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FO: Sunrise Baby Blanket

I’m in the middle of making another couple of baby blankets for gifts. This is the first one crocheted out of Wendy Evolution. The yarn comes in a handy box with the central end threaded through an eyelet – no worries about tangles here. The yarn is made of four threads and changes colour by changing one thread at a time. The yarn is half cotton and was nice to work with and not hard on the hands as some cotton can be (the acrylic probably helps with that). I went hunting for in the round crochet blankets and found Raspberry Road which was written for a different gradient cake yarn so I had to make the blanket a little smaller as I had less yarn available. The pattern contains Jacob’s Ladders which I hadn’t encountered before but they were fun to ‘zip up’ and bring the blanket together. I would use this pattern and yarn again.

Raspberry Road Blanket in Wendy Evolution Sunrise - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Raspberry Road Blanket by Kirsten Ballering

Yarn: Wendy Evolution in Sunrise (150g) purchased at Wool Warehouse

Hook: 4.5mm

Ravelry page: here

Modifications: Worked row 26 then skipped to row 37 and 38 due to less yarn.



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Belatedly a baby

Unsurprisingly given previous children baby was overdue. She arrived 5 days past her due date on the weekend conveniently enough. Today she is one month old and I’m finally getting around to writing up a blog post about her.

Baby three, a few hours old.

Hobbity boo resulted in a PPH (so no home birth allowed) and with Wee Man we barely made it to the hospital so we were on notice to head in at first signs of labour. My waters broke and labour started strongly immediately at 0435 on the Saturday morning. Shortly afterward we contacted our neighbour to come watch the big kids and we headed in to the hospital at 5am. Slight hiccup when we had to defrost the windscreen unexpectedly. Given the time of day there were no delays getting to the hospital and we headed straight up to the labour ward at around 0525. Happily they believed us when we said baby was going to be here soon even though I’d been in labour for less than an hour. Sometime between home and hospital we ended up with meconium in my waters so they wanted to get baby on the monitors which meant labouring on the bed which is not fun, I’d have rather stayed standing. Luckily things progressed rapidly and baby was born at 0550 just after sunrise. So just under an hour and a half total.

Baby’s apgar scores were fine and she weighed 8lbs at birth (3.63kg). She did get a bit cold later in the morning and spent a short period under the heater but once she warmed up she held her temperature fine. She passed her checks but had one clicky hip which will be getting checked out with an ultrasound soon. We were released to go home at around half past two. The big kids think she’s awesome.

All the kidlets

Unfortunately her day 4 weigh in indicated she’d lost more than 11% of her body weight and we got readmitted to hospital for just over 24hrs to work out what was going on. Diagnosis was a mild tongue tie which was making it hard for her to transfer milk. We started supplementing her with expressed breast milk and making sure to feed her every three hours or less. She put on weight while we were at the hospital so we were sent home again to continue topping her up at every feed. Her weight gain was still slow that week but otherwise she was doing fine. We continued topping her up for ten days or so when she made it perfectly clear that she was full after nursing and did not want to take a bottle too. Happily she continued to gain weight after that and her 3.5week weigh in showed her well over her birthweight and putting on weight at a much faster rate. She’ll get weighed again in another week but she’s fairly obviously growing at this point and we are feeling much more relaxed about how things are going. Unsurprisingly crafting is low on the agenda unless it can be accomplished in 5 minute breaks. This time I know that won’t last forever so hope to have projects soon.

KidsMay2017 026


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FO: Chunky Pine Forest Baby Blanket

Also finished this week is the Pine Forest Baby Blanket I’ve been knitting in Cascade Eco+ – a chunkyweight yarn. I felt like I’d been making no progress but the last half has gone pretty fast. Probably because I’ve been working on one project at a time instead of loads.

Just over a month ago I had twelve projects on the needles. I’m now down to four. Two of these are ongoing blanket projects, one is the pair of gloves I hope to get finished by this winter but they are fiddly and taking some concentration. And the final one is my purple linen tee which (from the bottom up) I’ve finally reached the armholes. I’ve been making great progress on yardage for stash dash. Including this blanket I’m now up to: 4730m. I’m now wondering if I can make it to 7K by the end. Hoping to concentrate on finishing the linen tee before at last casting on something new.

Pine Forest Baby Blanket in Cascade Eco+ - little grey hedgehog

I decreased the cast on for the blanket slightly (13 repeats) to compensate for the larger needles (I used 6mm instead of 5mm) and then just kept working the lace repeat (32 times I think) until I had only enough for the garter border. I judged it pretty well and had essentially none leftover. The blanket has also turned out pretty close to square which is a nice bonus. Happily I was less bored by the purl rows this time round so I think I’d knit it again in chunky yarn.

