The state of things

I am low on energy at the moment as Wee Man has been all snuffly for the last week or so and sleep has been harder to come by than normal. As a consequence crafting has been a bit slow though there have been lots of extra cuddles. I have been thinking about crafting a lot though.

It’s currently Me Made May so there’s a lot of posts on social media about what handmade items people have been  wearing so I’ve been having a further think about what I should be trying to get into my wardrobe. I’m not participating in the challenge but it is definitely making me think. I’ve been sewing pjs for the kids over the last couple of weeks but I’m almost done with that so need to decide what to sew next. I definitely want another Hollyburn skirt so I think that’s going to be up first. And while I’m not convinced I’m actually going to wear it I’m going to be making a Dotty Angel (Simplicity 1080) dress too. It’s been summery here this week so I’m filling summer gaps in the wardrobe but trying to go for things that can be flexible for the more common cooler days.

Chatter is also picking up about Stash Dash. It’s running from the end of May to sometime in August (whenever the Olympics finish). Last year was my first time taking part but I hadn’t originally planned to. This time I’m giving it a bit more pre-thought and so won’t be casting anything off until after the start date. I made it to 3K last year almost entirely knit within the (shorter) time frame. I’m wondering if I can possibly get to 5K this time around but I’ve not been particularly consistent at knitting so far this year. Still I should be able to finish my Hitofude before August as well as getting the very almost done Hitchhiker off the needles just after the start date. I’d like to get my purple linen tee finished sooner rather than later so I can wear it with any further summer weather but it’s slow going at the moment. Oh and ply the blue merino/silk as I’ve just finished spinning it this week. Then who knows? I’ve not got a plan beyond the current projects on the needles.


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