FO: A coat for Wee Man

About this time last year I made Wee Man a coat for the spring. I used the 18 month size of 5 and 10 designs volume 2 look 1 and made it in a green twill. He wore it a lot last year until it got too cold. He’s grown a little bit (though he’s pretty small for his age) so I’ve made him a new version for this spring. It’s the same coat but I have gone up to a size 2 and used navy twill this time instead. I thought about using red but his raincoat is red and he’ll be in that one for a while.

I’ve used and a black and white plaid style for the lining and used black thread throughout as it was a better match for the very dark navy than the navy thread I used on my Thurlow trousers (they are the same fabric). I thought about more exciting buttons but couldn’t find good dinosaurs (the current obsession) so stuck to five plain ones. I made no modifications to the pattern or the sizing.

5 and 10 designs volume 2 look 1


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