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FO: Zac-Adi baby blanket

It’s done! The i-cord bind-off took forever as it does but I’m really pleased with how it came out. It’s blocking on the spare bed at the moment (the foam squares are 60cm each for reference) and then needs to be parcelled up to send to my cousin.

The blanket is a centre out square using kfb as the increase. I worked up from 8 stitches to 108 before changing to the white yarn. The lace pattern is modified from the Li’l Bunny Foo Foo shawl, chart 4. I worked one more increase round before knitting the 3-stitch i-cord bind-off.


Pattern: lace from Li’l Bunny Foo Foo by MMario, rest by me.

Needles: 3.5mm, first bamboo hiya hiya dpns then Knit Pro Carbon tips.

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly 4ply in white (0303) ~82gms, and green (0425) ~95gms

Notes: Next time would work to 100 stitches in green then work 2 rows in white before starting the lace. Similarly would work 3 rows after the lace instead of only one. Otherwise pretty happy.

Project page: here

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WiPs on not Wednesday

Well the photos were taken yesterday but I never did write the words to go with them. The sock I started on Saturday took me 4 days to knit and the timing worked out just perfectly for the new needles to arrive for the baby blanket. The socks are the first of seven in a rainbow of colours. I’m making up the patterns myself and the green pattern was the first to be ready. Hobbit decided that red would be next so I need to get working on that one. The green has a pattern of leaves running up the foot and then up the back and front of the leg. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out but now have to remember exactly what I did to sort the second one out.

The yarn for this one is Tempo 4ply from Eden Cottage. It’s a semi-solid in a lovely green (algae colourway). The yarn has been very nice to work with, it feels a little thinner than the Regia I’d just been using but still fine on the same needles.

The baby blanket is moving again. I’m onto the second ball of the centre colour so need to start thinking about how many stitches I want before starting the lace portion. It’s still moving quite slowly though as rounds are getting longer and longer. The needles are Knit Pro carbon fibre tips for my interchangeable set. I was worried that there would be snagging at the join of the tip to the carbon shaft but it’s really smooth. They are similar to the Nova tips to work with as the tips are (I think) the same but they feel a little more solid in the hand. These are the normal length tips rather than the special short ones for 16″ circulars which my others are. I can’t really tell the difference but that may be because I was working with a fixed 24″ circular before transferring to these.


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FO: Hap, hap, hapalong

There are (so far) three babies coming along this year to make baby blankets for. This is the first and I was inspired to make a hap blanket by KnitBritish’s hapalong. This started on April 10th and I dutifully cast on on the day expecting to not take too long to finish as it is worked on 8mm needles. Then well things happened and it was cast off last week. The (not very good) pictures have then been waiting for a week for me to blog about it and the blanket itself is in the post to its recipient.

The Hapalong itself is running until July but I am making different patterns for the other 2 baby blankets. One of them will be another crocheted Tiramisu (you may not be surprised, this will be my 11th) and the other is only a pattern in my head at this stage. I am quite inspired by all the multi-coloured haps people are making and will definitely keep that in mind for future projects. A lot of them are also finer weight than this one, longer to knit but a lighter weight blanket/shawl.

Hap Blanket

Pattern: Hap Blanket

Designer: Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in the Lake Chelan Heather colourway ~ 280g

Needles: 8mm needles, 40″ cable

For: Tash #3

Notes: Single colour only, i-cord bindoff.

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FO: Cable Vest

This is a slight fail of a finished object and I debated about blogging about it at all but I do plan to try again one day so thought I’d do this post for reference.

I wanted to make Wee Man a vest to wear over the summer and wanted to use up some stash yarn while I was at it. I couldn’t find a pattern that fit the idea in my head so worked out some measurements and charted up the cable idea I had and set about making a bit of a pattern to follow. Unfortunately it took me so long to get on with things and actually get it finished that he’s grown too much and it doesn’t actually fit. I do really like the way the cable came out so think I’ll recalculate the size and make a bigger version in a month or two. I may also put buttons on one shoulder to make it easier to get on as the main problem was getting it over his head. It did go on but was very snug before I finished the i-cord edging around the neck (may also have needed to pick up some more stitches here).

It was a good experience if not a useful finished object.

Cable Vest

Knitted for: Wee Man if he was shrinking instead of growing

Size: Probably 3-6 month size

Wool used (colourway): Cygnet Wool Rich Aran (0044) (leftovers from March Basic Cardigan) ~ 63g

Needle: 4.5mm

Ravelry Project Link: here

Notes: The cables got out of sync somewhere on the vneck even though there are the same number of rows so must a delayed a cable cross somewhere. The ribbing flows into the cable and the cable splits to go up both sides of the neck. Would consider putting the small cables up the back to meet at the shoulder next time. Also buttons on at least one shoulder. Worked in the round to the armholes then flat. 3 needle bind off at shoulders – would graft if using cables on the back. Applied i-cord on armholes and neck.

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