All the stitch-markers

I make my own stitch-markers. I used to do a lot more wire and bead work than I do at the moment (my focus moved to fibre crafts) and I’ve still got a lot of beads, findings and of course all my tools. I’ve made a number of different styles of stitch-markers but the ones I like the best to use are made from just a head-pin with beads and a wrapped loop. The size of my pliers has limited the size of the loop.

Until recently I’d looked sporadically to find a larger size of needle nosed pliers without any luck. I can’t remember where I saw the reference but I finally worked out that what I needed were actually bail making pliers that allow consistently sized loops of different sizes to be made. I purchased a pair of medium sized ones with 3 different sized steps (5, 7 and 10mm). There are bigger pliers available and also smaller (though I plan to keep using the needle nose ones for small loops) as well as ones with 6 different steps (3 on each side).

Having them in hand I pulled out my beads and things and looked at making some sets. I did not intend on making so many in the beginning but it was a lot of fun matching beads up so I ended up with rather a lot. I hope to swap these out with the ones in my notions tins so I can have a go using them soon. I think I’d still like a few more of the biggest sized ones (the ones on the top right) for the occasional chunky project but I might need more beads to do that.

Stitchmarkers - little grey hedgehog


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  1. These are really pretty! 😊

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