FO: Brickless

I took photos for this post last week but have been forgetting that the next step is to actually write up the post.

After finally finishing my purple linen tee I cast on an easy project out of the variegated Wollmeise I purchased at EYF. The colourway is Bluebell and it’s a mix of bright blue and various purples. Totally my colours. I’d originally considered another Hitchhiker but wanted a bit more drape. Brickless is another of Martina Behm’s patterns in the same sort of style as Hitchhiker. It starts from a point and creates an asymmetric biased triangle. Brickless has bands of eyelets, ribbing and garter and has an uneven jagged edge. The pattern is simple enough to follow but I did have to keep checking how many rows per section as well as how many to cast off each time as these vary. My skein of Wollmeise was longer than the yarn used in the pattern so my shawl is a little bigger, I managed almost another repeat but was a few rows short on the last lace section. I think my gauge may have been a little looser too but I’m happy with how it came out. It is ridiculously long but isn’t bulky even with all of it wrapped around my neck. I look forward to wearing it when the weather changes (hopefully not too soon though).

Brickless by Martina Behm in Wollmeise Pure, Bluebell - little grey hedgehog


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