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I’ve been making but …

I’ve been making but not taking photos or blogging about things. Since posting about the Puerperium a month ago I have finished my Fiona Coat, knitted a baby blanket, re-knitted the sleeves of my Mama Vertebrae to narrow and lengthen them, sewn a dress (same as this one but in navy with blue stars), sewn a Sewaholic Granville shirt in a floral patterned poplin, sewn a pair of jeans (like these but with a higher back rise on the yoke), sewn three nursing tops, sewn a project bag and two gathered clutches to use as presents later in the year (Noodle head pattern, see photos below).

Some of these sewing projects are leftovers from my pile of cutting out I did last summer – I’ve finally reached the end of those. Next up is sewing a messenger bag. Knitting wise I have a second baby blanket on the needles, I’m just coming to the end of the third of ten balls. That’s the last of the knitting I’m trying to get done for baby so when it’s finished I’ll be casting on something just out of my stash just for fun. I didn’t manage to make it to Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year – I’m not currently up for that much walking or standing around but I still have some lovely stuff from last year that hasn’t been knit due to baby knitting and taking a big break from much crafting last year (also due to baby).

Gathered clutch by Noodle-head - little grey hedgehog


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A catch up of the non crafty sort

So time for a catch up I think.

We went away for Christmas and New Year. This was the first time we’d travelled with the kids and we started off with more than 40 hours of travel time to get to my in-laws in New Zealand. The kids did really well on the all the planes though they kind of refused to sleep much at all which wasn’t so great for us. We had a few hours in a hotel in Dubai on the way but were otherwise on planes and in airports for the rest of the trip. Whilst we had toys and drawing stuff in our carry-ons we didn’t actually need most of it. The children were entertained by TV and movies for the most part as well as getting fed.

It was great to actually arrive. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a great time playing with their cousins. We had a lovely Christmas and it was great to catch up with family who we hadn’t seen for several years. Unfortunately on Boxing Day Wee Man got sick with a fever which turned into a bit of croup then he got hay fever on top of that which made him rather miserable and clingy.

Just before New Year’s we took a very short plane ride and swapped islands to spend time with my parents and siblings. By this point Wee Man was on the mend which was good. We had a couple of days of rain while there but for the most part it was sunny and warm. I managed to catch up with a couple of school friends as well. We had a bit of a second Christmas and some more fun with cousins for the kids. Shortly before we were to move on the Hobbit came down with a fever. We figured she’d picked up whatever bug Wee Man had had a went on with our plan to fly down to Christchurch which is where Husband and I had lived before we moved to Scotland. Unfortunately she didn’t improve and was diagnosed with strep throat. She spent 4 days in bed sleeping and not eating and we delayed our flights back by a few days to give her a chance to recover.

Luckily our friends and family were lovely and came to visit us so we still managed to see them though we missed doing a couple of things that we’d have liked to. Wee Man had a great time getting all the attention to himself. Hobbit got better and we were all set to go when Wee Man got feverish again. His fever was controllable and much milder than the previous ones so we made the decision that we had to fly. He spent the trip home alternating between being miserable and being full of beans depending on how recently he’d had medicine. Hobbit slept much better on this set of flights (still recovering I expect) which helped. The last leg was horrible, Wee Man was about done with everything as he’d not slept much and I was starting to come down with something a well.

Thankfully we had no delays or trouble with our luggage (despite a very short transit in Dubai) and made it home to snow on the ground. Husband had to go to work the next day which left me sick with one sick child and one all better and raring to go child. It was not a good day at all. Wee Man turned out to have an ear infection and a course of antibiotics later he’s back to normal. I seem to have just had a cold on top of exhaustion and I’m pretty much all better too.

All this illness led to not nearly as much knitting over the last month as I’d hoped. I have a pair of socks blocking at the moment (half of one sock was knitted in the last two days) and I’ve made a little bit of progress on my Camelia Tee but really need to get through the yoke so it can become a mindless project. I’ve been thinking more about my aspirations for 2016 but still not ready to commit them to words. Maybe next week there’ll be more crafting talk.

