FO: Rosie Dress

I acquired this dress pattern with a Simply Sewing magazine I purchased a month or two ago. It’s the first pattern from their home brand Cotton + Chalk. It’s a style I wanted to try and I had hopes that it would be a good summer dress.

The pattern itself is very clear and probably has more detail than typical. The style of neck facing was something I hadn’t come across before but had no problems with after following the directions. The only problem I had was that the zip in the back is the last thing to go in and it’s a bit hard to get a good idea of the fit without that in. I happy with the dress and it is (as intended) a wearable muslin of the pattern. I think the end result is that my cup size is smaller than would best fit the rest of the dress. The dress is the right size but the bodice is not the best fit across the front. It’s wearable with an undershirt. I’m not quite sure at this stage how to modify it. Possibly I can short the middle front of the bodice (leaving the waist panel the same) but I worry that the hem would then be crooked, but I can probably baste that and test it out. I’ll have to wait until I’ve access to a bigger mirror though. I do like the style and if I can work out that small problem I’ll be happy with the dress.

Rosie Dress by Cotton + Chalk (Simply Sewing Magazine) in floral from - little grey hedgehog


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