FO: Blue Merino Handspun

I didn’t quite get this finished by the end of February. It was all plied last weekend and just need winding off and washing when I got sick. Just a cold as far as I can tell but a bad one that stopped me from doing any crafting for the whole week. I feeling better enough now that I’m done being sick even though I’m not totally better so I’ve been trying to catch up on things. (The Camelia Tee is almost ready for bind-off too)

I bought 100g of blue merino tops from Wingham Wool Works when I bought my first spindle back in 2011. It’s been sitting around waiting for it’s turn which was supposed to be last year but got merged into this year. I’m glad to finally have it out of stash – though I suppose now it’s yarn stash instead.

I have 189.8m from 87g of a light DK weight yarn. I plied it a lot more than I often do which slowed me down but has left me with a better yarn.

Blue Merino Handspun


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