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Bits and bobs

  1. I finished the cowl, blocked it but haven’t gotten good photos
  2. I knit a short sleeved cardigan for the hobbit, again no photos
  3. I’ve made 4 cards for various occasions, yet again there are no photos
  4. Went to the park and saw a frog, a rabbit, a swan, ducks, seagulls, pigeons, dogs, the remnants of a rabbit, and lots of daffodils
  5. Been rained on and blessed with sunshine
  6. Seen some lovely sunsets
  7. Been woken up at the wrong time of day
  8. Started a baby blanket for a baby due in May
  9. Baked cheese muffins
  10. Made poppyseed bread again (still yummy)
  11. Started sewing a dress for hobbit – successfully made buttonbands (minus the buttonholes), a collar and set in the sleeves
  12. Finished the Wheel of Time series – a bit sad there will be no more
  13. Have completely ignored knitting on my Ivy League Vest
  14. Acquired wool for a birthday present and a couple of balls of sock yarn at the Hobbycraft sale
  15. Did not lose the hobbit when she kept wandering off at storytime
  16. We are all still alive 🙂

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Resolutions 2013

A slightly belated post this year. Somebody has been sleeping even less well than usual and just keeping up with things as been taking all my energy. However I made lists this morning and hope to have a productive week.

Last year:
Spin, blog, exercise, take photos, talk about books are all things I want to do regularly.
Eat healthy.
Continue to increase my handmade wardrobe.
Work on designing.
Try a new craft.

Spinning fell by the wayside (and I think will do so again this year) as the hobbit is far too interested in what I am doing to spin around her. I do want to get what’s on my spindles finished so I think I will try for some spinning every month.
Blogging has been better. I think I’d have far more blog posts if I could type remotely with my brain as I seem to think of all the good things to say when I’m nursing the hobbit, or failing at falling asleep.
I’ve been taking photos. Lots of the hobbit (well lots of video from which I’ve been snipping photos). I’d like to get better at using my big camera and all it’s settings.
I’ve been good at updating Goodreads but haven’t been reading a huge number of actual books in the last few months. I’m currently trying to read Anna Karenina as part of a January book club read. It’s slow going at the moment probably because I’m only reading just before bed when I’m already tired. I’d like to keep reading with the book club but it’ll depend a bit on whether I can get a hold of the books.

Exercise and eat healthily have been rather rubbish. This is mostly tied to lack of sleep. I’m trying to cut out snacking in the immediate future and hope that as the days get longer (and the hobbit drops to one nap) getting out and about will be easier. I’m working on doing some strength training at home (sometimes using the hobbit as weights) at the moment.

My handmade wardrobe has increased a bit (the hobbit’s has increased more), but I think I don’t always make what I’ll wear. I want to sew some more things for me this year and I’m planning on knitting 13 in 13 over 13 (more on that in another post) most of which are for me. I have fabric and pattern for a knit fabric top which I want to get on to soon.

Designing didn’t make it past thoughts in my head really but I’m planning on unravelling a cardigan I don’t wear and working on a jersey from it. I haven’t found a pattern that’s just right so I’m going to find one that’s close for the measurements and then work on knitting my own. This’ll probably be later in the year.

New craft: I tried my hand at glass painting some Christmas presents. Easier than I thought it’d be. The hardest part was sketching the design before hand. I think I’d like to sketch a bit more this year, but I’m not sure how likely that is to actually happen.

Glass Ornaments

This year:
Spin, blog, exercise, take photos, talk about books.
Eat healthily.
Continue to increase my handmade wardrobe.
Work on designing.
Be better about housework (I get the basics done but it’s the irregular stuff I’d like to get better at)
Use what I have in order to declutter a bit.
Bake regularly. (This seems like it would cause problems with eat healthily but I think eating home baked good is better than buying sweets and things)
Make cards through the year so I don’t end up making 20 all at once at Christmas time.

I think that’s about all. I’ve a plan to make monthly goals to get things done so I’m going to go type up January now.

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2012 goals – halfway update

As it’s halfway through the year (how on earth did that happen!) I thought I should think about where I’m at with my 2012 goals and see if I’m making any progress or need to readjust them.
I’ve been good at blogging for the last wee while so that’s under control as is taking photos – there are more than 1000 of the wee one as well as a fair amount of other things. Talking about books is slightly increased in that I’m keeping track of them on Goodreads and occasionally writing reviews (short ones at any rate) – there was quite a while where I wasn’t reading very much but I find time most nights now. I’m getting exercise – walking while carrying the baby is a little slow but burns more calories plus my arms are getting strong lifting her around. I’ve not really been doing concentrated exercise but am feeling reasonably happy about this anyway.
Eat healthy is improving – there has been a bit too much bad snacking in the last few months but it is improving now especially as I have a bit more time to make food in the daytime. I’ve finished one skirt and am currently sewing on buttons for a cardigan. I’m increasing the number of pairs of socks as well but I’m not really wearing most of my wardrobe at the moment – it’s too likely to get spat up on.

