FO: Star Crossed Beret

I love this yarn. It’s Old Maiden Aunt BFL Superwash Aran and it’s the second time I’ve knitted a hat with it. I want to make all the hats now. It’s delightfully squooshy and the colour is so nice (it’s actually redder than the photos are showing). This is Berry Good and reminds me of blackcurrant cordial.

The pattern is the Star Crossed Beret by Natalie Larson and has been in my favourites almost since I started knitting. The yarn was a late purchase at EYF when I realised that I hadn’t actually bought yarn for hat as planned. (I bought yarn for another hat after that too.) I’d not seen this colourway on my first go around at Old Maiden Aunt but it was perfect when I found it.

The hat is knit on 6mm needles for the brim but 8mm needles for the body of the hat. There are lots of just knit rows and then a few uncomplicated cable rows. I’m really happy with how it’s knitted up. I was worried it wasn’t going to be slouchy at all until I pulled it out of the water and it was perfect. I blocked it over a bowl but a large part of the hat was not touching the bowl. It seems to have blocked fine though and is a good fit for my head.

Star Crossed Beret by Natalie Larson in Old Maiden Aunt BFL SW Aran Berry Good - little grey hedgehog


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