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Messenger bag and accessories

I mentioned previously that my next sewing project was a messenger bag. This is the Organised Office Bag from The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam. This is the 4th bag I’ve made from this book and it’s a very good book for all aspects of bag making.

I like making bags and keep finding different reasons for why I need a different one. This one doesn’t really have a reason though the cross-body strap is more useful for carrying whilst also carrying a baby. I purchased the fabric from Minerva Crafts. The outer grey is a printed canvas and the inside a quilting poplin. I love the butterflies in all their rainbow glory. I purchased a metre of each fabric and had enough leftover to make a clutch (Noodle-head again), a card wallet, a project bag and a dpn holder. I had one hiccup in making the bag. The flap pieces and the body pieces are very similar and I attached the pockets to the flap instead of the body. I was able to unpick and move the bottle pocket and the pen holders but the zip pocket requires cutting the fabric to insert it so that one is still in the flap rather than the bag body. It’s only a small pocket and I suspect I’ll use it infrequently so probably not a disaster. There is lots of interfacing in the bag – you can see that it stands on it’s own, which has made it nice and sturdy and it’s big enough to put my laptop in as well should that be needed.

Messenger bag from the Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam and various accessories, fabric from Minerva Crafts - little grey hedgehog

Next up (depending on incoming baby’s timing) is sewing some summer clothes for the Hobbit as she doesn’t have much that fits from last year. As she’s in uniform most days until the end of June I hope I’ll be able to get somethings done in time.


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FO: Grey tote bag

If you’ve been following along for a while you might have noticed that I like to make bags. I like things to have there own home so there are lots of project bags and I’m always trying to get the perfect bag so I only need one bag. What the perfect bag actually is changes regularly and what I need bags for also changes a lot. Recently I’ve been finding the messenger bag I made several years ago is either too big or not big enough and started thinking about a new bag.

The bag I decided on (for now anyway) is the Multi Tasking Tote from The Bag Making Bible. It’s a good size (in the photos below you can see it full of my haul from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival), and has lots and lots of pockets. It’s also got the bonus of expandability. There are snaps to hold the ends closed which makes for a much narrower profile. I’ve found the straps a good length and the outside pockets are great for shoving things in that you’re just going to pull out again soon after.

I’m pleased with how it came out and think it’ll be very useful – in particular for taking to Knit Night at the moment. I’ve yet to test whether my laptop will fit in the main pocket (or the outside ones for that matter) but suspect it will which adds another bit usefulness. The pattern is straight forward though involved more pattern pieces than I expected at first glance. There are three different styles of pockets involved and two fastening methods as well. Unlike in the pattern I only added fusible fleece to the base and only used interfacing at the reinforcement points. The bag is thus nice and flexible but because I used canvas for the outer sturdy as well. Oh and the pattern indicates that you cut out the handle base and a set of handles from the outer fabric but I (and the sample in the book) used the trim fabric instead.

Grey Tote

Pattern: Multi-Tasking Tote from the Bag Making Bible

Designer: Lisa Lam

Fabric: Grey canvas for outer, light grey classic cotton for lining, rainbow ornament for trim, all from myfabrics.co.uk

Thread: White for all – most of the topstitching is on the trim.

Notes: used trim fabric for outer handles and handle bases, only used fusible fleece on the base and didn’t interface except at reinforcing points.

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I made a bag…

I’ve been finding the bag I use most often a bit big for some purposes (and a bit small for others) and none of the other bags I have were quite right either so I set about making one that would be what I wanted. I wanted a cross-body strap that was adjustable, room for a drink bottle as well as other bits and room for my kindle too. I used some techniques from the Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam (that’s the book I used for making the Great Getaway Bag) and feel like it cam out all right. The only thing I would change is to make the slip pocket inside a bit taller as it doesn’t work very well for containing things. It has come out pretty much the perfect size which is nice.

Star BagI used leftover material from Hobbit’s star dress for the outer and leftover material from my rainbow quilt for the lining. The hardware came from U-Handbag. The strap is detachable so that I can remove the bag if necessary when wearing it under a baby. I didn’t interface any of the pieces as I wanted it to be squash-able. The pieces I cut were about 9″ by 9″ for the body with a gusset of 2 and a bit. There are other bag plans in my future but I’ve still to work out what there actual purpose will be before I get started.

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