Spinning hasn’t been touched yet this year 😦 I want to keep working on this though.
Designing (apart from in my head) is the same though I have a skein of laceweight mohair for which I can’t find a pattern I like so may try coming up with one on my own for a wide scarf.
Try a new craft: Well I’m not trying one I haven’t touched before but I’ve purchased a quilting book and plan to work on that in the not too distant future. I’m also working on my calligraphic skills (they need a bit) which I’ve never really worked at officially. I’d like to try and do some illuminated letters.

Given the addition of a baby to my world and that the goals were written prior to her arrival I think I’m not doing to bad. I’ve still got projects on the go that I’d like to see finished by the end of the year (or in the case of blankets much further along) but I think I’m feeling good about where I’m at.

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New Year 2012

Did I achieve my goals from last New Years?
Well it was going well in the first half of the year, then I got pregnant which sucked all the energy out of me and things rather fell by the wayside. Though given that getting pregnant was my biggest (though unlisted) goal for the year I guess I can still count that as a win. It will be interesting to see how having a baby affects things in the coming year as I find that many of last years goals will continue into this year.

I didn’t blog more (it ended up being about the same) – this was going well at the beginning of the year and then there was nothing for months and months. I’d like to keep this goal for 2012. If I manage to blog every time I think I should, or concentrate on getting posts about finished projects then I should achieve this.

I did well at taking photos of everything I made though I didn’t take photos of anything much else. This is probably mostly due to not actually doing much else. Adding a baby to take photos of should increase this and again I’d like to keep working on this.

Exercising regularly went well for the first half. I found setting myself a mileage goal for the week as part of my todo list worked quite well to get me walking for the sake of walking rather than as part of errands and daily life. I’m hoping that once things settle down after the baby is born I can get back into this as it’ll be good for me and the baby.

I believe I did read more books and spent less time aimlessly on the computer. Some of the reading was done on the computer and acquiring a kindle for Christmas should translate this type of reading to bed time as well. I went to library regularly throughout the year and while I didn’t read all the books I got out I did read a lot of them. I don’t feel the need to keep this as a goal but would like to ‘talk’ more about books that I read. I don’t spend as much time aimlessly on the computer I seem to have moved into watching movies and listening to podcasts while knitting instead which seems much more productive.

I increased the number of handmade items in my wardrobe and want to continue with this in 2012. I’ve not worn a lot of them (other than accessories) in the last few months as they just don’t fit currently but I’m happy with the way my wardrobe is moving. I need to get my sewing machine fixed up and get back into sewing – there are a couple of skirts that are waiting to be sewn together. I want to increase my skirt wearing in 2012 too. I may need to acquire a pair of mary janes.

I learnt to spin using a drop spindle. This was going quite well and the goal for 2012 is to increase my spinning time and improve my spinning.

Design a sweater happened only in concept. I haven’t made progress into swatching and the maths yet. This was complicated by not really knowing what size I should be making. The one I have in mind is quite fitted and the substantial change in bust size caused by pregnancy will clearly have an impact. I’d like to make further progress in 2012.

I didn’t use nearly as many new recipes as I’d like but I did add a number to the rotation. I’ve also gotten better at thinking about vege and fruit content of my day – helped along by the desire to have a healthy baby.

So goals for 2012:
Spin, blog, exercise, take photos, talk about books are all things I want to do regularly.
Eat healthy.
Continue to increase my handmade wardrobe.
Work on designing.
Try a new craft.

We’ll see how things go.

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Goals for 2011

Blog regularly
Take more photos
Exercise regularly and improve overall fitness
Read more books
Spend less aimless time on the computer
Increase the number of handmade items in my wardrobe
Learn to spin
Design a sweater
Continue to try new recipes and work on getting more vegetables and fruit in my diet.

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