Scrap Happy

Once upon a time I started a sock yarn blanket to use up the leftovers of 4ply yarn I had. I’d previously made a dk/aran weight granny square blanket out of those scraps and thought that I’d be able to make use of all the little leftover bits for another blanket. After a promising start I found myself avoiding the blanket and didn’t really want to work on it. There were small squares so lots of ends and all the back and forth of the knitting wasn’t as mindless as I wanted. I’ve abandoned that one. It’s not been thrown away so I might see about turning it into a dolls blanket at some point.

The new blanket is made up of centre out squares. Each takes around 10g of yarn and a couple of hours to knit. I have four completed squares so far. I much happier with the knitting of these as it’s easy to keep track of the rows and I just go around and around. I hope to get a good way through my stash pile this year but don’t anticipate finishing it for a while yet.

(They’ll need a good blocking at some point too but I’m sewing in ends as I go.)

Sock yarn squares for scrap blanket - little grey hedgehog


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