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FO: Cloudberry blanket

Another baby blanket finished, now I’m wondering how many I’ve made in total as this is the 4th this year.

This is another centre out pattern crocheted from a single large cake of yarn. The pattern is written for slightly less yarn than I had so I added a few extra rows and also edged it in a row of single crochet rather than working the puff edging as in the pattern. It came out rather big but is also nice and airy so should do well even layered up.

Cloudberry Blanket by Johanna Lindahl in Rico Design Creative Wool Dégradé Ecru - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Cloudberry by Johanna Lindahl

Yarn: Rico Design Creative Wool Dégradé in Ecru (200g)

Hook: 6mm

Ravelry Page: here

Modifications: Added some extra rows to use up more of the yarn then replaced the edging row with a row of sc with a ch1 at the corners.


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FO: Sunrise Baby Blanket

I’m in the middle of making another couple of baby blankets for gifts. This is the first one crocheted out of Wendy Evolution. The yarn comes in a handy box with the central end threaded through an eyelet – no worries about tangles here. The yarn is made of four threads and changes colour by changing one thread at a time. The yarn is half cotton and was nice to work with and not hard on the hands as some cotton can be (the acrylic probably helps with that). I went hunting for in the round crochet blankets and found Raspberry Road which was written for a different gradient cake yarn so I had to make the blanket a little smaller as I had less yarn available. The pattern contains Jacob’s Ladders which I hadn’t encountered before but they were fun to ‘zip up’ and bring the blanket together. I would use this pattern and yarn again.

Raspberry Road Blanket in Wendy Evolution Sunrise - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Raspberry Road Blanket by Kirsten Ballering

Yarn: Wendy Evolution in Sunrise (150g) purchased at Wool Warehouse

Hook: 4.5mm

Ravelry page: here

Modifications: Worked row 26 then skipped to row 37 and 38 due to less yarn.


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FO: Raindrops for Pixie

After finishing my Cadeautje Slippers I went looking for my next project. My yarn lives in project bags and I add patterns etc to them as I get closer to using them. In theory this means I should be able to just grab a bag a go but because I can’t see what’s in the bags I tend to have to hunt through them a bit to find what I was after. I was looking for the yarn I had for brioche hat but on the way found two balls of fingering yarn I had purchased intending on making a jumper for Pixie before she was born. Clearly I didn’t actually manage that and as she is getting bigger I thought I had better get on with that jumper before she was too big to fit in one made of 100g of yarn.

I restricted my search to patterns I already own and the yarn I had and came up with TinCanKnits Raindrops pattern. The 1-2y size used exactly the amount of yardage I had (but does have a 3/4 sleeve option) and seemed like it would fit Pixie both now (a bit big) and in autumn (hopefully just right). The sweater is worked from the top down with increases worked into the eyelet patterning on the yoke. It was a quick knit and I was carefully weighing my yarn on the sleeves a week after starting. I ended up with just the right amount to get full length sleeves and still had a couple of metres leftover. I really like how it came out and hope that Pixie likes wearing it too.

Raindrops by TinCanKnits in SMC Extra Soft Merino Fino (5488) - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Raindrops by TinCanKnits (1-2y)

Yarn: SMC Extra Soft Merino Fino in 5488 Blue, 100g (350m)

Needles: 2.25mm and 3.25mm

Ravelry Page: here


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Birthday Girl Pixie

Today Pixie had her first birthday. We are struggling to believe that she’s been here for a whole year as it has gone so fast. She is still a wee thing, wearing clothes that her brother and sister were wearing at 6 months. She has worn out the knees of several pairs of trousers recently having been wearing and crawling in them for so long but having started walking can’t wear the too long next size up ones just yet. I made her a couple of pairs of simple trousers from remnants over the weekend so hopefully we can make it a bit longer without needing to buy a third round of 3-6 months trousers.

We bought her a scuttle bug ride on which she is almost big enough to use easily. She can’t climb on by herself but can get off and is getting more successful at moving around. And her own water bottle which she’s super happy about because unlike the big kids ones this doesn’t get taken off her.

In general she’s a happy wee thing, trying to communicate, getting into mischief and trying to keep up with her siblings. She doesn’t really believe in naps and is not great at night but will at times play on her own (or spend her time bothering her siblings) so sometimes I get little bits of crafting time.

I made her cake, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and sugar paste flowers. She was super excited to see it and ate rather a large piece as well as some of the flowers.

 Pixie turns 1 - little grey hedgehog

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FO: Marley – Blue Ocean

We got caught by sickness bugs again, Wee Man had a cough then Pixie had a cold followed by a Husband with tonsillitis. But we are on school holidays now and nobody seems to be sick (today at least) and despite it snowing again yesterday today we have lovely sunshine.

I made rapid progress through the second Marley blanket thanks in part to sizing up the needles a bit. I’m happier with the size of this one and the fabric is still a good gauge. This is otherwise pretty similar to the previous version. I didn’t get as many repeats in each section but due to the gauge change the blanket is a bit bigger any way. It’s waiting now until the baby it’s intended for is a bit closer to arrival.

I’ve now turned my attention to my sneaky socks – they’d stopped getting any attention hiding away upstairs and I’d like to get them off the needles and onto my feet. I’ve turned the first heel in the last 24 hours so making progress, hopefully it will continue as next I get to cast on something new.

Marley Blanket by TinCanKnits in Stylecraft Batik Swirl Blue Ocean - littlegreyhedgehog

Pattern: Marley by TinCanKnits

Yarn: Stylecraft Batik Swirl in Blue Ocean

Needles: 6mm

Modifications: I wanted a squarer blanket than the pattern is written for so worked extra repeats of the increase sections, weighed my yarn then worked straight repeats until I had only enough yarn left to complete the decrease section.

Ravelry page: here

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FO: Polka dot hat

There were two whole days of spring in a row at the beginning of the week so I hunted down the kids sunhats. Hobbit’s still fits, Wee Man’s is snug but will do for a bit longer and I couldn’t find the one that should fit the Pixie. Oliver and S bucket hat pattern and leftover fabric to the rescue.

Oliver and S bucket hat - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Oliver and S bucket hat (free download) in size S (she’s measuring 18.5″)

Fabric: leftover purple and polka dots

Modifications: I stitch together two hats then join them leaving a gap at the brim. Turn them in the right way then topstitch the brim.

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FO: Blue Handspun Honey Cowl

This project was started in late 2016 with the intention of having it knit for Wee Man for that winter. It didn’t happen partly due to pregnancy and partly due to slow progress because of the pattern stitch. It’s been waiting for me and I decided rather than slogging through it I would aim for a quick win and work the rest of the cowl in plain stockinette. Three days later and it was all done.

Blue Handspun Honey Cowl - little grey hedgehog

Pattern: Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland for 3 inches then straight stockinette

Yarn: my handspun from blue merino fibre

Needles: 4mm

Ravelry page: here

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