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FO: Puerperium Cardigan

While baby number 3 is going to have plenty of handknit handmedowns I want it to have a few of it’s own too. This is sweater number two and there are now plenty of hats. Next up it needs baby blankets of it’s own (the big kids are still using theirs).

I’ve knit Puerperium twice before but this is the first time I’ve knitted sleeves. It’s also the first time I’ve modified the pattern to work in the around after the yoke. I found I never wanted to be dealing with undoing and redoing all the buttons so have decided to just skip them. I joined in the round by overlapping and knitting together the four stitches that form each buttonband. I used just under 100g of dk yarn (Cascade 220 superwash) in a brownish colourway (1917). I had the little heart buttons in my button jar and they are just the right size.

Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly van Niekerk in Cascade 220 Superwash - little grey hedgehog


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FO: Hap, hap, hapalong

There are (so far) three babies coming along this year to make baby blankets for. This is the first and I was inspired to make a hap blanket by KnitBritish’s hapalong. This started on April 10th and I dutifully cast on on the day expecting to not take too long to finish as it is worked on 8mm needles. Then well things happened and it was cast off last week. The (not very good) pictures have then been waiting for a week for me to blog about it and the blanket itself is in the post to its recipient.

The Hapalong itself is running until July but I am making different patterns for the other 2 baby blankets. One of them will be another crocheted Tiramisu (you may not be surprised, this will be my 11th) and the other is only a pattern in my head at this stage. I am quite inspired by all the multi-coloured haps people are making and will definitely keep that in mind for future projects. A lot of them are also finer weight than this one, longer to knit but a lighter weight blanket/shawl.

Hap Blanket

Pattern: Hap Blanket

Designer: Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in the Lake Chelan Heather colourway ~ 280g

Needles: 8mm needles, 40″ cable

For: Tash #3

Notes: Single colour only, i-cord bindoff.

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Avoiding dealing with photos…

I’ve been procrastinating posting as it feels like to much effort to get the photos in order to post. So this is going to be a post about what I’m up to without any photos.

After finishing my hat I started a shawl from my handspun shetland and silk that I finished at the very beginning of last year. It’s been sitting waiting for me to get around to it for quite a while but other projects have taken priority. It’s a garter stitch crescent/curve shawl and it’s going to have a few eyelet rows and hopefully (assuming I leave enough yarn) a picot bindoff. There are 3 balls of yarn and I’m planning to work through the first 2 before starting the eyelet section.

Also on the needles is the beginning of a Vivid blanket using the J C Rennie yarn I was using in my Ivy League Vest. The vest has been hibernating for 18 months or more now and it needed to be finished or frogged. My tastes have change and I was no longer keen on the finished product so it’s been frogged. There are 6 skeins of yarn (50g each of 4ply) so I made need a few more to make a good sized blanket. The time it takes to do a single square means that this is probably a long term project.

The two pairs of socks on my needles haven’t been touched for a while. I should really get one pair finished this month though or I’m never going to get every thing done.

Next up is a Hap Blanket for a cousin’s baby which will again be done in Cascade 220 Superwash, this time in Lake Chelan Heather and as part of the Knit British hapalong starting on Friday.

Sewing wise I’ve finished my fleece coat – even worn it out of the house but haven’t processed the photos yet. It fits better than I was expecting from a try on halfway through so that bodes well for making a more exciting version in the autumn. Next up is a twinsized quilt for the Hobbit. She’ll be moving up to a new bed soon (she’s still in her cot with the side off at the moment) and so needs a new blanket/quilt for the top. I bought two packs of fat quarters that are in theory the same colours (in reality the dyelots are different on 5 of the 6 patterns) and will be matching those with some white sashing, backing and binding. I’ve cut all the squares – 5.5″ and will be making 9-patch squares out of those before adding 5″ sashing between them 3 x 4 9-patch squares. I’ve ordered the fabric and batting today so that’ll be here soon and in the meantime I need to piece the 9-patches. The fat-quarter packs are from Hobbycraft in the Jade Patchwork colourway and have blue-greens and pinks in different patterns. After that’s done I’m not sure what’s next – I’ve clothes I want to make (for me and the kids) but no fabric yet so need to make some plans.

I did mean to post about my yearly goals/resolutions at the end of March but haven’t really thought about it – maybe this week or maybe at the end of April instead.

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FO: Pine Forest Baby Blanket

This blanket has been a bit of a slog. It’s for friends who are having a second baby so they already have a Tiramisu blanket. I thought I’d try something new and really liked the look of this one. I still really like it but I don’t think I was in the right head-space for this sort of project through October. It’s a 7 stitch, 4 row (though 2 are just purl) lace repeat with a nice garter border. Working on a couple of small projects helped in the middle and I made a concerted effort to get it finished in October – it was done just after 9pm on the 31st. I did hope to get 3 blankets made in October but the other one is still un-started. I’ve decided to use the Hap Blanket pattern by Ysolda Teague which I’ve used once before on a blanket for Hobbit.

Pine Forest Baby Blanket

Pattern: Pine Forest Baby Blanket

Designer: Ingrid Aartun Bøe

Knitted for: F&M 2

Needles: 5mm

Yarn used (colourway): Cascade 220 Superwash (Ridge Rock) ~300g

Notes: Added 3 extra repeats as I wanted to use all the yarn but not end up with a long blanket. It’s a little wider than tall but a good size.

Ravelry Project Link: here


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