, then join to above
(e+f+g) then join to above
((x+y)+z)+[ +\ then join to above
add W then join the 2 halves


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Dinosaur blanket

Wee Man is getting a big bed soon and so needs a big bed quilt to go with it. I found dinosaur fat quarters at hobbycraft around a year ago and picked up two packs of 6 to use for his quilt. I’d already acquired wadding and white fabric when I was purchasing for Hobbity-boo’s quilt a couple of years ago. It turned out that I needed more fabric to complete the backing so I had to buy another metre of extra wide stuff and join in together. There were a few bits of the fat quarters leftover after piecing the top that I used in a strip down the middle of the back at the join.

This is a simple quilt, 9 rectangles in each stripe with white in between and quilting in the ditch along the stripes and then straight down through the white stripes between the  patterned rectangles. The binding is machine attached and handsewn down.

Dinosaur blanket pieced from 12 Hobbycraft fat quarters - little grey hedgehog

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A quilt and a nursery space

I finished the quilt I mentioned in my last post. It didn’t take much time to machine quilt and I was enthusiastic about finishing it so didn’t dawdle to much over hand-stitching the binding down. This quilt is nominally for baby but it’s intended purpose is to keep me warm when I’m up with the baby at night. I used a twin size wadding and pieced the top to match. I had to piece a strip of back with the leftover patterned fabrics as there was a bit less width than I’d hoped. I quilted around each of the rectangles on the front, it’s 4 by 11 rectangles with same size sashing between. I used 12 fat quarters and I think 3m of 96″ cream for the sashing, backing and binding. There are 3 different hot air balloon colourways and similarly 3 different ‘farm’ colourways. Farm is in quotes becasue there are actually giraffes amongst the hens, cows, and butterflies. Apologies for the not great photos.

Quilt for a nursery - little grey hedgehog

Baby won’t have it’s own room to start with and so we’ve been converting our dressing room (which is off the master bedroom) into a nursery space. I think what makes it a dressing room rather than a walk in wardrobe is that it has it’s own window. Originally it had a built in wardrobe down one side plus storage under the eaves. The window had no coverings nor a windowsill. Removing the fitted wardrobe was simply a matter of a dozen screws and then it came to tidying up the walls and sorting out the carpet and window.

The holes were plastered and I gave the whole space a couple of coats of off-white paint (colourway was contemporary), this included doing the ceiling. Once that was done I cut and fitted a windowsill and roman blind (blackout for obvious reasons). Ideally we would have ripped out the carpet, installed skirtings and installed new carpet but it didn’t seem worth it when the patch was going to be hidden by furniture. One day we’ll probably make this into a study space and do the floors then. For now we added underlay and used some carpet tiles to level out the floor under the cot. There’s just enough room for an armless armchair (also known as an occasional, bedroom or dressing table chair) as I don’t like nursing in bed. From the doorway it’s about two steps to my side of our bed. Behind the door and under the eaves there’s room for a small set of drawers and the changing table (not that we’ve ever changed a baby on the table we normally use the mat on the floor). This space still needs a bit or sorting out and I’m still deciding if I want to put anything on the walls but it’s ready enough given that baby’s not expected for three months.

Nursery space before and after - little grey hedgehog


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FO: Rainbow Quilt

Done! Nearly 2 years since I pieced the top, 10 months of handquilting, and a couple of months to get the binding finished.

Rainbow Quilt from jelly roll - little grey hedgehog

I used one Jelly roll and several metres of natural cotton. It’s on a double bed here in the pictures but it’s actually going on our Kingsized bed. It was machine pieced all into one as it was ordered in the roll. I used natural coloured 100% cotton thread. I then cut it into three before I stitched it back together with natural coloured cotton in between. The backing is the same cotton. I purchased extra wide fabric so the back is all one piece. I quilted it by hand using a 12″ hoop and a size 10 between quilting needle. I started in the centre and spiralled out doodling my way around the quilt. It’s not one continuous but most of the time the line continues over several hoopfuls. I found the Craftsy mini-class on quilting helpful.

I used 2.5″ strips for the binding, ironed and then attached by machine to each side. I then sewed the binding down by hand.

I’m really happy with the result and it’ll be going on our bed as soon as I replace the current duvet cover. It’s definitely not perfect (the back is not perfectly smooth) and my stitching could have done with being smaller but I’m so pleased to get it off my desk (so much room now) and (almost) onto my bed.

