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The end of the year

So I didn’t intend on abandoning the blog for nearly 7 months but the last few months have been hard. Baby (who still doesn’t have a nickname) got mobile back in September, stopped napping anywhere but on me and started getting teeth. Plus with the big kids back at school I’m making three trips there a day. All combined crafting has been pretty limited and blogging and instagram even more so.

My ravelry project page is mostly up to date but the wips that were wips earlier in the year are still wips. I’ve made quite a lot of kids/baby hats this year and counting all of those just got me to 17in17 yarny projects. I’ve done a lot of sewing too, I’ve found it easier to fit in around baby. The big kids have new pajamas, Hobbit got a bunch of t-shirts earlier in the year and Wee Man has a pile of trousers. I’ve not really sewn for baby as she has piles of clothes as hand-me-downs plus is still in 3-6 month clothes at over 8 months old. She might finally be getting to a point were I could swap out some shirts but she’s definitely got short legs as the ones she’s wearing are still on the long side.

Hobbity-boo is halfway through her second year of primary school, she can read now which is super cool. She’s almost 6 and currently wants to be a science doctor when she grows up and teach her kids how to do experiments. Wee Man is almost 4 and halfway through his pre-school year at nursery. I’ve just been filling out enrolment forms for him to start school in August – there’ll only be two trips to school a day after that. He loves counting and can get to 109 before he skips to 1000.

I’ve not got solid plans for crafting for the new year. Currently on the needles (as well as the old wips) are a pair of rainbow socks in West Yorkshire Spinners yarn. Some of my older socks are wearing a bit thin so I need more, plus sock knitting is still my favourite. I’d really like to knit a sweater or two for me this year but need to get some things knit before I can justify buying more yarn. Sewing wise I have a few things for the kids on my desk and I’m planning another Robson Coat for me, this time a shortened version.

I’m hoping to be blogging more in the New Year, I need to get back in the habit as I like to have a record. Best wishes for the new year.

Christmas Munchkins


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A catch up

The last few weeks have been a little off schedule has Husband has had time off work, we’ve had visitors and we went away for a few days. I’ve not felt much like blogging and my crafting has been a bit slower than usual. The crafting I have done isn’t getting blogged about just now either as it’s for a swap so I don’t want to accidently give it away. I have remembered to take photos before I parcel it up though.

Knitting wise – my linen t-shirt is still slowly ongoing. I’ve also cast on a cowl out of the Ripples Crafts Burras mini-skeins I purchased at EYF earlier this year. There’s only 60g so that should be off the needles reasonably quickly. I’ve reached about 5.7K for stash dash. If I do get the linen t-shirt of the needles I think I might manage to reach 7K with a couple more small projects as well.

I’ve sewn a couple of project bags but otherwise all my sewing efforts have gone into cutting out all the things. I have 9 projects cut out now (except for the various bits of interfacing) and shouldn’t be running out of things to sew for a good while now. Some is projects for the kids out of leftover fabric and some are things for me. It’s helped to clear out some of the space in the sewing boxes as it takes up less room now.

Otherwise, Hobbity-boo is on school holidays. She’ll start at big school in August which means I need to get uniforms, labels etc organised sometime in the next month so she’s ready to go. She’s just worked out how to pedal her bike properly which is great. Wee Man has turned into a right chatter-box over the last few months which is fun. He’s also getting pretty good on his scooter but is still a little on the short side for his balance bike.

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The state of things

I am low on energy at the moment as Wee Man has been all snuffly for the last week or so and sleep has been harder to come by than normal. As a consequence crafting has been a bit slow though there have been lots of extra cuddles. I have been thinking about crafting a lot though.

It’s currently Me Made May so there’s a lot of posts on social media about what handmade items people have been  wearing so I’ve been having a further think about what I should be trying to get into my wardrobe. I’m not participating in the challenge but it is definitely making me think. I’ve been sewing pjs for the kids over the last couple of weeks but I’m almost done with that so need to decide what to sew next. I definitely want another Hollyburn skirt so I think that’s going to be up first. And while I’m not convinced I’m actually going to wear it I’m going to be making a Dotty Angel (Simplicity 1080) dress too. It’s been summery here this week so I’m filling summer gaps in the wardrobe but trying to go for things that can be flexible for the more common cooler days.

