FO: Renfrew times two

I’m aiming towards a wardrobe that includes more handmade items that I actually where. Given that I wear t-shirts and jeans on most days I thought I should probably aim to have some handmade t-shirts in my drawers. I’m aiming for some knitted ones and some sewn ones.

The Renfrew Tee is by Sewaholic, the pattern was one of 4 I purchased by them last year and I’ve been happy with all of them. I cut the same size for the Tee as I did for the Thurlow trousers and the Hollyburn skirt in view A but with the sleeves from view C. It’s turned out a good fit though a bit looser than most of my store-bought tees as the fabric as minimal stretch. I then proceeded to make a second one. The only modification I made between the two was to use a smaller zigzag on the neckline as the first one is a bit more obvious than I’d like.

The fabric I used is from Girl Charlee UK. I purchased it late last year when I found it one sale while browsing for other things. The fabric is soft and was easy to work with. I used a size 70 stretch needle for sewing and had no problems. I have leftovers as I was only able to buy in units of 1m so will have to have a think what else I could use it for.

Renfrew Tee by Sewaholic in striped jersey from Girl Charlee UK



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