FO: Robson Coat

A couple of weeks ago I was in need of a distraction and figured that a big sewing project would keep me busy for a while. I’d bought the fabric and notions for this coat (Robson by Sewaholic) when I purchased the materials for the kids ones so I was ready to go. I was anticipating that it would take a while to sew as it had a number of pieces, bias binding on almost all the seams and topstitching as well. Plus there are 16 buttons to sew on at the end.

I sewed it in 5 days – including tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric. It was really fun to sew. I think the fiddliest bit is getting the neckline all lined up and stitched – there are a lot of layers of fabric. Luckily my machine had no trouble getting through it. I did run out of bias tape. 12m was enough to do everything but the sleeve seams and cuffs. I ordered more of a similar bias tape to do those and as they are not likely to be visible unless I turn it all the way inside out I’m fine with them not quite matching.

Robson Coat by Sewaholic Patterns - little grey hedgehog

There are lots of little details involved in the coat and the pattern is pretty good at spelling them out as you go. I did change the order of the pattern steps a little as I sewed all the bits that needed stitching, trimming, turning, pressing and topstitching in one session after I did the interfacing so they were all ready to go when it came time to attach everything together. This was the welts for the pockets, the epaulettes, the sleeve tabs, the belt, the belt loops, the collar. I didn’t but should have also done the stormflaps as well. My bias tape was white so there was a bit of switching around threads to get the colours matching but I’m pleased I made the effort as it’s nice and neat on the inside. The coat is unlined so it’s making a good layer for sunny days (in fact I wore it all day at EYF last weekend) and I think it will get a good bit of use over the next few months.

Details of Robson Coat by Sewaholic - little grey hedgehog


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