Chatter is also picking up about Stash Dash. It’s running from the end of May to sometime in August (whenever the Olympics finish). Last year was my first time taking part but I hadn’t originally planned to. This time I’m giving it a bit more pre-thought and so won’t be casting anything off until after the start date. I made it to 3K last year almost entirely knit within the (shorter) time frame. I’m wondering if I can possibly get to 5K this time around but I’ve not been particularly consistent at knitting so far this year. Still I should be able to finish my Hitofude before August as well as getting the very almost done Hitchhiker off the needles just after the start date. I’d like to get my purple linen tee finished sooner rather than later so I can wear it with any further summer weather but it’s slow going at the moment. Oh and ply the blue merino/silk as I’ve just finished spinning it this week. Then who knows? I’ve not got a plan beyond the current projects on the needles.

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A catch up of the non crafty sort

So time for a catch up I think.

We went away for Christmas and New Year. This was the first time we’d travelled with the kids and we started off with more than 40 hours of travel time to get to my in-laws in New Zealand. The kids did really well on the all the planes though they kind of refused to sleep much at all which wasn’t so great for us. We had a few hours in a hotel in Dubai on the way but were otherwise on planes and in airports for the rest of the trip. Whilst we had toys and drawing stuff in our carry-ons we didn’t actually need most of it. The children were entertained by TV and movies for the most part as well as getting fed.

It was great to actually arrive. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a great time playing with their cousins. We had a lovely Christmas and it was great to catch up with family who we hadn’t seen for several years. Unfortunately on Boxing Day Wee Man got sick with a fever which turned into a bit of croup then he got hay fever on top of that which made him rather miserable and clingy.

Just before New Year’s we took a very short plane ride and swapped islands to spend time with my parents and siblings. By this point Wee Man was on the mend which was good. We had a couple of days of rain while there but for the most part it was sunny and warm. I managed to catch up with a couple of school friends as well. We had a bit of a second Christmas and some more fun with cousins for the kids. Shortly before we were to move on the Hobbit came down with a fever. We figured she’d picked up whatever bug Wee Man had had a went on with our plan to fly down to Christchurch which is where Husband and I had lived before we moved to Scotland. Unfortunately she didn’t improve and was diagnosed with strep throat. She spent 4 days in bed sleeping and not eating and we delayed our flights back by a few days to give her a chance to recover.

Luckily our friends and family were lovely and came to visit us so we still managed to see them though we missed doing a couple of things that we’d have liked to. Wee Man had a great time getting all the attention to himself. Hobbit got better and we were all set to go when Wee Man got feverish again. His fever was controllable and much milder than the previous ones so we made the decision that we had to fly. He spent the trip home alternating between being miserable and being full of beans depending on how recently he’d had medicine. Hobbit slept much better on this set of flights (still recovering I expect) which helped. The last leg was horrible, Wee Man was about done with everything as he’d not slept much and I was starting to come down with something a well.

Thankfully we had no delays or trouble with our luggage (despite a very short transit in Dubai) and made it home to snow on the ground. Husband had to go to work the next day which left me sick with one sick child and one all better and raring to go child. It was not a good day at all. Wee Man turned out to have an ear infection and a course of antibiotics later he’s back to normal. I seem to have just had a cold on top of exhaustion and I’m pretty much all better too.

All this illness led to not nearly as much knitting over the last month as I’d hoped. I have a pair of socks blocking at the moment (half of one sock was knitted in the last two days) and I’ve made a little bit of progress on my Camelia Tee but really need to get through the yoke so it can become a mindless project. I’ve been thinking more about my aspirations for 2016 but still not ready to commit them to words. Maybe next week there’ll be more crafting talk.

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Grey, grey, grey and more grey

Everything is feeling a bit grey these days. I’m still struggling to get used to taking Hobbit to and from nursery school each day and the weather is really not helping. I was soaked through both trips yesterday and am socked through again today. Not helped by the fact that the waterproofing of both my coat and my boots seem to be giving up on me.

My grey pullover is coming a long very slowly. It’s bottom up and I’ve completed the body and the front yoke. Still to knit are the back yoke, buttonbands, two sleeve cuffs and the foldover collar. I had hoped to have it finished by this weekend but that is not going to be the case. I am pleased with how it’s coming out and hope it’ll be really wearable.

