Yarny WiPs

With casting of the rainbow dress you’d think I’d have less WiPs now but instead I have more. I’m still in the mood to cast on things so I’m busy working away at multiple projects a bit at a time. I’m aiming for consistent progress on three of them and working on the others as time and whim allows. The Regia socks I showed you last time have had no progress made but everything else is moving along nicely.

Having finished the alpaca handspun I started on the fibre I picked up from EYF2016 with the SpinCity spindle. Unspun the fibre looks like it would come out quite muted due to the white streaks but it’s actually coming out mostly a lovely blue. I’m feeling very tempted to buy more of the same.

Handspun Ashford Merino/Silk Sliver in Damson on SpinCityUK spindle - little grey hedgehog

My Nutkin socks are progressing well, they have a handy pattern repeat which gives me an easy way to mark progress. I’ve just got started on turning the heel on the second sock. I hope to finish these by the end of the month.

Nutkin Socks by Beth LaPensee in Wendy Roam Grasmere - little grey hedgehog

My Hitofude Cardigan has enough progress to take a photo this time around. It’s also become easier to knit now that there’s a bit more weight on the needles and I mostly know the pattern repeat. I’m halfway through making the sleeves at this point (there’s a bit of unusual construction involved here) and the goal is to get them finished by the end of the month.

Hitofude by Hiroko Fukatsu in colourmart yarn - little grey hedgehog

The first of my new cast ons were a pair of Veyla mitts. This pattern is by Ysolda Teague and I have used it previously. The previous pair are not quite right, there is a tight cast off and I don’t much like the buttons. I worked out I had just enough leftovers from my Rosewater to make a new pair and picked up the buttons from Textile Garden at EYF2016. The second one is about halfway done. It’s on my list to finish them this week but I’m not sure I’ll get there.

Veyla by Ysolda in Naturally Amuri 4ply with buttons from Textile Garden - little grey hedgehog

While I was knitting the rainbow dress a Wee Man kept asking if it was for him (“Mine?”) so I thought I should probably get something for him on the needles. The yarn was gifted to me for my birthday last year. It’s DK pure wool from NZ in a denim blue colour. The pattern I am using is Thistle by Julie Partie. It’s a Henley style pullover with a garter yoke and cuffs. Having finished the bottom hem I’m now going round and round for a while.

Thistle by Julie Partie in Crucci DK - little grey hedgehog

Finally I have cast on a Hitchhiker shawl in some rainbow coloured handspun that my mother found for me earlier this year. It’s short repeats and I’ve wanted to try a Hitchhiker style shawl for a while so this seemed like a good chance. The yarn is a little thicker than called for and I don’t have as much so I’ve gone up a couple of needle sizes to compensate and hopefully still get a decent sized shawl.

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm in handspun - little grey hedgehog


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