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Project bags and dpn holders

Whilst supervising the toddler and her big brother outside this weekend I managed to cut out and sew together two project bags and four dpn holders. Our dining room (where my desk is) has double doors into the garden and Pixie has now decided outside is the place to be. Previously she had refused to touch the outside world despite being perfectly happy out of the house.

These are both what I would call medium bags but maybe the sheep one is actually large. I have heaps of little (100g) project bags but not nearly as many bigger ones. These were both sized to make the most out of fat quarters. I had enough of the sheep fabric to make two dpn holders (big enough for 8 inch ones) as well as the wide bag. This is a wider version than I normally make but it looks like it will be a useful size for a smaller sweater project. Wee Man helped me decide on green snaps for the holders so that the sheep had some grass to eat. I happened to have one sheep charm so had to use that for the zipper pull.

The exploding tardis bag is narrower and taller but left enough for two dpn holders (a bit smaller) and a tiny wee notions pouch (no picture). These are lined in a strong yellow and we picked yellow snaps to match. The zipper pull contains one yellow swirly heart and a sparkly dark blue one.

project bags - little grey hedgehog


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Two years ago I put Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops: A Bend-the-Rules Primer on my wishlist for Christmas ideas. Husband bought it for me for this past Christmas. It sat for a bit while I thought about colours then I picked up 100 skeins of embroidery thread in random colours as a pack on Amazon which gave me plenty of options to do it in a rainbow of colours. I started with blue running stitches and have since moved on to green back stitches. I didn’t have a good place to store it so it ended up sitting on my desk and being shuffled around as I needed space so I started looking for bag ideas. I found this pattern on Craftsy which seemed like the perfect style but needed sizing up to fit a 6″ hoop in the top section. Slight modification to the pattern piece later and I had two bags cut out. They were fast to put together and the clear vinyl only stuck a little bit to the machine as I stitched it (mostly I could have the fabric pieces down). I made two inverted versions from a pair of fat quarters. I could have squeezed the binding for the top pocket out of the fat quarters too but chose to use bias binding scraps instead. I managed to have perfectly coloured zips, thread and snaps to match in my sewing drawer which was super handy. It fits really well and means it’s a bit more portable as I can tuck a few bobbins or skeins in the zip pocket along with a thread cutter and take it about. 

Embroidery pouch - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Peek-a-Boo Pouch by SewCanShe free on Craftsy

Materials: Two fat quarters (half a fat quarter for each side), clear vinyl, 10″ plus zippers, thread, one snap per pouch – I used Kam Snaps and snap setter.

Modifications: Added an inch to each side of the pattern piece and re-drew the top curve to match, added two inches to the bottom. Clear vinyl pieces became 7″ by 10″. Used bais tape for the binding piece – need 10″.

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Messenger bag and accessories

I mentioned previously that my next sewing project was a messenger bag. This is the Organised Office Bag from The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam. This is the 4th bag I’ve made from this book and it’s a very good book for all aspects of bag making.

I like making bags and keep finding different reasons for why I need a different one. This one doesn’t really have a reason though the cross-body strap is more useful for carrying whilst also carrying a baby. I purchased the fabric from Minerva Crafts. The outer grey is a printed canvas and the inside a quilting poplin. I love the butterflies in all their rainbow glory. I purchased a metre of each fabric and had enough leftover to make a clutch (Noodle-head again), a card wallet, a project bag and a dpn holder. I had one hiccup in making the bag. The flap pieces and the body pieces are very similar and I attached the pockets to the flap instead of the body. I was able to unpick and move the bottle pocket and the pen holders but the zip pocket requires cutting the fabric to insert it so that one is still in the flap rather than the bag body. It’s only a small pocket and I suspect I’ll use it infrequently so probably not a disaster. There is lots of interfacing in the bag – you can see that it stands on it’s own, which has made it nice and sturdy and it’s big enough to put my laptop in as well should that be needed.

Messenger bag from the Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam and various accessories, fabric from Minerva Crafts - little grey hedgehog

Next up (depending on incoming baby’s timing) is sewing some summer clothes for the Hobbit as she doesn’t have much that fits from last year. As she’s in uniform most days until the end of June I hope I’ll be able to get somethings done in time.

