FO: Thurlow Trousers

I made trousers and they even fit.

I purchased the Thurlow trousers pattern from Sewaholic last year when I purchased the Hollyburn skirt. I have the printed pattern but it is available as a PDF download as well. The patterns are printed on standard pattern tissue paper with multiple sizes and there is a shorts version included as well. I have found that my actual measurements line up well with a single size so have stuck with that which has been a good fit. I did my usual of tracing the size I required on baking paper and in this case I only needed to tape an extra bit of width onto the back piece.  I have used navy twill but other medium weight wovens would work too. There are a large number of pattern pieces used – mostly due to the pockets and fly but the instructions are straight forward as to what and how they should be cut out.

The fit model for Sewaholic Patterns is very similar to me so I thought (especially after I had good luck with the Hollyburn skirt) that they’d be worth a try with hopefully not many issues. I made no modifications to the measurements and because the back seam is the last seam to sew the fit can be adjusted there easily. I took in at least an inch and a half (on each side of the seam) at the waist band at the back when I tried them one but it was easy (and I think expected as part of the pattern). I didn’t attach the belt loops – I have made them though and could put them on later if I decide to do need a belt with them. I had t o shorten them by quite a bit which is a normal thing for me with store bought so I’m not surprised. I kind of which I’d chosen something fun for the lining fabric – maybe next time.

I think the trickiest part for me was the fly as I haven’t done one before and didn’t quite know how it was supposed to end up when I started. It’s turned out fine and working which is good. The scariest bit was cutting the pocket openings for the welt pockets at the back as there’s no way to go back from there.

Thurlow Trousers - Sewaholic

Pattern: Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic

Thread: Gutermann Sew-all in 11 (probably a full 100m needed)

Fabric: Navy twill from

Notes: Didn’t use the belt loops. Cut about 10cm of the legs before hemming.



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2 responses to “FO: Thurlow Trousers

  1. issababycreates

    They look great. I’m still a little afraid of buttonholes and zippers. :0 I’m following you now. 🙂 Follow me in return if you like. I am just now trying to learn to blog. I’m such a newbie!


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