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I’ve been slower than I’d like knitting these two projects (I keep procrastinating) but I’ve got 4 rows to go before dividing the sleeves and body on the blue linen Camellia Tee and I’ve got just past the cast on of the second Rainbow Hedgehog mitt so if I can get some momentum going I’ll hopefully still finish these both before the end of the month.

The mitts are my own design (and yes they are living in a hedgehog covered project bag) and are being knit in JC Rennie mini balls and one large skein of the grey from Wee County Yarns. I picked up the yarn from Edinburgh Yarn Festival last year and it’s the only things I haven’t yet knit so I definitely need to get them off the needles in the next month.

The Camellia Tee I have mentioned before. It is knit from the top down with raglan shaping with lace on the shoulder panels. It is an essentially sleeveless design. After separating the sleeves the body is knit straight until you reach the desired length. Then a few rows are worked on each sleeve and the neckline (previously provisionally cast on) before binding off. Once I get these last few rows finished it will become a much easier knit as I won’t need the chart or a way to keep track of rows. I am using a heavy laceweight linen from Midwinter Yarns.

Rainbow Hedgehog Mitts and Camellia Tee

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