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Fishmas sent 2016

It’s fish themed swap time of the year again. This is the third year I’ve participated and amongst various foodstuffs and knick-knacks I’ve crafted three things for my swapee this year. She indicated that she’d rather have a handknit than yarn so I knitted up a Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret. Knitted in aran weight yarn on 8mm needles it doesn’t take long at all despite the cable rows. I made myself one earlier this year out of Old Maiden Aunt. This one was knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners Jacob Aran in Ecru purchased from Wee County Yarns who have recently become a stockist. I had the perfect amount of yarn with just a teeny bit leftover.

I also made a fishy themed project bag, it’s big enough for around 200g of yarn so good for smaller projects. The outer fabric is linen and the inside a red quilting cotton to match the red zip. I didn’t interface the fabric this time as the linen is quite substantial and you can see in the photo that it is standing on it’s own anyway. It has a fishy tag on the zip but I decided against fishy stitch markers this year and have used some millefiori beads instead.

Fishmas 2016, star crossed slouchy beret, project bag and stitch markers

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On the needles

There are three projects on my needles at the moment.

Works in progress and their project bags

On the left is yarn I received in a swap which is becoming a pair of socks. In the middles is navy heavy lace-weight (and a ball of grey yarn to be waste yarn) which is becoming Hitofude Cardigan. And on the right is blue heavy lace-weight linen which is becoming a Camellia TeeCamellia Tee.

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Project bags

I have a bit of a weakness for fun fat quarters and tend to turn most of them into project bags. In this case however I fell so in love with the butterfly fabric that I purchased half a metre and made a giant bag. I suspect it will come into play for giant sweaters or blanket projects.

Butterfly project bag

These two project bags are both the same style as I usually make (two boxed corners and a zip top) but I added a loop to one side and a zip pull / hanging strap to the zips which I haven’t done before. The hedgehog one is now in service for my Featherweight cardigan which is almost to the armholes on the back.

Hedgehog project bag

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WiP: Olearia Cardigan

I’d originally planned on making a Windswept sweater (by TinCanKnits) for Hobbit for this winter, decided she needed a cardigan instead, thought about doing a cardigan version and then decided on a completely different pattern instead. The Olearia Cardigan by Georgie Hallam has several versions. They all start with a gathered bodice which can be continued through out a whole long cardigan, stopped just after the armholes to make a shrug, or (as I am knitting) continued in stockinette to a long length. There are also options for short or long sleeves with gathers or without. The pattern comes in sizes from 1 to 8 and is incredibly detailed with lots of stitch counts for various sections. This does lead to a long pattern but she has used multiple colours to highlight the different sizes and it is easy to follow.

Thus far I have reach the end of the bodice and am now working in plain stockinette down the body. The yarn I am using was a gift from my mother-in-law last Christmas and is pure wool in a beige colour. There should be plenty for this pattern. I’ve just started the third ball as the bodice gathers use quite a lot more yarn than would be expected.

I realised on going through my blog posts to add them to Pinterest that I’d not actually blogged about most of my project bags or the stitch markers I’ve been using lately so I thought I’d try and include those in WiP posts for a while. All my project bags are sewn by me and are various sizes based on noodlehead’s Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial. This particular bag is knitting themed fabric (from Frumble Fabrics) with a grey base and lining (fabric leftover from my Tote Bag) and grey zip. The width is approximately the same as the medium pouch in the tutorial but I have lengthened the bag quite a lot to make room for bigger projects. There is a removable zipper pull made from beads from my stash.

The stitch markers I’ve been using for this project are unintentionally matchy (though I frequently try and match on purpose). They are made from ‘antique copper’ head-pins with wire wrapped loops. The stones I no longer remember what they are. There are four with a single stone, one with a plastic pearl as well and one with a lobster clasp. This works out as a good set as you have a different one to mark the end of round or in this case the beginning of a right side row and the lobster clasp is a removable one for crochet use or for marking progress.

Olearia Cardigan with Project bag and stitch markers

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