FO: Chunky Pine Forest Baby Blanket

Also finished this week is the Pine Forest Baby Blanket I’ve been knitting in Cascade Eco+ – a chunkyweight yarn. I felt like I’d been making no progress but the last half has gone pretty fast. Probably because I’ve been working on one project at a time instead of loads.

Just over a month ago I had twelve projects on the needles. I’m now down to four. Two of these are ongoing blanket projects, one is the pair of gloves I hope to get finished by this winter but they are fiddly and taking some concentration. And the final one is my purple linen tee which (from the bottom up) I’ve finally reached the armholes. I’ve been making great progress on yardage for stash dash. Including this blanket I’m now up to: 4730m. I’m now wondering if I can make it to 7K by the end. Hoping to concentrate on finishing the linen tee before at last casting on something new.

Pine Forest Baby Blanket in Cascade Eco+ - little grey hedgehog

I decreased the cast on for the blanket slightly (13 repeats) to compensate for the larger needles (I used 6mm instead of 5mm) and then just kept working the lace repeat (32 times I think) until I had only enough for the garter border. I judged it pretty well and had essentially none leftover. The blanket has also turned out pretty close to square which is a nice bonus. Happily I was less bored by the purl rows this time round so I think I’d knit it again in chunky yarn.


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