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FO: Blue Handspun Honey Cowl

This project was started in late 2016 with the intention of having it knit for Wee Man for that winter. It didn’t happen partly due to pregnancy and partly due to slow progress because of the pattern stitch. It’s been waiting for me and I decided rather than slogging through it I would aim for a quick win and work the rest of the cowl in plain stockinette. Three days later and it was all done.

Blue Handspun Honey Cowl - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland for 3 inches then straight stockinette

Yarn: my handspun from blue merino fibre

Needles: 4mm

Ravelry page: here


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FO: Handspun Ashford Fibre

Ashford Fibre in Damson, handspun on a SpincityUK drop spindle - little grey hedgehog

Yardage: 124.5m in 96g

Weight: 2 ply DK

Fibre: Ashford Merino Silk Sliver in Damson

Spindle: SpinCityUK resin spindle

Notes: Very lofty yarn. Plied quite tightly. Blue with hints of dark red and white bits from the silk.

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Handspun Alpaca

I have no idea when I started spinning this but it’s been a couple of years at least I think. I had almost half of it spun when I started a spin-a-long that required a new project and the use of the spindle and it sat for quite a while after that. The second half took much less time and plying took barely any at all. I used my original cheapy spindle for the spinning but plyed it on my new SpinCityUK one from EYF2016. It was super fun to use and spins really well.

I have approximately 89g after washing and 163.5m of sport-weight yarn. The plying is pretty good this time but the spinning is a bit variable in parts. The alpaca was easy to spin and not compacted at all despite the fact that I purchased it back at Woolfest in 2011. I think I’d spin alpaca again.

Handspun Alpaca - little grey hedgehog

Next on the spindle is the blue-purple merino and silk I purchased at EYF2016 which I’ve started on the SpinCityUK spindle.

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FO: Blue Merino Handspun

I didn’t quite get this finished by the end of February. It was all plied last weekend and just need winding off and washing when I got sick. Just a cold as far as I can tell but a bad one that stopped me from doing any crafting for the whole week. I feeling better enough now that I’m done being sick even though I’m not totally better so I’ve been trying to catch up on things. (The Camelia Tee is almost ready for bind-off too)

I bought 100g of blue merino tops from Wingham Wool Works when I bought my first spindle back in 2011. It’s been sitting around waiting for it’s turn which was supposed to be last year but got merged into this year. I’m glad to finally have it out of stash – though I suppose now it’s yarn stash instead.

I have 189.8m from 87g of a light DK weight yarn. I plied it a lot more than I often do which slowed me down but has left me with a better yarn.

Blue Merino Handspun

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FO: Shetland and Silk Handspun Shawl

It’s finally finished:

Shetland and Silk Shawl

My own handspun from 100g of Shetland and Silk purchased in 2011 and spun in 2013. It was approximately lace weight or very light fingering. I have no idea of the yardage as I forgot to measure it before winding it into balls. I used 3.5mm needles and worked 6 increases per 2 rows at the edges keeping the body in garter stitch. There are 2 rows of eyelets along the bottom curve (I possibly could have squeaked a third set in). As you can see it likes to curl and I didn’t actually try and block it, rather I washed and hung it from the centre to dry. The length of it is more than my arm span and it is deep enough to be nice and cosy. I’m pretty pleased with it.

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FO: Handspun Calorimetry

A quick project on and off the needles on Monday (button sewn on on Tuesday). This is the Calorimetry Headband pattern from Knitty. I have used the handspun from the Threshing Barn Butterfly Batt I purchased at Edinburgh Yarn Fest. The only change from the pattern I have made is to use smaller needles (3.75mm) to make a smaller headband. I probably could have even gone down another needle size as it’s quite elastic.


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FO: Kid Mohair Handspun

Just the basics today as I’ve blogged about this before. My handspun mohair is finished just in time to be part of the spin-a-long and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Kid Mohair2

Fibre: Kid Mohair Tops in Pink and Greyish Purple

Spindle: basic spindle for spinning, square heavy spindle for plying

Yarn: 158 metres of sportweight yarn

Project: Probably some sort of neckwear for the Hobbit

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