Long time no post and an FO

So I didn’t intend on a four month break. We moved house in early September and things got a bit off kilter after that. It took a while for me to get back into regular crafting and has taken even longer to get back to blogging.

There have been a few small FOs since August but some have not made it into Ravelry or have not been photographed. I hope I can get that back up to date but there may be some that just stay missing.

According to Instagram I cast on this shawl back in August. (As of today it has a Ravelry page.) It is knit from two skeins of Travel Knitter yarn I purchased at EYF2016 back in March. The yarn is fingering weight in her BFL supersock in Puddled Iron and Queen of Hearts I reached the striped section reasonably quickly but then stalled out as it got slower with long rows and two colours. I worked on it in little bits but finally picked it up properly just this last week. Once I’d reached the final section it went much quicker despite there still being a good 50g of yarn to go. The grey section is knit on the bias with increases for half the yarn. Once I started striping the two colours I stopped the biasing but kept the increases the same, this is why it’s essentially a right angle triangle but knit from a tip. The final red section is knit the same but in a single colour. I had thought about lace for the last section but ended up sticking with garter stitch throughout. It is 200g of fingering yarn so rather big but the garter stitch makes it snuggly. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and glad that I’ve finally got it off the needles.

Red Grey Shawl in Travel Knitter BFL supersock in Puddled Iron and Queen of Hearts


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