The grey coat I am sewing stalled out last weekend when I ran out of thread – should have started with a full reel. More arrived yesterday so I should be continuing with that soon. In the meantime I cut out and sewed the whole bag I was making in 3 days. Given how many pockets it has I’m quite impressed with myself. No photos just yet as the light has been rubbish. I have been using it already though and plan to take it with me this weekend.

What’s happening this weekend you ask? Edinburgh Yarn Festival is on and I’m heading there on Saturday with no kids in tow. I’m quite excited, I have a ticket, a list and a map. No firm plans on what to buy but some ideas. I’m hoping to acquire some yarn for making a rainbow of socks and I’d also like to get a hold of some fun fibre.

No photos today – they’d all be grey anyway but I’m hoping to report back on the Yarn Festival at the weekend or early next week and get some photos taken of my bag and then of my finished pullover soon.

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Walking in the neighbourhood

Coming home from the park the other day I took a bunch of photos including some of one of the rabbits we saw – they like to cross the path to investigate the grass before racing back to their warrens in the river bank. The Hobbit gets quite excited to see the rabbits hop hop hopping – I think she’s a bit disappointed that there isn’t a rabbit noise.

Hop little bunny, hop, hop, hop

The suburb we live in is surrounded on three sides by a loop of the river. The river is tidal as we are relatively close to the sea and also quite variable due to rain levels. The odd colouring in this shot is residue from the high water. The tidal nature and loopiness of the river meant it took quite sometime for us to work out which way was downstream when we first moved here. This must have been a time between tides as the river was perfectly still.

River reflections

Shortly after the above photo was taken a rower came along and disturbed the reflections and you can see the ripples in the below shot. He must have turned around pretty immediately after as he came back the other way (I paused so I wouldn’t get him in my photo which is when we saw the rabbit). The land across the river is mostly farms and you can see they took advantage of the weather to make hay.

Monument and Fields

The path by the river (which makes it’s way around most of the loop) is a favourite of ours, it’s also a favourite of dog walkers too which is exciting for the Hobbit. They’ve just recently put up informational signs about the the history of the area and what still exists today. The trees form a lovely avenue – for a short period in the spring they are covered in pink blossom and the path gets covered too. In this shot we are coming up to the point where the path cuts across a narrow neck of land to rejoin the river on the other side. The area of land contained in the loop is farmed (occasionally we see sheep trucks going past our place) and also contains the Lawn Bowls Club. Bowling seems to be a big thing in our suburb as we have the Ten Pin Bowls, Indoor Bowls and the Lawn Bowls all in a small area.

Down by the river bend

Past the narrow neck takes us around the corner and back into sight of the castle. The Rugby Club is on the far side of the river and the Rowing Club is coming up a bit further along. We’re lucky enough to see the castle out our window every day (well except when there’s really low cloud). It sits up on a volcanic crag and the city sprawls out below. You can see the river is still again here, that’s because we cut across a loop of the river and the rower is still making is way around. He caught up with us again a little further along.

Back around the bend

There is a lot of greenery down by the river but also a number of flowers. In particular there are masses of Willowherb all over the place (and yes my Mum helped identify what it was – I am not really a plant person). It’s a lovely colour and quite brightens the surroundings up.


In less pretty making fashion, the moles have a love of digging holes in the grass areas by the river. There are always molehills about even in the depths of winter. You never quite know where they’re going to dig next.

Mole Hills


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Bits and bobs

  1. I finished the cowl, blocked it but haven’t gotten good photos
  2. I knit a short sleeved cardigan for the hobbit, again no photos
  3. I’ve made 4 cards for various occasions, yet again there are no photos
  4. Went to the park and saw a frog, a rabbit, a swan, ducks, seagulls, pigeons, dogs, the remnants of a rabbit, and lots of daffodils
  5. Been rained on and blessed with sunshine
  6. Seen some lovely sunsets
  7. Been woken up at the wrong time of day
  8. Started a baby blanket for a baby due in May
  9. Baked cheese muffins
  10. Made poppyseed bread again (still yummy)
  11. Started sewing a dress for hobbit – successfully made buttonbands (minus the buttonholes), a collar and set in the sleeves
  12. Finished the Wheel of Time series – a bit sad there will be no more
  13. Have completely ignored knitting on my Ivy League Vest
  14. Acquired wool for a birthday present and a couple of balls of sock yarn at the Hobbycraft sale
  15. Did not lose the hobbit when she kept wandering off at storytime
  16. We are all still alive 🙂

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