Planning and list making

I haven’t a list of goals for the year but I have been sorting out my planner and making some lists.

In February last year I gave up on using Evernote to keep my lists so that I could get back to using paper and crossing things out. I still wanted to keep everything together but also wanted to be able to rearrange things and remove bits I didn’t need anymore. I decided a ring bound planner was the best thing to start with. I bought a Collins Balmoral in the ‘personal’ size intending to rearrange the contents to suit me. I ended up getting rid of almost everything included with the planner and making my own monthly and weekly inserts. I’ve also got a lot of essentially blank pages that I use for other lists.

I looked at inserts available online but didn’t find anything that suited and have ended up using Scribus to create my own. Mostly my week starts on a Saturday and I wanted all the days on one page with space for notes, meal planning and cleaning on the opposing page. My months also start on Saturday and have a place down one side to make a list of things I intend to get down that month – often this list winds up being a bit ambitious.

I made my own dividing tabs to split up sections and had fun decorating them with stickers and washi tape. I’ve consistently used the planner over the last year with a few gaps but because my weeks are not labelled with dates I can just move straight on to a list for the next week without wasting any pages. I can also remove pages after they are used which helps keep the bulk down. One of the pages in the planner is a craft in 2017 list. It’s about half the size of last years list but does include a number of things that I didn’t get to in 2016. Most of this are things I already have supplies for but there are a couple of sewing and a couple of knitting projects that will require purchases. Maybe at EYF2017?

Divider tabs - little grey hedgehog


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