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FO: Purple and yellow are her favourite

Next on the sewing agenda after finishing Wee Man’s coat was to sew a spring coat for the Hobbit. I cut this one out at the same time as I did his, started it immediately after his then go sick and it had to wait a while before it was finished.

This is look 3 of Five and Ten Designs Volume 2. I have again used cotton twill for the main fabric and this time yellow taffeta for the lining. I had a couple of hiccups when it came to attaching pieces together. My sleeve pieces did not match up to their armholes on either the main body or the lining. I ended up doing some decorative pleats to at the shoulder to fix it up. I pretty sure this is my fault not the pattern as I’ve not had problems before. I suspect I either traced the pattern incorrectly or was not careful enough on my cutting out. There was also a small mismatch of the hems between the lining and the main coat which have been ‘fixed’ by small pleats at the side seams.

The coat has 10 buttons but no button holes as it is sensibly closed with snaps instead. I had planned on purple snaps but didn’t have a good colour match so used yellow instead – half of them are on the lining anyway so it made more sense.

Overall I think it’s ok though definitely not perfect. I think I’d use this version again when she gets bigger as well (this is the size 4 again). Also I probably wouldn’t have picked yellow to go with the purple if they weren’t her favourite. I think cream or light grey would be a better match to the purple.

Five and Ten designs Volume 2 Look 3 in purple twill and yellow taffeta



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