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WiPs on Wednesday

These WiPs are not too dissimilar from the last batch though the baby blanket is a different one. The Shetland and silk crescent shawl is slowly growing (it being the lowest priority project) and I’m now onto the second skein. The first of my Fluormania socks is finished but the second not yet cast on (sorry can’t seem to track down my sock blockers at the moment). That will happen once I make some more progress on the baby blankets (finish this one and start the next). I finished the centre square of the Tiramisu blanket is finished and you can see if here with the ribbon that will thread through the border. There’s not too much more to do on it but the final scalloped round always takes longer than I expect.

WiPHobbit’s quilt is basted but I have not yet started quilting it. There are over a hundred pins holding it together so I hope it doesn’t go horribly. In other sewing news I’ve pattern pieces cut out for something for me and hope to cut the fabric one day this week.

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Avoiding dealing with photos…

I’ve been procrastinating posting as it feels like to much effort to get the photos in order to post. So this is going to be a post about what I’m up to without any photos.

After finishing my hat I started a shawl from my handspun shetland and silk that I finished at the very beginning of last year. It’s been sitting waiting for me to get around to it for quite a while but other projects have taken priority. It’s a garter stitch crescent/curve shawl and it’s going to have a few eyelet rows and hopefully (assuming I leave enough yarn) a picot bindoff. There are 3 balls of yarn and I’m planning to work through the first 2 before starting the eyelet section.

Also on the needles is the beginning of a Vivid blanket using the J C Rennie yarn I was using in my Ivy League Vest. The vest has been hibernating for 18 months or more now and it needed to be finished or frogged. My tastes have change and I was no longer keen on the finished product so it’s been frogged. There are 6 skeins of yarn (50g each of 4ply) so I made need a few more to make a good sized blanket. The time it takes to do a single square means that this is probably a long term project.

The two pairs of socks on my needles haven’t been touched for a while. I should really get one pair finished this month though or I’m never going to get every thing done.

Next up is a Hap Blanket for a cousin’s baby which will again be done in Cascade 220 Superwash, this time in Lake Chelan Heather and as part of the Knit British hapalong starting on Friday.

Sewing wise I’ve finished my fleece coat – even worn it out of the house but haven’t processed the photos yet. It fits better than I was expecting from a try on halfway through so that bodes well for making a more exciting version in the autumn. Next up is a twinsized quilt for the Hobbit. She’ll be moving up to a new bed soon (she’s still in her cot with the side off at the moment) and so needs a new blanket/quilt for the top. I bought two packs of fat quarters that are in theory the same colours (in reality the dyelots are different on 5 of the 6 patterns) and will be matching those with some white sashing, backing and binding. I’ve cut all the squares – 5.5″ and will be making 9-patch squares out of those before adding 5″ sashing between them 3 x 4 9-patch squares. I’ve ordered the fabric and batting today so that’ll be here soon and in the meantime I need to piece the 9-patches. The fat-quarter packs are from Hobbycraft in the Jade Patchwork colourway and have blue-greens and pinks in different patterns. After that’s done I’m not sure what’s next – I’ve clothes I want to make (for me and the kids) but no fabric yet so need to make some plans.

I did mean to post about my yearly goals/resolutions at the end of March but haven’t really thought about it – maybe this week or maybe at the end of April instead.

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A rainbow in progress

Way back in January I posted a picture of a rainbow jelly roll partially sewn up into a quilt top and in February I muttered about what I was going to do with it next. Well it sat and it sat and it sat while I mulled things over and added fabric to shopping carts and took it out again. After many calculations and mock-ups and thoughts I finally bought backing and contrast fabric, wadding, quilting thread and quilting needles last week. They arrived on Tuesday and I put them in the wardrobe so I wouldn’t have to think about cutting up the rainbow for a bit longer. I did however put it on my list for the week to at least get the rainbow ironed ready to cut.

Today I got brave and chopped it up and then got enthusiastic and sewed it together with the contrast:

Rainbow Quilt TopAs you can see Hobbit quite likes it too.

I purchased the natural coloured cotton from Cotton Patch and it’s extra wide quilt backing fabric (108″ wide). The rainbow panels were cut to 36cm, the contrast 33cm. It’s about 2m squareish. I’m still debating whether to add a border before quilting otherwise it’ll run straight up to the binding (which’ll be the contrast). I’ve got just enough fabric to do a narrow one I think. At this stage I think I’m going as is but until I baste it (which won’t be for a couple of weeks) I can totally change my mind.

I’m planning to hand quilt as there’s no way it’ll fit in my machine but that means it’ll be ages and ages before it’s done. The thread I’ve picked is a natural coloured cotton and I’ve a whole bunch of wee needles – watch this space.


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