FO: Rainbow Quilt

Done! Nearly 2 years since I pieced the top, 10 months of handquilting, and a couple of months to get the binding finished.

Rainbow Quilt from jelly roll - little grey hedgehog

I used one Jelly roll and several metres of natural cotton. It’s on a double bed here in the pictures but it’s actually going on our Kingsized bed. It was machine pieced all into one as it was ordered in the roll. I used natural coloured 100% cotton thread. I then cut it into three before I stitched it back together with natural coloured cotton in between. The backing is the same cotton. I purchased extra wide fabric so the back is all one piece. I quilted it by hand using a 12″ hoop and a size 10 between quilting needle. I started in the centre and spiralled out doodling my way around the quilt. It’s not one continuous but most of the time the line continues over several hoopfuls. I found the Craftsy mini-class on quilting helpful.

I used 2.5″ strips for the binding, ironed and then attached by machine to each side. I then sewed the binding down by hand.

I’m really happy with the result and it’ll be going on our bed as soon as I replace the current duvet cover. It’s definitely not perfect (the back is not perfectly smooth) and my stitching could have done with being smaller but I’m so pleased to get it off my desk (so much room now) and (almost) onto my bed.

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