Pre Stash Dash WiPs

This is a mostly for my own reference post for stash dash planning. I’ve listed my current wips and where I hope to get to for Stash Dash 2016. There are 9 projects to finish, gloves to finish one of and 2 blankets to make some more squares for. I’ve not done a yardage calculation but I do expect to knit some other projects as well as those listed below.

Hitchhiker: last row and bind-off to finish

Garden Socks: 2″ and cuff of sock 1 and sock 2 to knit

Blue Regia Hand-dye effect socks: leg of sock 1 and sock 2 to knit

Hitofude: Charts D and E to knit

Pine Forest Baby blanket: approx half knit, to finish.

Sea Foam Tee: currently 2/3 of the way up the body, to finish body and bodice.

Double layer cowl: currently one layer knit, second lace layer to knit and joining them together.

Glacier gloves: currently on row 20 of the hand of glove 1. Finish glove 1.

Steggie: 26/65 motifs complete. Finish completely.

AhTop: 26/50 motifs complete. Finish completely.

Scrap blanket: 4 squares knit.

Vivid blanket: 11 squares knit. Knit 5 more to finish the green.

And I have spinning to ply so that I can count that yardage too. I’m don’t think I’ll be able to finish any other spinning so might just take a break for a bit after I finish the plying. Plus I have sewing I want to do too even though that definitely doesn’t count for Stash Dash.


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