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T-shirts for a growing girl

By the time next winter comes around Hobbity-boo will have no long sleeved t-shirts that fit. (Well assuming she keeps growing anyway.) I had enough leftovers of jersey to piece together 3 t-shirts from New Look 1332. You might recognise some of the fabric from previous garments. View C is the long-sleeved variation and has contrasting tops to the sleeves and the front. There is a short zip closure at the back neck – I had enough short zips in my stash to use so all three t-shirts are entirely from stash. It was good to get some leftovers out of there. I have made size 5 and tucked them away with other to big items.

New Look 1332 C - little grey hedgehog


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FO: Rainbow Dress


Rainbow dress - little grey hedgehog

The bodice is based on the size 4-6 Flax Light by TinCanKnits without the garter panels and with increases to make a skirt. I then worked even until I’d almost run out of yarn then worked an i-cord bind-off. The sleeves were bound off with an i-cord instead of being placed onto waste yarn. Instead of casting on the indicated number of stitches at the underarm I picked up 3 from each end of the i-cord and cast on the remainder. This neatened up the armholes.

Total yardage: 740 metres.

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FO: Purple and yellow are her favourite

Next on the sewing agenda after finishing Wee Man’s coat was to sew a spring coat for the Hobbit. I cut this one out at the same time as I did his, started it immediately after his then go sick and it had to wait a while before it was finished.

This is look 3 of Five and Ten Designs Volume 2. I have again used cotton twill for the main fabric and this time yellow taffeta for the lining. I had a couple of hiccups when it came to attaching pieces together. My sleeve pieces did not match up to their armholes on either the main body or the lining. I ended up doing some decorative pleats to at the shoulder to fix it up. I pretty sure this is my fault not the pattern as I’ve not had problems before. I suspect I either traced the pattern incorrectly or was not careful enough on my cutting out. There was also a small mismatch of the hems between the lining and the main coat which have been ‘fixed’ by small pleats at the side seams.

The coat has 10 buttons but no button holes as it is sensibly closed with snaps instead. I had planned on purple snaps but didn’t have a good colour match so used yellow instead – half of them are on the lining anyway so it made more sense.

Overall I think it’s ok though definitely not perfect. I think I’d use this version again when she gets bigger as well (this is the size 4 again). Also I probably wouldn’t have picked yellow to go with the purple if they weren’t her favourite. I think cream or light grey would be a better match to the purple.

Five and Ten designs Volume 2 Look 3 in purple twill and yellow taffeta


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FO: Happy Clown Feet

Whilst we were away I picked up a couple of skeins of yarn. One of these was one Hobbit took a shine to and enthusiastically agreed when I suggested we buy it to make her socks.

I decided on simple tube socks to help them last a bit longer. While she’s slowed down in growing it’s still a bit unpredictable as to when it’ll happen. I made these toe-up with 48 stitches around and knitted 20g of yarn before working 10 rows of ribbing and the bind-off. I think I could possibly have gone up to 56 stitches (certainly 52) and they not been too sloppy. However she has a younger brother who can take possession of them when they get too tight.

The yarn is a NZ brand Countrywide Yarn Company. This is their Happy Feet sock yarn in the Clown Multi colourway. The patterning surprised me as I though it was going to be more variegated than that. I don’t know what it would have done on a different circumference of knitting though and Hobbit likes the zig-zags.

Happy Clown Feet

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Birthday Cakes

The kids birthdays are only a few days apart so we have a bit of a birthday week going on at this time of the year.

(Note: this post is mostly a reference post for me for future cakes)

I consulted with my newly 4 year old about cakes for her and her brother and we decided that she wanted a ladybird (not a ladybug) like she had last year but this time it had to be pink with lots of spots. The spots later got upgraded to being purple in particular and there had to be a sticking out tongue. I have two hemisphere cake pans that I bought for last year’s efforts and made a 1.5 x banana cake to fill the two of them. I skipped the mashing bananas step and my Kitchen Aid mixed them in quite thoroughly anyway. The small cake was cut and then stuck to the larger with vanilla butter-cream which was spread over the rest of the cake too. I used store bought black and fuchsia fondant icing for the body and small amounts of white fondant that I coloured with gel colourings for the facial features and spots. I had a bit of trouble with getting the black icing smooth especially on the face as it ended up very thin in parts but she was not bothered by it’s wrinkles and was pretty excited by her cake.

Ladybird Cake

Wee Man didn’t have much to say about his thoughts (he’s still not much for talking) but Hobbit and I decided on chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a rocket on top. Wee Man told us that rockets fly to the moon so we had to have a moon too. I used the large hemisphere cake tin to make the cake (a single recipe of chocolate cake) and then covered it in chocolate butter-cream. I again used white fondant that I coloured with gels to make the decorations. The rocket and moon are from cookie cutters (they came in a set with an astronaut) and the stars are from little icing cutters. He was pretty excited about the rocket flying in the sky to the moon and very much enjoyed having Happy Birthday sung to him.

Rocket Cake

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FO: Rocket Hat

In the interest of using up some of the leftover dk and aran I have in my stash I’ve knitted Hobbit a colour-work hat. She’s rather interested in rockets at the moment so I looked around for rocket inspiration to make a chart for a hat.

There are 5 rockets around the hat with decreases in between them at the top. Knitting 4 would make a baby hat and 6 an adult hat so I might be using this pattern again. I’ve started with ribbing and then a bit of plain stockinette before starting the charts. The hat used most of 50g of the main colour and about half the ball of the contrast colour. I’m pleased I’ve got some use out of the yarn and she wore the hat as soon as it was dry from blocking so she’s happy too.

Rocket Hat

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FO: Handspun Cowls

In order to use up my stash I’ve tried to assign projects to most of the yarn I have. These two skeins of handspun were not enough yardage to do much with but cowls are always useful at this time of the year and have the advantage of being worked until you run out of yarn.

The blue cowl is handspun silk. The cowl is worked in seed stitch in the round and I just worked until I had (barely) enough yarn for the cast off.

Handspun Silk Cowl

The pink cowl is handspun kid mohair. When I spun it there was not really any halo at all but as soon as I started knitting it there was more and more fluff. This one is for Hobbit and is the small version of the Honey Cowl.

Handspun Kid Mohair Honey Cowl

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