FO: Teeny wee baby hats

In the interests of getting a little more yardage for stash dash (I’ve hit 7K) and getting some old yarn out of my stash I’ve quickly knitted up a couple of baby hats. Recipients are to be determined but having them tucked away for gifts is not a bad thing.

I used the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat by Keri McKiernan which I’ve used previously. It’s easy to modify and a quick and easy knit. I worked both hats a little longer than suggested in the pattern (an inch or so extra) as I’d found that I seemed to get more rolling at the brim than expected which made the hats a bit short. I’ve used 120 stitches in the blue version which took a whole 25g skein of My First Regia, the pink used 100 stitches and used only 19g.

Easy Peasy Newborn Sock hat by Keri McKiernan in My First Regia - little grey hedgehog


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