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Wee Man is 4!

Today is Wee Man’s fourth birthday. I’m not quite sure how that happened so fast. He loves dinosaurs, trucks and numbers. He wants to do homework like his big sister and plays at being a baby like his little one. Orange is still his favourite colour and he loves to eat sausages and pasta (or best of all sausage inside pasta). He’ll be starting school in August (eep!) and is getting closer and closer to being ready for it. He’s having a wee little party with a few friends, party games and cake!

Triceratops cake for Wee Man's fourth birthday - little grey hedgehog

Recipe: Chocolate cake from my Edmond’s cookbook sized up by 2/3rds. (Baking takes about twice as long or more than recipe states.)

Cake tin: Large and small hemispheres

Sculpting: took the sides and part of back off the small hemisphere to butt it up to the large one. Took chunks out of the sides of the large hemisphere to create the legs. Used scraps to create a tail. Smushed it all together with buttercream. Frill created with marshmallows and rice bubbles (rice krispies), shaped by hand and then attached to the buttercream already in place at the neck.

Icing: Buttercream to sculpt and as a crumbcoat. 500g of orange fondant to cover – mostly in one sheet but with patching around the edges and between the legs. Water and fingers used to smooth out joins. Had to make myself stop fiddling with it trying to make it perfect.

Features: Horns shaped from white fondant around toothpicks. Eyes are Wiltons Candy eyes purchased from Amazon.



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All the cake

The first week of February is cake week in our house. Both the kids birthdays are this week and they each have their own opinions on cake. It makes for quite a lot of cake. Half of the Wee Man’s ended up in the freezer as we hadn’t got through it before I made Hobbity-boo’s cake for her party on Saturday. Luckily half of that one went home with party guests so we are not completely overwhelmed with cake.

Both cakes have a chocolate base – I’ve used this recipe several times before and although it takes much longer to bake than the recipe says it comes out lovely and moist. The recipe is from Edmonds Cookbook (mine is the edition printed in 1999). They are coated with chocolate buttercream before fondant.

Wee Man asked for an orange tractor cake. He is obsessed with trucks and things at the moment. I used this tutorial as inspiration and started with a square cake. There are parts where the fondant is a bit thin (I was worried about running out of black) but the kids agreed that it looked like a tractor. The back wheels are donuts and the front small circles of cake.

Orange tractor cake for a little boy turning 3 - little grey hedgehog

For the third year in a row Hobbity-boo has asked for a ladybird cake (though she tells me that next year she wants a rainbow). This year it is purple and black and we used a number of different cutters to make leaves and flowers for around the base (added advantage of hiding any wobbly bits). The antenna are fondant wrapped around cut down straws. I’m happier with the fondant on this, I had plenty so wasn’t trying to spread it so thin.

Ladybird for a 5 year old - little grey hedgehog

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