FO: Happy Clown Feet

Whilst we were away I picked up a couple of skeins of yarn. One of these was one Hobbit took a shine to and enthusiastically agreed when I suggested we buy it to make her socks.

I decided on simple tube socks to help them last a bit longer. While she’s slowed down in growing it’s still a bit unpredictable as to when it’ll happen. I made these toe-up with 48 stitches around and knitted 20g of yarn before working 10 rows of ribbing and the bind-off. I think I could possibly have gone up to 56 stitches (certainly 52) and they not been too sloppy. However she has a younger brother who can take possession of them when they get too tight.

The yarn is a NZ brand Countrywide Yarn Company. This is their Happy Feet sock yarn in the Clown Multi colourway. The patterning surprised me as I though it was going to be more variegated than that. I don’t know what it would have done on a different circumference of knitting though and Hobbit likes the zig-zags.

Happy Clown Feet


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