Handspun Alpaca

I have no idea when I started spinning this but it’s been a couple of years at least I think. I had almost half of it spun when I started a spin-a-long that required a new project and the use of the spindle and it sat for quite a while after that. The second half took much less time and plying took barely any at all. I used my original cheapy spindle for the spinning but plyed it on my new SpinCityUK one from EYF2016. It was super fun to use and spins really well.

I have approximately 89g after washing and 163.5m of sport-weight yarn. The plying is pretty good this time but the spinning is a bit variable in parts. The alpaca was easy to spin and not compacted at all despite the fact that I purchased it back at Woolfest in 2011. I think I’d spin alpaca again.

Handspun Alpaca - little grey hedgehog

Next on the spindle is the blue-purple merino and silk I purchased at EYF2016 which I’ve started on the SpinCityUK spindle.


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