A quilt and a nursery space

I finished the quilt I mentioned in my last post. It didn’t take much time to machine quilt and I was enthusiastic about finishing it so didn’t dawdle to much over hand-stitching the binding down. This quilt is nominally for baby but it’s intended purpose is to keep me warm when I’m up with the baby at night. I used a twin size wadding and pieced the top to match. I had to piece a strip of back with the leftover patterned fabrics as there was a bit less width than I’d hoped. I quilted around each of the rectangles on the front, it’s 4 by 11 rectangles with same size sashing between. I used 12 fat quarters and I think 3m of 96″ cream for the sashing, backing and binding. There are 3 different hot air balloon colourways and similarly 3 different ‘farm’ colourways. Farm is in quotes becasue there are actually giraffes amongst the hens, cows, and butterflies. Apologies for the not great photos.

Quilt for a nursery - little grey hedgehog

Baby won’t have it’s own room to start with and so we’ve been converting our dressing room (which is off the master bedroom) into a nursery space. I think what makes it a dressing room rather than a walk in wardrobe is that it has it’s own window. Originally it had a built in wardrobe down one side plus storage under the eaves. The window had no coverings nor a windowsill. Removing the fitted wardrobe was simply a matter of a dozen screws and then it came to tidying up the walls and sorting out the carpet and window.

The holes were plastered and I gave the whole space a couple of coats of off-white paint (colourway was contemporary), this included doing the ceiling. Once that was done I cut and fitted a windowsill and roman blind (blackout for obvious reasons). Ideally we would have ripped out the carpet, installed skirtings and installed new carpet but it didn’t seem worth it when the patch was going to be hidden by furniture. One day we’ll probably make this into a study space and do the floors then. For now we added underlay and used some carpet tiles to level out the floor under the cot. There’s just enough room for an armless armchair (also known as an occasional, bedroom or dressing table chair) as I don’t like nursing in bed. From the doorway it’s about two steps to my side of our bed. Behind the door and under the eaves there’s room for a small set of drawers and the changing table (not that we’ve ever changed a baby on the table we normally use the mat on the floor). This space still needs a bit or sorting out and I’m still deciding if I want to put anything on the walls but it’s ready enough given that baby’s not expected for three months.

Nursery space before and after - little grey hedgehog



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2 responses to “A quilt and a nursery space

  1. riotflower

    I’m behind on blog reading it seems! Saw this a few weeks ago and meant to send you a big congratulations!


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